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Best Class for You at the Dragon Age Inquisition

I’ve decided to play Dragon Age. Inquisition guarantees you a journey of more than 100 hours of gaming fun. Due to the length of the game, it would be careless to choose a random class without taking it into account, as you may have a pathetic character in the future, which will develop as the game progresses; you will either have to stick to a class you don’t like, or restart the game after you’ve already wagered for a few hours of play. So the best way to proceed is to find out what each class is capable of, in order to select the best class for the Dragon Age Inquisition.

When you start playing to the end, the first thing you have to do is create a character. First you build physical attributes such as soil, choose one of the four breeds and adjust the appearance. Then it’s time to choose one of three classes, including a magician, an impostor and a warrior.

Although there are only three options, it is very important to choose the right option for the style of building and playing you want.

At the start of your journey and after that you’ll come across satellites that will follow you and help your character, so it’s also important to keep the balance between them. Some players examine the available players before the game, choose who they want to see in their team and then shape their game character to balance the whole team.

Another point to consider is the role-playing aspect of the game. Most of the dragon era: The story of the Inquisition depends on your character, for example, the inclusion in the sculpted scenes. If your original character is important to you in terms of plot or role-playing, choosing the right class for your armor style can be crucial.

Now that the reasons for choosing the right class have been established, let’s talk about each individual’s performance and abilities, so you can choose the best class for the Dragon Age Inquisition.


Wizards are an important element that you need to have in your group as they can create barriers, control enemies and use various other magical abilities.

If you decide to create your character as a magician, the main advantage is that you have more control over the accuracy of the spells he casts. If you only have one wizard to guide you, the casting management isn’t that safe.

The advantages of choosing a wizard are the large support capacity and the large kill zone. Competitors use light armored SDRs and lower single armored SDRs.

The advantages of the wizard are that the initial health is 450 points (the lowest of the 3 classes), the critical damage bonus is 40% and the flank damage bonus 25%.

Do you want to be a wizard? Look at the best stick of the wizard in Inquisitionby the age of the dragon.

Wizard Specifications:

The Inferno School of Magic offers ruthless fire to throw at enemies. If they are not killed by the flames, your enemies will be frightened or burned.
The School of Spiritual Magic creates barriers and dispels hostile magic through the power of spirits.
Thunder and lightning cripple enemies and can spread from one enemy to another when the Storm School of Magic is used.
The last school of magic, winter, creates a cold that enemies cannot endure to weaken and slow down.


The most remarkable thing about Snape is that this class has the most damage from long-range arch attacks or melee attacks with a double dagger. Many people choose Snape as the main character because of Snape’s automated artificial intelligence, which is totally lacking.

Among the rogue gambling professionals is the use of high mobility. A disadvantage is the use of medium-strength armor, which is stronger than the light armor used by magicians, but still does not have the greatest strength.

The extent of the damage is bad and may need some kind of babysitter if you have companions who are thieves. However, for some players, the incredible damage caused by a single target can compensate some of these consoles in battle.

Benefits of joining the red class – 500 health points, 100 duration points, 41% serious injuries. You can increase the critical rating from to 53% if you have with double daggers

Identification of perpetrators:

Thanks to his archery skills, your character can easily avoid attacking his enemies up close and from a distance.
Double Daggers
These are short-range attacks, but very fast and even deadly for the enemy.
Sabotage skills include defensive and passive skills such as creating traps and poison. It’s a good way to weaken enemies so they’re easier to destroy.
These skills are based on stealth. This includes skipping attacks, using shadows to your advantage to bring you damage bonuses.


The warrior class – the tanks on the battlefield, usually the first to run on the danger line. They can be used to divert attention away from support classes and remain strong while maintaining a high level of protection. The warriors control the battle, lead him and protect him.

The advantages of the game as a warrior are an excellent defense with high chances of survival, an amazing range of amateur and mockery, the ability to destroy enemy guards and good control over the character. However, they are very slow and not very mobile and do not cause the same damage as a vagrant.

Warrior Specifications:

Skill Master of Battle
Skill Master of Battle is learning to control a battlefield by helping allies and standing in the way of enemies.
Two-handed weapons
The use of two-handed weapons provides amazing combat skills and damage, often destroying an enemy guard.
Using Vanguard skills attracts the warrior or distracts enemies from combat support classes.
Weapon and Shield
Focusing on these abilities will give warriors excellent protection because they can do more damage than their comrades.

Warrior class benefits – .550 health (high in all 3 classes) 100 stamina, same blush class and 40% critical damage bonus. These statistics are not impressive, and you can see why players tend to opt for the Red Class.

If you want to choose a warrior, you need armor. We’re right behind you. See our list of the best -More in the Inquisition of the Dragon Age.

After reading and reviewing all the information, it depends on your playing style and what you hope to achieve with Dragon Time: The Inquisition will vary. However, if this is your first game, most of you will recommend trying the rogue class.

Tramps are generally more balanced between the three classes and give you a little insight on both sides of the spectrum. It is important to note that when you choose the Hobo, it is not important to choose the Archery or Double Dagger attribute, because you can always use both weapons.

Although this may vary from person to person, the most recommended class for the Dragon Age Inquisition is often the Thieves Class.



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