Instead of going fast like most other shots in the series, Lost World slowed the game almost to the point that it became creepy and turned it into something completely different from what we are used to. And we’re used to a lot of changes… Poor Sonic fans are still waiting for the right sequel to Sonic Generations.

Although little can help the game look like previous records, everything is very different on the computer, where multiple adjustments can bring back the spark that seems to have changed so much in Lost World.

But what kind of fashion is really going to change the situation? Well, let’s see.

10. Fast pricing

Highlight this mode.

Sonic is all you need to drive fast. And Sonic Lost World won’t be any faster than with the Quick Boot installed.

With this simple mod you can load directly on stage, without waiting time.

If you want to load into something else, you can also configure the mods in the same way. So wherever you want to go in the game, you can go as fast as Sonic when he drives into the Windberg area. Or maybe even more, given the slower pace of the game.

9. Wind valley

Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free) –

Highlight this mode.

Wind Valley is one of the funniest scenes ever seen in the Sonic series. But it hasn’t experienced the same amount of love as the other phases of Sonic Adventure over the years.

Luckily the mud is there to fix all the bugs.

The Windtal is still in the normal beta phase and is therefore not as advanced as the Vanilla Sonic stadiums of the Lost World. But it is undoubtedly well done, because it not only restores what made the original scene so entertaining, but it also adapts the layout of the elements so that they are just more fluid.

8. Nintendo Game Switch Interface

Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free) –

Highlight this mode.

If you like the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, I’d like to welcome you. I really like him myself!

But the controller is not used in the same way as the DualShock 4 or Xbox controllers, the developers are not particularly interested in adding the right notes about the switch controller buttons.

But that didn’t stop the mud from presenting Sonic Lost World with this fashion.

No more false strikes and unjust deaths, folks.

7. Sound power level

Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free) –

Highlight this mode.

Let’s be honest: Sonic Forces was not a good game on the consoles.

But without a doubt, Sonic has never been as good as in this game.

Force Sonic Skin gives us a character model from the latest recording of the Sonic series and transfers it to Sonic Lost World. Add real supersonic music and other adaptations that make the skin look almost official.

It’s the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

6. Kingdom casing

Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free) –

Highlight this mode.

The Super Mario scene for Sonic? What kind of witchcraft is this?

Witchcraft doesn’t work here. Just a brave moderator who does not believe in sharing the two most popular game series!

This Hat Kingdom fashion has brought the eponymous scene of Super Mario Odyssey to Sonic Lost World.

The results are impressive to say the least. And although there are a few junks here and there, it’s very nice. So don’t waste your time and let’s do the odyssey together.

5. Classical audio

Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free) –

Highlight this mode.

Sonic Lost World hardly looks like a classic Sonic game. But in a way, Classic Sonic looks directly at a Wind Valley house.

And if you don’t believe me, just download this fashion to see for yourself.

The model is bred directly by Sonic Generations, so it is a high quality net that will not disappoint any Blue Blur fan.

4. Modified sound structures

Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free) –

Highlight this mode.

Some improvements can be difficult to see.

This is especially true when we talk about the fastest hedgehog on this side of the universe.

The modified sound structures make some subtle changes to the Sonic model in Sonic Lost World, which all sound pretty cool, like a really improved colour scheme.

It can be hard to notice the changes when the game is on, but trust me: If you’ve been playing this show for years, you’ll notice.

3. Lost World Solution

Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free) –

Highlight this mode.

Sonic Lost World has never looked better than with the Reshaded default setting.

This preset, which can be turned on and off at any time during on-the-fly play, dramatically improves the graphics. But that’s not all with this shadow.

It also improves all colours, lighting and some other visual parameters. The improvements are subtle but very noticeable, so I’m sure you’ll never go back to vanilla after downloading this preset.

2. Replacement of SPF

Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free) –

Highlight this mode.

Sonic Lost World is not a very difficult game.

But there are computers that have trouble controlling the game at 60 frames per second all the time, leading to all sorts of problems. And the truth is, I’m saying everyone should be able to play this song. Even on a 10-year-old desk.

FPS Change is the ideal mod for those who play on old computers, as it allows you to install another FPS block or even uninstall it completely if you wish. This prevents problems and makes the game easy to play, even on platforms in poor condition.

1. Lost World Improvement Mode

Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free) –

Highlight this mode.

All modes in this list enhance Sonic Lost World. And they’re all worth a try.

But none of them succeeds in achieving the quality of Lost World Modernization.

Some radical changes are made to gameplay, bringing the game closer to the previous records of the Sonic series. How?

Change Sonic’s speed and physics, update scenes, interface and more.

This is a complete overhaul. And it’s a general review that every Blue Blur fan should go through at least once.

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