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Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)

Petrified Pokémon aren’t just a rare breed, they’re also literally extinct. Fortunately, some of them have managed to immortalize the traces of their ancient creatures in special living fossils, and we play with that.

They exist in every generation, and once you find them, you plug in a resurrection machine and your Pokémon Fossils come ready to fight.

Rock… …to rock ‘n’ roll, baby!

Let’s see who rules, because we’ll rank the entire evolutionary line of these Pokémon fossils according to their status, design and, most importantly, their divine antiquity!

12. Reliable

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)

The receiver starts with this list because it’s not technically a Pokémon file.

This is of course a very rare event with a 5% chance of coming into contact with it one day, and although it is considered extinct, this little pigeon is still waiting to be caught.

And it will be hard to find it, because to catch the Relicanta between the seaweed at the bottom of the sea, you have to go underground.

This Pokemon fish with a stone surface… you know, being old.

He’s officially classified as a Pokémon or Longevity, and wow, he really is!

Relics have not changed for more than a hundred million years, because they are already considered the ideal life form. He certainly deserves the honourable mention on that list, doesn’t he?

11. Tirtug

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


And that’s where Pokémon begins, reborn from the fossil.

The Tirtuga has been reborn from its fossil shells and appears for the first time in the 5th century BC generation of games.

At level 37 he transforms into a Carracosta, which delivers a high defensive performance thanks to its hard shell, hard chest rock and super-rooted design.

But if you really look at the statistics, Carracosta is just a glorified slow turtle that only runs at a maximum speed of 32x.

10. Amaura

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


Amaura is the Pokemon Rock / Is, resurrected from the fossil Sail of Kalosa X and Y.

Its characteristic feature must be a smooth, shimmering mane of veils located directly above the eyes.

If women wanted their eyebrows on a chip, they would look at Amaura with envy, because her veils are almost the most stylish eyebrows.

When Amaur reaches level 39 under the majestic moonlight, he transforms into Aurora. Above his head is an even more sinister, voluminous and smooth set of sails.


The flickering light emitted by the aurora is a reference to the Northern Lights, a beautiful light phenomenon at the North Pole.

Beauty maybe, but muscles? Unfortunately, not so much.

He’s got a lot of ice movement, but that’s about it. Aurora is not the best in the fight, and I especially like her because of her looks.

9. Anorite

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


Next we have Anorit, an ancient shrimp creature that can be extracted from the fossil claws of ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Anorite flourished in the ancient seas, but this is no longer the case because the alarming presence of greenhouse gases, CFCs and perhaps some form of Poké capitalism have changed the water composition of today’s oceans. So I’m thinking of the rise of Team Aqua.

At Level 40, he transforms into Armaldo, a plate of Pokémon with a beautiful armour design.

It is a reliable tank in your team and very reliable when it comes to basic physical defense and attacks.

Armaldo also has a tempting sword dance to dazzle his opponents.

However, the problem is speed and vulnerability to common attacks, because it’s a Pokémon like Bug. So of course it’s worth playing for, but maybe it’s not E4’s decision.

8. Cranido’s

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


Kranidos is the head pokemonperch, which comes from the rebirth of skull fossils in the Cinno region.

For a hundred million years, Kranidos walked every day, all day long, with his feet in front, left, right and in the middle. A pony on a ride?

Due to a permanent head injury, which could lead to the breakdown of brain cells, Kranidos would have a serious deficiency in intelligence.

The same goes for rampardos, which enters Kranidos when he reaches level 30.


Rampardos can cause devastating blows, but this is compensated by their low speed and ridiculously low protection. His accuracy is also unsatisfactory, so Rampardos relies heavily on his ruthless, untreated strength. And sometimes it’s enough to win a fight!

7. Omaniyeh

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


In square 7 we have Omanite, a beautiful blue Omanite.

It’s one of the first Pokémon files you would have encountered in the series if you had played with the first generation. He was born out of the Helix fossil you took to Mount Moon.

Fool, a Pokémon water spiral that looks like a prehistoric snail… …but with tentacles!

There is even a pair that sticks out of his face and makes Omaniyeh look like a huge moustache on the steering wheel.

Grannystar transforms into Grannystar as soon as he reaches level 40. Another interesting feature it gets after evolution is an occupied shell and a row of pointed canines that can pierce almost anything.

Although Omastar started out as a slow Pokémon, he has the unusual ability to gain speed when attacked.

The layers of his shell loosen as he defends himself, so that the shell becomes lighter and can move faster. This makes Lord Helix’ evolutionary line a solid choice for your team.

6. Arches

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


The ark is considered one of the earliest Pokémon birds, but of course it flew away and died out. Bravo! Bravo!

The Ark is partly a bird, partly a reptile creature that can be raised from the V-type plume fossil.

