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Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim

The weather isn’t as bad as some people think.

But it is certain that some improvements can be made to make it tenfold immediately. And at Skyrim, you’ll find great fashion designers redesigning time and travelling across plains, mountains and everywhere you go.

There are countless modes that adapt to the environment, but it can be difficult to find a mode that is particularly suited to the weather.

That’s why I made this list to help you find the best resistance and decide which one is best for your game. Note that they are all completely free to download and try. So when you install a mod, you don’t like to just turn off another mod and try it out.

Let’s dive!

15. Extended sky weather

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim

Highlight this mode.

Advanced Skyrim Weather poses as a simple fashionista.

And if this is true in theory, the way it is done generally makes the game much more realistic.

This mode reinvents the way the climate of Skyrim works by changing the way the environment is treated in each region of the game.

The coast now has more clouds and less sun.

Fashion also brings fog to areas that desperately need it to look much more realistic, such as mountains and forests. Not only does this change the weather in the air, but it also affects the whole climate, wherever you are.

14. Alternative solar flare

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

There are many fashions that change the way the sun shines.

Finally, the original Bethesda project can still be improved, and this can certainly be achieved with one or two optimisations. And the mud attacked quickly, which resulted in some strange changes in the sunlight.


The problem is that most of the changes made by the community have led to too bright a sun that can disrupt the game.

This is why Alternate Sun Glare is committed to providing additional solar flares in mode without the realism of mode, so you’ll feel captivated by the new sunlight.

It imitates the realism of the sun without blinding you with its light. Happy surroundings.

13. Skyrim Natural rain

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

Have you ever felt that the rain in Skyrim is too soft and unrealistic?

Then this fashion is a solution to all your problems. At least your Skyrim Rain problem

It changes the sound of the rain in the game and also makes it more realistic than in Vanilla Skyrim.

The mode completely redraws the rain to be more accurate than the actual raindrops and depends on the intensity of the rain (i.e. precipitation versus light irrigation).

And it adds vague environmental changes to the world every time it rains. Are you familiar with the fog that often produces water, especially after a thunderstorm?

Well, this fashion adds it to Skyrim. And it looks great!

12. Climate overhaul in Solstheim

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

Those of you who have a DLC in Solstheim probably want to see a livelier atmosphere in the countries you explore.

This mode is a complete update of the way you see Solstheim and adds a lot of new climate changes to the areas that are part of the region.

This is another important addition to this incredible set of DLCs, which, at least in my opinion, is one of the best DLCs for this game.

11. Tru Skyrim Snowflakes

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

I now admit that this mod takes a bit of the computing power of your computer, so you need a lot of graphical RAM to run it.

But it looks really good.

In Skyrim, not all snowflakes in the game are special. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite.

They’re just part of the environment and don’t do anything with it. However, this change updates the way snowflakes work.


Skyrim’s real snowflakes guarantee that every snowflake in the game is part of the world. Which means you can deal with it physically!

So you can see how the light affects the snowflakes and make them shine when you have a flashlight nearby. Play in the snowy areas and see what you think.

10. Morning fog

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

Nothing makes a morning more natural than smoke.

For example, this mode adds fog between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. if necessary. I think it gives the impression of playing the game that morning without exaggerating.

I didn’t check for rope on the lawn, but it would be great.

9. Comprehensive anti-slip system

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

The highly developed snow system gives the game more depth.

This makes the snow not as realistic as the aforementioned Skyrim real snowflake fashion. But the snow looks different depending on the weather and where it snows.

Note: This requires the installation of Tamriel Modes Climate (listed below), because it is essentially an extension of what this modality already includes in the table. And it’s worth it to me.

You will notice that many of the mods in this list require Climates of Tamriel to work, because many mods would rather work than what they have already created. Just as open source programmers like to work on existing libraries, this makes stacking effects easier and more consistent.

8. Light clouds and fog

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

This other mod (which is also compatible with the climate of Tamriel) makes the clouds so beautiful that you doubt whether you will still play the game.

The fog is also softer and much more realistic.

After trying this fashionista, it can be difficult to return to the vanilla clouds. The difference is that it actually adds something different to the game, almost day and night differences.

Look what you’re thinking. I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

7. Intense fog

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

Do you get the feeling that the fog in Skyrim doesn’t look like real fog?

Do you like snowy and very foggy places?

So you’ve just found the best fashionistas to give you what you need.

This addition makes the fog all over Skyrim much denser and bulkier. What is the ideal IMO for the northern environment that Skyrim symbolically imitated so perfectly?


6. Clear weather

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim

Highlight this mode.

This great mod combines all the features you’ll find in Tamriel’s Climates download with many other compatible models I’ve listed here.


The only reason it doesn’t get a higher rank in my list is that I want to compile more mods and not add a lot of new things to the table.

This means that it can be very bloated and add some extra features that you simply don’t need. I prefer to work à la carte and install the mods I like separately, rather than taking large fashion packages.

Still, it’s one of the best options. If you really want to change the way Skyrim time works, no matter how big or small, this mode has everything for you.

5. Updated external fog

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

Let’s be honest: The fog in Skyrim is one of the biggest problems of the game in terms of visual effects.

It seems to soften the more remote parts from the point of view of the environment, which only kills a little vibration that the game might otherwise have offered.

The update of the External Nebula tends to correct this by , reducing the saturation of , which is far away in the nebula. This improves the appearance of things when they’re far away, which also helps with the game, so you can see where you’re walking.

It’s a simple change, I admit that. But the difference is clear at first sight.

Install this mod and compare what things look like remotely – you’ll be very happy with the changes.

4. Current clouds

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

Now it not only improves the appearance of the clouds, but also feels like real clouds.

The designer did this by adding depth and dimension to the soft textures of the clouds that make up most of the climatological benefits of the game.

Real Clouds mode allows you to instantly convert any cloud into a 3D Skyrim object. Pretty cool, huh?


3. Heavy storms

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim

Highlight this mode.

There is nothing more anticlimactic than going through a so-called big storm and seeing things as if the rain is nothing more than a shallow rain.


Heavy storms repair it completely, so that the storms look like real storms.

You’ll find it hard to see both feet in front of you when you’re in the blizzard. As it should be.

The purpose of this fashion is to make you feel that you really live in this weather. A true immersion in time at its best.

And I think it’s safe to say that this fashion works hard enough to achieve its goal. The frustration I felt makes the game a lot deeper and more difficult. But that’s half the fun!

2. Real Storm

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

With this other storm modality you can also change the weather control.

But that doesn’t change the kind of storms that come with the basic game Skyrim. It really reinforces the feeling of storm in a global perspective.

To do this, they have added new thunder sounds and better rain sounds to the game. You’ll notice how much more natural it looks when it rains. This wasn’t a coincidence.

True Storms may not be the most demanding mod on this list, but the small changes it makes to add more realistic sounds can make your Skyrim much more exciting. I strongly recommend it because it is not a great fashion or a great change; but the changes it brings about will be immediately noticeable.

1. Climate Tamriel

Best Free Weather Mods To Skyrim


Highlight this mode.

Tamriel’s climate is one of the best climates you can find for Skyrim, if not the best of all.

In fact, this fashion is so important that it is not even considered a regular fashion. Rather, it is a complete overhaul of the system.

It contains substitutes for all the vanilla effects the game can offer, including lighting, rain, snow and many other particles that are part of the weather in the game.

You may want to consider this All-in-One Mod, which contains most of the changes you can make with other templates in the game.


However, all this happens without a separate download. It also has many features that you can customize with a simple interface, giving you much more control over your gameplay. Make Skyrim your own game!



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