Eye shadow is one of the most underestimated cosmetic products.

It is usually reserved for formal occasions because most women find it too difficult to integrate it into their everyday look. You can count on me!

But we seem to underestimate its power.

So it doesn’t matter if your Sim wants to be a serial romantic or somebody’s soul mate. Try an eye shadow for a softer flirt!

And these portable CC packs probably offer much more than just the eye shadow of the basic game.

15. Missing eye shadow palette

Consult this CC

Who says everything has to fit?

The only competitions we’re interested in are those made in heaven. T

Be more daring with Lady Simmer94’s Miss Matching eye shadow palette.

There are two eye shadows of different colors for each eye! Don’t expect natural shades here, because you have six patterns that mix and match colours like pink and teal or yellow and blue.

We recommend using it for clubbing and see its effectiveness in connection with the words Yipkee banakatoo narbo bazeed.

14. Too Face Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

One of the most popular looks, strangely enough, is the lack of makeup.

It’s exactly the opposite of the popular Instagram makeup: no overly complicated contours or baking here. The only bakery products we are interested in are sugar cubes.

Stay soft and natural with this Ultimate Neutral Love Too Faced Natural eye shadow palette, transformed to play the role of the Mysterious Dane.

This palette contains 30 samples designed to enhance your natural look without overpowering it.

13. Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

Are you going through the list? Nobody has time for that!

Then we won’t charge you anymore! We have a treat for your immediate self-confidence: this Ultimate Collection CC from PralineSims.

Look at the words ultimate and collection – this QC has everything you need!

Can you ask for 76 more samples? Are you looking for an eye shadow adapted to everyday life?

KV1 and KV2 are excellent choices.

In a gothic mood? There’s the Countess and the eternal darkness.

Do you want to take a walk on the sloping side? Rain glitter and metamorphosis are your best chance.

Download this folder and see for yourself!

12. Eternal winter shadow palette

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

Winter is my favorite time of the year. But then I’m too lazy to move.

That also means you’re lazy with makeup.

Can I stay under the covers and have hot chocolate all day, please?

If you really have to go out, let the season take over!

With this palette of eternal winter shadows from PralineSims, your Sim will attract the most curious eyes. One look at one of the 23 matte patterns is enough to make her shiver.

11. Eternal Darkness Shadow Palette

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

When there’s light, there’s darkness.

Here is a darker than the previous CC, and this one is perfect if you’re in the mood to breed.

PralineSims has balanced her Eternal Winter with the palette of shadows of the Eternal Darkness.

This palette makes your Sim a little funny without the broomstick and sharp noses.

They are available in 25 colors that make your heart beat faster.

10. Siren shadow

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

Legends say that mermaids were creatures that seduced sailors and lured them to the depths of the sea, never to return.

Unlike Ariel, they don’t want to be a part of your world.

Well, this eyeshadow can add some of its beauty to your sim – it doesn’t have to be a fish. Unless you really want to.

Mermaid eye shadow from FashionRoyaltySims offers ten shades with a nautical theme and metallic sheen.

9. Eyeshadow aesthetics

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

I have a feeling your sims will be wearing CIIAlan Simmer Aesthetics eye shadow just because they want to.

This is where you want to take a little walk on a whim.

In this package you get four eye shadow patterns: Clouds, sunflowers and a few other flowers. Is that artwork on your lids?


All we know is that they like us and we have no reason to!

8. Eye shadow #46

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

Their year of play is 1985. You’re going to the club to meet your Sim friends.

Together in electric dreams plays in the background.

Your shoulder pads look great. The hair is braided. Your Sim’s eyes will shine with Shadow Eyes #46 by July-Haos.

And it’s a great combination of eyeshadow and eyeliner. Choose from 14 electric options in green, yellow, red, purple and blue as your main eye shadow colour – complemented by a metallic golden cat’s eye.

Not for the faintness of the heart!

7. Dark smoked cat’s eye

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

Nothing like a good eye.

Cleopatra did it first! It is an incredibly sexy look that is always elegant. Try it if you want to make Sim’s makeup a little more mature.

Combine a classic eye on a metal background with Goppols Me’s Dark Smokey Cat Eye.

You can also play with 21 colors, which will certainly improve the eye color of your Sim (especially if you use a custom eye color) and give her a dazzling look.

6. Chiaras Shadow

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

I am enormously impressed by the people who have completely transformed themselves in the field of sims makeup.

It’s an art form.

I know some people can take their eyes off this explanation – but trust us.

Makeup is an art. And the face is the canvas. It’s not easy!

Applying eye shadow is one of the hardest things for me to master, because there is so much to mix.

It’s a good thing we have a CC like this Ciara Ishadow from Alain. Now I can live my dream with my sim!

This eyeshadow comes with 20 samples, which is a real nuisance, but also perfect for your Sims.

5. Liquid eye shadow fancy

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

You have a glow in your eye. Wait, what? Is it just eye shadow?

Girl, come get me!

Sometimes all it takes is a little shimmer to complete your look.

Make Angisi’s beautiful liquid eyeshadow the finishing touch to your magical simulation.

There are 12 colors of these soft and shiny eye shadows. This SS goes around the eye of your sim, even below the waterline, to get a dewy look at the goddess of reality.

4. Indras Shadow

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

Eye shadow doesn’t always have to shine everywhere.

I prefer matt eye shadows: They are eternal and the colors are usually brighter.

They also give a more mature look if you want to play mature.

PralineSims brings us a new palette with Indra’s Shadows. This matte lipstick collection adds a little drama to your look and is perfect for matte lipsticks.

The palette contains 30 berry-inspired shades. Good vibe berries.

3. Soft eye shadow

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

Gone are the days when red eye shadow made you feel like you drank too much last night.

The Japanese perfected this look, the so-called Igari look, also known as the hangover look.

This may make your Sim dramatic, but not so dramatic that you look like a telenova antagonist.

Goppol’s Me Soft Blink Eye Shadow helps you not to look tired, but leaves your eyes fresh and hydrated.

You get 24 different intensity red eye shadows in this CC, so you can decide for yourself how strong your sim is.

2. Eye shadow #27

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

If your sim is an artist, neutral colors are almost useless.

The stronger your colours, the better you stand out in a sea of people looking for glory. We know that sometimes appearances are everything.

Here’s a shady CC worthy of a pop princess!

Eyeshadow #27 is another Jul_Haos custom palette. With 16 shades of neon there is also a perfect winged eyeliner to complete the look (man, I wish I had a real one too!).

Get ready to wear jeans and practice singing the word baby when you get the chance.

1. Bare Urban Degradation Heat Palette

Best Eyeshadow CC To Try Out (All Free) –

Consult this CC

When we talk about TS4 eye shadows, we have to talk about Bare Urban Decay.

This success has always been on the list of the Holy Grail of all beauty fans.

Our best find is another from Goppols Me, the naked city heat removal palette.

Inspired by the original 12-panel eye shadows, this CC goes even further with 32 shades of amber!

Be very spicy with colors ranging from brown, orange and Sienna, all made with a mix of matt, metallic and shiny.

So yes, my sim ladies: This range has everything for you!

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