It’s an original Pokémon with original powers and hellish colours.

If he wants to eat berries, he just screams and a special berry-like plant grows on the spot. I wish it was just for people and ice cream, right?

At level 37, the arches can grow into larger, more flightworthy archaeopaths.

Now, this is a very versatile Pokémon. Great on the attack, its speed and usefulness are in motion and it can fly you through the region.


His statistics look cute on paper, but here’s the catch. The power of the Archaeophile is the same as that of the Defiant. This means that if his HP falls below the center, the Archops attack, a special attack, and the speed drops to half.

I have a feeling the archaeologists would put him higher on the list if they believed more in him.

5. Shield

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


We have another interesting Rock/Steel Pokémon combination: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey?

You can get the shield by resurrecting it from an armadillo in the Oreburg Mine Museum in Cinno.

The skin on the face of this Pokémon is waterproof, so it’s hard to damage the forehead.

In Shieldon’s facial care, the face is polished on the trunks of the trees to preserve the beautiful armor, so it’s no wonder that even fossils don’t damage the face.

The shield turns into a level 30 bastide, and this thing is a monster. The structure of the bastion is stronger and more compact, so an attack resembles a ride directly into the jaws of a bulldozer.

He is very difficult to defend, and he is able to push away anything that stands in his way. An attack from behind is another story, because that’s the weak point of the bastion.

It may seem rude and cruel, but in reality Bastion is a cooperative and caring Pokémon. To protect his children, Bastion stood up (before their extinction) and formed an impenetrable wall with their faces. If that doesn’t make you feel something for this little boy, I don’t know how you’ll feel.


4. Mileage

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


This creature of the water lily dinosaur was resurrected from the root crops of the 3rd generation.

With tentacles upside down and thorny roots anchoring it to the seabed, this cunning sea creature can easily pass like a seaweed to attract and catch its prey. Oops!

Once you reach level 40, Lillip becomes Cradley. At first glance, Cradily is an underrated Pokémon because he’s not that cruel. But, boy, he’s got crazy powers.

He can shoot with acid, cling to anything with his suction cups, and he can use the Storm Drain!

That means if Cradley comes under, he’ll just drink it. Like an absolute boss!

3. Kabuto

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


Are there children here from the ’90s who still choose kabuto by playing red and blue? Well, you should, because this guy made a swing.

Classic Pokémon molluscs come from the resurrection of the domed fossil, which you can also choose from on Mount Moon.

The design is similar to that of a horseshoe crab: a flat, brown, hard shell that protects the body.

The advanced form of Kabuto, the Kabutop, is unlocked once you reach level 40. It may take a while, but Kabuto usually gains ground quickly, because you can’t even reach the island of Chinnabar.

He looks very intimidating with his sharp braids and skeleton body. It may have low base power, but its strong speed, attack and defense characteristics more than compensate for that.


Kabuto is extremely predatory, especially when a sprite is redesigned in FireRed & LeafGreen.

This unprecedented intimidation factor is perfect for your list.

2. Tyrant

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


His most advanced form was perhaps the prehistoric king of the Pokémon, but Tirunt was very close to that list with the number 2.

This rare fossil of a dinosaur sample has been reborn from the Jaws, which can be exploited in the Kalos region.

He has a rather disturbing temperament, he is an irritable dinosaur, he tends to hysteria and rough play.

When it reaches Level 39, it turns into Tyrantrum, one of the most powerful Pokémon fossils in the world.

Once he’s evolved, he can learn new attacks with Strong Jaw, Head Smash and Dragon Dance that keep him from falling into battle.

The Tyrantorum is somewhat vain and appears in its appearance. He has a crest on his head, and the white growth on his neck looks awful, like a fur coat on a royal robe.

This only shows that the Tyrantrum, regardless of its status or qualification, is QUALITY.

1. Aviation Actyl

Best Fossil Pokémon Of Every Game (Ranked)


Finally at the top, no one but Aerodactyl!

The true champion of all, Aerodactyl, is the Flying Pokémon, which, unlike other fossilised Pokémon that have risen from the rocks, has risen from ancient Amber.

This is a unique fossil, which is only available in the City Museum Peter. You really have to go out and get this guy, but he’s worth it.

The appearance of the airport – an obsessive quote with a huge wingspan, a ribbed muzzle and a jaw full of toothed canines.

Now, this guy doesn’t have a straight line, but with Mega Stone Aerodactyl, Mega can grow into Mega Aerodactyl.


This takes the already impressive basic statistics of Aerodactyl to a new level and increases the attack and speed. It’s also the only Pokémon fossil that has mega-evolutionary power. That alone is enough to lift the airport to point 1.

Oh, did I mention that the most powerful member of Elite 4, Lance, also has aerodactyl? I don’t know how he got it, but I like his taste for monsters.



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