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Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Circles are crown-shaped objects that can be found everywhere in Skyrim.

They are made of different kinds of precious materials, but not all have the same value or even the same usefulness.

In fact, most of the circuses you encounter in Skyrim are actually quite useless. Some are very beautiful, so if you’re looking for fashion, you may have found something worth keeping.

In any case, there are five unique circuses in Skyrim that are among the top five (and certainly among the top five) on this list. If you want to see the top, you can go directly to number 5 below.

The other releases on this list can still be very useful in some cases. And because they don’t weigh too much, you can also take them with you and sell them empty for a piece of dough.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

15. Copper and Onyx Circus

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? Ordinary shops, country tribes, dragons, bouncing Sabric,

The copper and onyx circus is probably the least attractive of all.

It is made of the two most common materials in the game and is also one of the cheapest jewelry in all Skyrim countries.

But do not worry – you will encounter this circus at the beginning of the game, where only a few gold coins can make the difference between going without weapons or having a cold iron sword in battle.

However, something very interesting is going on.

Skyrim sometimes wrongly produces Revyn Sadri’s copper and onyx circle instead of the main variant of copper and onyx. Only one successful encoding error in the game.


This means you can find a useful circus in the prosaic collections of objects, not this – hurray! Hope is restored in the game, right?

14. Copper and moonstone circle

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)


Where’d you find him? Involuntary flight

The circus of copper and moonstone is probably not the most luxurious object in the game. But they have twice base value of the copper and onyx variant. So, yeah, decent money here.

Given the average size of moonstone, this also makes copper and moonstone circuses the largest in the game.

If you are looking for luxury clothing, this could be a circus for you!

It is often given as a piece of random theft, and it is impossible to get it elsewhere, which is easier. The Pathema Skull has it on, but unfortunately we can’t remove it.

13. Copper and Ruby Circle

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)


Where’d you find him? Involuntary flight

The Copper Ruby Circus is another such object, found nowhere else but in random bags.

The NPC doesn’t wear them, and you won’t find them on chests or tables in the game. So if you really want your copy, keep plundering.

The base value is 150 gold coins per unit, so in my opinion it is only used as a bargaining chip. Now he’s got a nice red drawing in the shade, so that’s it!

12. Copper and sapphire circulation pumps

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? Involuntary flight

Like its ruby analogue, the Copper-Sapphire Circus is not worn by any NPC in the game.

It has a higher initial value than the ruby version because sapphires cost more than rubies in the world of the old parchment.

You can enchant it if you want, but it still doesn’t resist damage anywhere. If you sell it at a profit, you’ll feel better.

11. Silver circle and moonstone

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? Stealing Language Jay.

We finally got to the good parts!

The circle of silver and moonstone is the first of this list that is not made of copper, so it seems much more precious than the 4 previous ones I investigated.

Language Jay has such a circus – he lives in loopholes. So if you want one of these beauties, hone your baggage handling skills and go straight to him.

10. Jade and Sapphire Circus

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? Tomb of Thunder

This bizarre jade circus is decorated with a beautiful sapphire in the middle and has one of the highest basic units of any circus in the game.

Finally, you can find it as part of a random robbery if you accidentally go to the grave of Isframore. It’s not very rare, but not very common.

Like many other editions, you can sell them for a good small profit!

9. Jade and Emerald Circus

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? Random robbery by Madei of Gray-Maine Fralia

This could be the first draw on that list I recommend.

Most others of course have the same neutral effect as these (they can all be worn with armor). But it’s one of the most luxurious accessories of all.

You can enchant it and sell it quickly to the shopkeepers of Winterhold College, because they buy the enchanted products for a good price. After all, you can earn a fair amount of money which you can exchange and then use to buy other items, such as dresses or rings.

8. Silver and sapphire circus

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? Steal 2 from a shiny shelf or steal 1 from a hidden safe in Bard College.

Good design, elegant style and quite reasonable prices. I’d say it’s in the middle of the list.

These circuses can be found in Privacy or Bard College, and they can be very valuable to those who steal them.

The silver and sapphire circus can be sold for at least 400 gold pieces!

7. Gold and Ruby Circle

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? They’ll be stolen from the embassy in Talmore as soon as you get the badges.

Circuses of gold and rubies can be found in some buildings of the game, such as the Talmor embassy.

They are considered the second most expensive of all the major editions you can find.

They can be purchased in ordinary safes once you have reached a sufficiently high level. But if you want to be faster, it’s more fun to fly.

6. Circle of gold and emerald

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? On a counter in a shining shelf or in a display case of the Talmore Embassy.

The Golden and Emerald Circus, like its ruby analogue, can be found in both the Talmor embassy and in Loneliness.

Their basic selling price is 500 gold coins, making them Skyrim’s most expensive base circus!

Here, it’s easy money.

5. Wedding wreath

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? Loaded by Vittoria Wichi in the Bound to Death quest or in a coffin in the Tower of Hippoint.

The wedding wreath has a unique appearance and certainly belongs to a circus. But it’s one of those wedding wreaths people still wear today.

However, they are often worn in Skyrim because most brides use them at weddings.

You can get this item and keep it in your inventory, but there is not much you can do with it.

Anyway, it really offers a bit of variety when it comes to the armor pieces in the game.

I mean, uh… it sounds great, okay?

4. Circus of Copper and Onyx Revina Sadri

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)


Where’d you find him? Buy in second hand Sadri stores

Okay, I admit it: The only reason why this element is so important is that it is unique and can captivate.

It is only slightly more expensive than a normal circus of copper and onyx and really doesn’t offer much if you take a seat as main armor.

Anyway, it’s still a unique thing that’s not so easy to get. It’s up to you to set it up.

3. Circle of Mage

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)


Where’d you find him? Carry out the investigation in good faith

You can get the Circlet wizard after completing the Good Intentions quest, and it is definitely one of the best items in the game if you are in a wizard game.

This will increase your total Magicka score by a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 70, depending on the level you get.

It is best to complete the quest after level 25, because the Circle Mage can then be fully obtained.

This article is given to you after the research has been carried out by none other than Savos Arena itself, the Archimaster of Winterholder College.

2. Diadema Savanta

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)


Where’d you find him? Visit the wizard Dremora in the labyrinth of Chalidor or visit Froki’s hut.

Fun fact – The Saviour’s Tiara is the only circus in that gives you armor points, because everyone on the list has a total of 0 points.

With this great circus you can also produce a total of 5% of the cost of each spell on your list – it doesn’t matter to the Magic School, because it affects all magical schools in the same way. Cool!

You’ll find them after the witch test or if you go to Froki’s cabin.

Although the item is unique, it will be recharged several times at this location so that you can return to it if you accidentally lose it at any time of your discovery.


1. Beloved Crown

Best Circles in Skyrim (All 15 ranked)

Where’d you find him? It must have been an Aether Forge ship during the Lost Quest in eternity.

The beloved crown has been added to Dawnguard DLC in Skyrim, and it is probably the best circus in the whole game.


It also has a unique look and feel and is Skyrim’s most valuable in terms of retail price.

The effect of this circus enables the Born Dragon to defeat the Rising Rocks immediately, making it without a doubt the most useful circus with an effect that can be reproduced by any other Skyrimkop object.

You can only obtain this item by creating it in the Forge of Eternity. So it’s quite unique and you can’t get another one, even if you have material.

However, you can improve it with the usual GNOME metal bars in a regular forge after you get your hands on it.

It also allows you to use your daily skills more than once a day – at least the skills the Rising Stones have given you. Speak of the mighty!



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