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Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)

Games related to movies are something I’ve been away from since childhood, and I realized (probably after the game Chicken Run) that they took money subtly veiled as toys and other objects.

If you like fandals, of course you’ll like them too. And lucky for all of us, a series of fantasy novels by J.J. Jones. К. Rowling, based on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has forced some thoughtful developers to work on these games from the start. Masterpieces such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone have long been part of the actors’ cultural fabric.

Huge popularity, critical acclaim and a commercial empire built on the shoulders of Harry and his sorcerer friends have ensured that the franchise can be pumped out for every released film (and some) match after match.

So it can be difficult to decide who will play and who will defend themselves if there is a conflict about who is the best.

And I know these questions keep you awake at night. So I’ve done my best to make this review for every Harry Potter video game – with the exception of a few very forgotten releases for mobile phones.

It’s time to talk about great magic games where Harry Potter fans can find them.

16. Lego-maker: Harry Potter (2001)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)

Don’t mix this game with the latest LEGO Harry Potter adventure games.

This came about around the turn of the century, when a toy manufacturer made plastic bricks and worked on branching techniques, and video games were their next big thing.


The fact is that they are not yet experts in bringing the LEGO experience to the virtual world. And it was one of his first attempts. The results were… strange.

Despite the weak correspondence with the history of HP and the Wizard’s School, at first it is quite difficult to understand what is going on. The graphics are disgusting, and the gameplay of the structure was just not enough.

15. Creator: Harry Potter and the private room (2002)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


LEGO changed the developers from Superscape to Qube Software, and everything went a bit smoothly.

The commentator isn’t that boring anymore. And the overall gameplay is much clearer.

Once you’ve finished each scenario, you can walk around collecting LEGO coins, as in the following games. You can even create your own LEGO master!

However, the game is too weird for me to put it higher on the list.

14. Donations in the event of death – Parts 1 and 2 (2010/2011)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)

It was pretty hard not to put him at the end of the list. But at least I thought this game was easier to understand than the old LEGO games.

But that doesn’t mean it’s good.

Actually, it’s terrible in so many ways. And that goes for both of them. Because it’s basically the same game.

Instead of letting you explore your Hogwarts or enjoy fascinating gameplay, EA’s Bright Light team has chosen a cover gun. And not even good!

You just go around in circles, shoot the same magic rays at your enemies and have no strategy or design level.

The graphics should be ultra-cinematic, but frankly it is mediocre enough to be the only redeeming quality of the game.


It’s a pity that the battle of Hogwarts, one of the most exciting scenes in the series, was shot in such a hackneyed way. It’s worth a try, but it probably won’t be your favorite on any course.

13. Harry Potter and the Half-breed Prince (2009)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


It is true, the case of the series began long before the era of the Gift of Death.

Although they are not as bad as the sequel, HP and Half Blood Prince were missing in many areas that make these games work.

In the beginning the dialogue was pretty bad.

Instead of tearing lines out of books or films, writers have filled the gaps with their own creativity. This has often led to betrayal of the style and meaning of the source material.

They also decided that for some reason it was better to replace Harry Potter’s subtle humour with a few bad limp jokes worthy of a pre-recorded laugh.

As if that wasn’t enough, the map for that time (PS2/PS3/Xbox360 era) was pretty bad. And Quidditch was at its lowest point after becoming a beachhead on the mini-game course.

However, for a Harry Potter fan, the game can be very entertaining if played as a multiplayer duel, which is probably the best part of the whole.

12. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


HP and the Fire Cup is the perfect franchise game for those who love hacking and weird gameplay. And I know there’s a lot of you

It’s a more linear adventure that roughly follows the events of the film, divided into several missions in which Harry, Ron and Hermione retrieve the shields of the three wizards in the same way the stars retrieve them in Super Mario 64.


Despite the fact that the research element is largely absent, the graphs here were quite good. And it can even be fun, if you look beyond the awful AI Ron and Hermione and the frequent fights.

It should also be mentioned that the plot of the game is basic and actually suggests that you have already seen the movie.

11. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


After HP and the Fire Cup were heavily criticized by users and critics for their lack of research and linear character, the sequel was a kind of return to form.

He reopened Hogwarts to explore the open world.

But apart from the knowledge of the magical castle, the rest of the game is quite simple and, frankly, there is not much to do.

In the game you have to do a lot of mini-quests for different people to recruit them for the army of Dumbledore, as well as a lot of stupid side quests that seem to have been made to artificially expand the game.

But the fact that the game required different moves to capture each spell was impressive.

Swinging WiiMote in the Wii version is one of the best Harry Potter-like role-playing games I’ve ever played. That’s why I personally recommend this version.

The main drawback of the game is the poor graphics, as well as the fact that the models of the characters hardly resemble their movie partners. Go ahead and you have a very entertaining game in front of you.

10. Book of Proverbs (2012)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


Given that the WiiMote rocker switch was the best thing in the Phoenix, it’s no wonder the franchise came to PSMove.

The Book of Spells is an augmented reality game based on a book by Miranda Goshock, the famous author of many Hogwarts books. The game is a kind of interactive reading of the book with beautiful graphics and solid writing.

The gameplay is quite simple, which is actually a nice change.

