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Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)

Based on a 14th century Chinese historical novel. In the 19th century, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms of Lo Guangzhong, The Warriors of the Dynasty became one of the game’s most influential franchises.

Few people can say that they created a genre like Dynasty Warriors using the hack’n’slash fantasy of the mass fighters, the Musu genre. And even less can claim to have remained his most ardent defenders.

Since then, Omega Force Mus has contributed a number of other IPs, such as in Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes, but their main name remains the gold standard by which each of these games is measured.

And it’s not for nothing.

If you’ve mowed the enemy like grass for years, or if you’ve just discovered that there are franchises and really want to get to work, here’s my overview of all the major titles in the Dynasty Warriors series.

9. Warriors of the Dynasty 9 (2018)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)


It is always sad to see the last candidate at the bottom of the rankings on such a long term, especially if they were as pompous and ambitious as Dynasty 9 Warriors.

Maybe it was these grand ambitions that made the game fail.

The glorious open world they promised was ultimately unsuccessful, the game never manages to play at more than 30 frames per second, and the graphics are breathtaking.

Language game – well, the language game has always been bad, but it’s not even the funniest of bad!

8. Dynasty Warriors (1997)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)


The original version of Dynasty Warriors for PlayStation is different from any other version previously introduced in this franchise.

What most of us know as the Dynasty Warrior series was originally intended as a by-product before it got out of hand.

Like the original Soulcalibur, this weapon-based fighter tried to offer an alternative to the countless clones of the Street Fighter that flooded the market in the late 1990s and breathed new life into the genre.

It was a great success and received many positive reviews, which paved the way for the future of the franchising.

7. Warriors of the Dynasty 2 (2000)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)


The next game, called DW, took everything behind the name, the scenery and the characters and pioneered a new concept of mass combat that would become what we know today as the musu genre.

Like its predecessor – and its many sequels – the name of the PS2 launch of the Three Kingdoms comes from Chinese history.

It tells the story of the Shu, Wei and Wu factions, who tried to unite China under their flag after the fall of the Han dynasty.

Despite the fact that the game doesn’t have many characters and the gameplay is slowest in the series, the hedonistic pleasure of making your way through the enemies as the superhuman warlord that we all desire is already present.


6. Warriors of the Dynasty 6 (2007)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)

The sixth party called DW was received at a very controversial reception for the 7th edition. A generation of consoles came out and became a kind of black sheep in the series.

The main reason for this is the replacement of the classic combo frame by the Renbu system, which allows the characters to access the best combo without being touched, rather than being determined by their weapons.

Still, it remains a solid game, with good scenarios, exciting settings and a profound character, which certainly deserves a breakthrough.

5. Warriors of the Third Dynasty (2001)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)

Here’s the game where DW is in the game: the third part.

This allowed the basic concepts of the predecessor to be transferred and refined into a faster and more complex experience.

This game, which is part of 6. The second generation of consoles has an individual storyline – or Musow mode – for each character of.

This mode also includes many role-playing mechanisms, such as levelling your character and upgrading their equipment as the game progresses.

It was also the first game to include the opposition and, more importantly, the cooperative mode.

4. Dynasty 7 Warriors (2011)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)

Although this jewel of the PS3/XBOX360 has not been discussed as much as some other plates in the franchise, it has saved the franchise from the depths of the abyss into which DW6 has plunged.

In addition to the return of the classic combo system, DW7 adds the Kingdom of Genes as a faction in Musou mode, as well as several characters belonging to this group.

To give it a meaning, the story now covers the entire romance of the three kingdoms, rather than focusing on individual parts.

And he can just be the best DW when it comes to true stories.

3. Fifth Dynasty Warriors (2005)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)

The franchise was at the height of its popularity when Dynasty Warriors 5 was released and the game caused a riot when it was released during rush hour.

This fantasy title emphasizes the importance and originality of each and of more than 40 playable characters.

The game does this by giving them personal finishing touches and a variety of films, as well as an individual Musou mode for each of them, which is very important for the overall story.

Unfortunately, Co-Op’s experience in this field has been greatly reduced by the fiscal nature of the beautiful graphics, which hinder the achievement of true greatness.

2. Fourth Dynasty Warriors (2003)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)

If you ask a Dynasty Warrior veteran who has watched the series since its inception, he’ll probably tell you that DW4 is the only best game in the series.

It was also the first time I played.

Released for PS2 and XBOX, DW4 builds on and expands the already advanced gameplay of its predecessor, allowing players to upgrade each character’s weapons and introduce head-to-head duels between generals to control controversial forts.

What I like most about this game, in addition to its increased cinematic value, is that the developers were not afraid to move away from the original material to create a more interesting Musou mode and a fascinating story.

1. Warriors of the Dynasty 8 (2013)

Best Dynasty Warriors Games Ever Made (Ranking The Whole Series)

DW4 fans can say anything, but DW4 just can’t beat the incredibly rich game, Dynasty Warriors 8.

With over 80 fully-developed and diverse characters, enhanced battles that offer a weapon proximity system, and the most dynamic gameplay the series has seen to date, DW8 simply captures the imagination of the competition.

These performances are packaged in the best graphics of the series.

These beautifully rendered visual effects are accompanied by colourful environments and incredible character drawings. What’s more, you can switch from Japanese voice to English voice at will, regardless of the region.

Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner, this DW game is something you’ll want to play.



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