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Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

Whether you’re a serious or casual fan of Pokémon or not, you’ll probably recognise some of these iconic Snacks.

These are the Pokémon our teachers give us before we begin our journey.

As one of the first Pokémon players, many experienced players are sentimental about certain players.

While the debate about who is the best is already quite bitter within the generations, the battle between the generations is something else.

(A snake with a man on its back clinging to its three floating magnets and a purple rat screaming EVERYTHING FOR 150 IS TRASH. MORE CREATIVITY).

Whatever your position, you cannot discuss the popularity of fire types across generations.

As a member of Pokémon Fandom, for more than two decades in a row, I’ve seen more clearly my share of the battles I’ve been engaged in. Preferences generally go to memories, statistics and of course sharpness.

Because we’re all looking for something different, some may think it’s impossible to choose the best. But that won’t stop this list! (but it will probably generate a lot of hate mail, sorry in advance).

8. Tepig

Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

Tepig appeared in the picture when people really started to hate the fire suit.

I think the poor girl got undeserved hatred for that. Personally, Tepig always seemed cute to me, but he was overshadowed by Unova’s other options.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that puberty has been hit hard.

That cute chubby pig is about to become a clumsier student boy who hasn’t been invited to the party.

To put salt in the wound, his stats left something to be desired. It’s not even that big compared to all the other beginners, let alone the infamous and powerful Fire Pokémon.

His lack of style and his inability to hold his own in battle put this little pig at the end of the list.

7. Shimchar

Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

Chimchar is a tough Pokémon. Strong, aesthetically cool, and not so hated.

But no one loves him.

This fire monkey has a statistic that is good enough to handle many fanatics, and it was a popular choice in Sinnoh times.

Unfortunately, he did not receive the same love or treatment as some other aspirants and could not stand in the limelight.

Although he played a role in Pokémon Conquest, he never had a bigger role in any other title – not even in a mega-evolution.

6. Preparation

Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

For those who don’t know: Pain is the newest member of the Firebuger.

Because I know little about this little man or his evolutionary path (or even his newest types), this evaluation will be based on a lot of speculation and hope. At least until I can do an update later!

For starters, rabbits are great. And I have never been disappointed by the last glance of one of the instigators (except Skepticus, sorry, not sorry).

I think it will be some kind of incredibly powerful rabbit – maybe a ninja or a samurai or something, my hopes for the Sword and Shield are pretty high.

As far as the boys are concerned, there’s a lot they can do with that.

In fact, I’m all for anything that isn’t firefighting, because I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say we’re pretty much done with it.

Given the way in which the producers of the game respond to the criticism of the fans (especially lately), I hope that they have heard our moods loud and clear.

Grief can always go to the top of the list, but for me it’s damn near the middle.

5. Fennequin

Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

Foxes are important in Japanese culture and are among the most valuable animals in many countries.

As elegant and charming favorites, they’re no strangers to the Pokémon Franchise.

No wonder the fans were so excited when they saw Fennekin, the charming fox, in the spotlight.

As a fiery clairvoyant he went from a charming fox to an amazing and mature Delphok.

He became one of three types of fire psychotics (including Victini, Darmanit and himself). It has also become a favorite among speed fans – not only because of its cool looks, but also because of its excellent statistics.

It has the highest special attack of all firelighters (second highest, just beaten by Empoleon’s chain). His second uniform even appeared in a poker tournament!

4. Illuminated

Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

If there’s one thing nerdy hermits like more than video games and cartoons, it’s cute cats.

I fell in love with Sitten as soon as I saw him. And although I was disappointed to see another novice fighter, I was not dissatisfied with the vision of the whole evolutionary path.

And to the surprise of many, Insineroir, the final evolution for this cat is in fact fire, not fire.

With decent statistics (and a cool look) it really became the best version of Tepig in the evolution.

He has even participated in other Nintendo games. Although he didn’t have a chance to join Brysen, Charisard and Blaziken in Smallpox, he still managed to get a spot at the Canto starter in the newest game of the Super Smash Brothers!

Although his statistics are not exceptional, he remains a balanced and very valuable character.

According to Pikalytics from the competitive world of Pokémon in the Video Game Championship (VGC), this Pokémon is the most popular in recent years. That says a lot.

3. Flashlight

Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

I remember the first time I played Sapphire. While riding Mudkip, I couldn’t help thinking the whole thing was fresh with the fire (before I realised the races were going to stretch the suit for a while…).

The torch gets special points for this combination while it was still original.

Plus, those who have followed the anime series have seen how cool Blaziken is in action!

And we cannot ignore the incredible transformation of a small chicken into an anthropomorphic chicken into a totem of trust in God.

It is the transformation of a century that even Blue Eye has not achieved.

The mega evolution was getting cooler and cooler, and some great statistics make it a favorite in the competition.

2. Qindakil

Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

Personally I think I will choose water or grass first, but Sindakil is my only exception.

He was introduced to the Pokémon universe early on, and many will agree with me when I say he’s a personal favourite of the band.

When it comes to pure aesthetics, this man is by far the nicest of the other candidates in my book.

Whether we are talking about his behavior in the anime or his appearance in the game, he is absolutely charming.

German translations even call this thing the Faerigel, which roughly indicates a brandy.

This little rodent is not only precious, it is statistically very strong.

Without the next Pokémon, it would have easily become number one.

1. Hardeners

Best Fire Starters Of All Pokémon Games (Ranked)

Charmander is one of the most famous Pokémon in the world.

She’s soft, classic, strong and recognizable for almost everyone… Fans of honesty or not.

It’s a lizard, which is also a fire-breathing dragon, which is one of the coolest creatures.

The only thing that would make it more metallic is if it could turn black… Oh, wait, he’s already done that twice.

Moreover, the fact that the franchise has given a special focus to the mega evolution speaks for itself.

Charisar was the only Starter to receive two Evolutions (Mewtwo is the only other Pokémon to receive a second Extra Form)!

Looking at the numbers, Charmander is also top of the starting statistics and remains a competitive member of every team, even after several generations.

Although it does not necessarily have the best statistics, it is balanced and is considered one of the best starts of thetotal.

Moreover, as the original starter, the fans have a special place in their hearts for this little lizard (especially for those who were hurt by his appearance at the Team Ash show when he was a kid).


Of course, this is not exactly an original or innovative statement. But I hope most people agree that Charmander has earned his place at the top of that list.



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