In Hogwarts, when you select a house and use your magic wand or set up your Pottermore account to sync, you’ll see yourself on the screen browsing the pages of a book and studying each spell, repeating their spells and waving your magic wand.


Maybe it’s not an epic adventure. But it’s a very tasty piece of Harry Potter legend, interpreted in the most haunting way.

9. Options (2013)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


Like BoS, the Book of Potions is based on another book about the universe.

But the author of this book is Siegmunt Budge, a mysterious and eccentric wizard with a penchant for potions.

In fact, it is the same game with slightly redesigned graphics and emphasis on preparing drinks instead of spells.

In a sense, these games were like a window on the life of Hogwarts. And it was like attending different classes taught at school.

8. Harry Potter: The secret of Hogwarts (2018)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


Although Hogwarts is awash with unusual cartoons and a very aggressive microtransaction system, it’s hard not to think it’s a great place to be.

A mysterious merit, however, is to have achieved legendary and colorful point and click adventures.

For me, one of the best aspects of this role-playing game was the ability to adjust your character with relative freedom.

The story, which includes your struggle to clear your name after your older brother was kicked out of Hogwarts, is also fascinating and full of big legends about HP.

If you have money to buy gems so you can play the game without having to wait for hours between sessions, I guarantee you will enjoy it. Otherwise you’ll probably forget you even downloaded it after the first half day.

7. Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup (2003)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)

Quidditch has been one of the most important aspects of HP games since the release of The Philosopher’s Stone in 2001.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a magical athlete and seeing everyone waiting for you at Hogwarts?

And don’t put on that cool uniform.

It was therefore natural that what is essentially a sports game with magic has become one of the most popular games in the franchise to date.

With the HP Quidditch World Championship, you can climb the ladder of your career, from guiding beginners to Hogwarts to winning the HP Quidditch World Championship.

Fans call it the best Quidditch ever.

6. Harry Potter: Aggregation of foremen (2019)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)

If you liked the concept of Pokémon GO! but can’t get into the full story of pocket samples, here’s Harry Potter for you.

This RA game isn’t the most creative, as it pulverizes the game’s geolocation with the easy-to-use Harry Potter cloak.

But that doesn’t make it any less fun for an HP fan.

The story doesn’t make as much sense as the IMO story. But it is strong enough to justify your efforts to defend the mysterious status of the Magic Society.

As the game progresses, you’ll open up new scenes and interact with your favourite characters, including Harry himself.

5. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)

This game is a bit controversial among Harry Potter fans.

The graphics have improved significantly over previous games, and the puzzles are among the best in the series. You’ll have to alternate between Harry, Ron and Hermione to take advantage of their unique skills and progress in the game.

It’s a fun little movie, and the real fans will love the chance to play just like all the other characters.

However, there are not enough stories and the action scenes are pretty boring. The secret services still exist, but their size has also been reduced. This is completely unacceptable to the majority of fan clubs.

Anyway, it is a very exciting game, and it features some of the best stealth games in the series.

4. Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (2010)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)

After LEGO realized how to transform the brand into a multimedia franchise with individuality and humour, LEGO Creator’s video games were a major improvement in the days of LEGO Creator.

Explore the country, make drinks and of course, collect many things you don’t know in different ways.


It’s the perfect recipe for a good time.

And reliving iconic scenes from the series in the charming and often hilarious style for which LEGO is famous is the perfect way to keep it all up to date.

3. Lego Harry Potter: Year 5-7 (2011)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


As in the prequel, this game consists of immersing oneself in a less serious and very humorous version of the Harry Potter universe.

Reproducibility is one of the most remarkable aspects of of of these games. When putting together each piece of LEGO, it is fascinating to find secrets and decipher symbols.

Invite a friend, open a lemonade and enjoy a multiplayer game on the couch.

You’ll see that these games are just as entertaining today as they were when they first came out. Even non-Garry Potter fanatics will probably have a lot of fun here.

2. Harry Potter and the School of Wizards (2001)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


I’m sure the top two spots are clear to anyone who has played most of these games.

Although not as good as their sequel, HP and the Wizards School deserve a massive credit of for resisting the trend of horrible, money-hungry video games that once plagued the scene.

It has annoying motion controls, and stopping to cast the spell is quite effective.

But the care with which the Hogwarts study was carried out is remarkable.

There are so many secrets and fun details, rich in legends, that I am used to being completely immersed in this feeling. With this game I really felt like a student at Hogwarts in the past.

But if I had the trauma and emotional scars that invisible areas have left in my spectacular child’s brain, I’d run in there like an IRL student without thinking.

1. Harry Potter and the private room (2002)

Best Harry Potter Video Games (All 15 + Ranked Titles)


Everything the Philosopher’s Stone has done has doubled the House of Secrets.

This game was great when it first came out. And he still outperforms most series.

In this game the main character is not Harry, but the school of witchcraft and magic at Hogwarts.

The reconnaissance has been very open. But some areas could only be accessed after acquiring certain spells, as in the legend of Zelda. Very good film.

The puzzles were satisfactory, the progress was smooth and the return was pleasant. Each sealed area has plagued you by promising to reveal more secrets than the film.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is undoubtedly the best of the existing HP games. I strongly advise you to try it when you get the chance.



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