Paladins are often easily forgotten lessons made in Dungeons and Dragons. They may not be the most convincing characters for some, but generally they are good at attack and defense, with some supporting skills. If you give the Paladin time to develop and acquire the many useful skills he has on his side, he will be a real blessing for your party. Here are some suggestions for you if you are trying to build a paladin to defeat your enemies.


When you choose a race for Paladin, you have a few options, all of which have their advantages. Paladins want a lot of strength and constitution for their physical abilities, but make sure they contain as much Charisma as possible, because it is their ability to cast spells. Here are some of our favorite Paladin options and why you should consider them.

  • Aasimar – plus two for Charisma and one for Constitution if you choose the subracial Scourge, or one for Strength if you choose the subracial Palace.
  • Born of the Dragon – plus two on Power and one on Charisma. They have a resistance to the elements of their Draconian ancestors.
  • Dwarfs – plus two to Constitution and two to Strength if you choose the Mountain Dwarf subras. They gain control of the battles, the hand punches, the light hammers and the jackhammers.
  • Half-self – plus two Charisma and one or two other skills of your choice. Master two skills of your choice and enjoy an enchanting advantage. Magic can’t put you to sleep.
  • Semi-Body – plus two to the Force and one to the Constitution. If you fall to zero hit points, you automatically get one, and critical hits with a melee weapon give you an extra hit roll. An automatic bullying control that works in your charisma uses.
  • Human – plus one point for all skills. An easy choice if you need a paladin.

All the above options are our favourites for the Paladins, but of course you can choose the breed you like best for the Paladins.

Fighting form

Image via D&D Beyond

When you reach the second level, choose one of the four fighting styles with which you can get certain bonuses. Honestly, all four options are good, so choose the one you want the most.

  • The protection gives a bonus to your armor class.
  • The fuel gives two extra points of damage if you’re holding a single weapon.
  • Great Weaponry will give you an extra jet for one or two attackers.
  • Defense punishes enemies when attacking their closest allies.


Although Paladins are not special spell wheels, they do have some useful spells they can use. From the second level you can use spells that are enhanced by your Charisma modifier. These are the spells you have to capture in each level. For more information on these spells, see the player’s manual or the D&D Beyond spells list. As with everything in this article, you choose the spells you want personally.

Paladin level Time slots earned at every level Spell name(s)
2 level one Blessings, goodness gracious.
3 A first level Burning cream
5 One first level, two second levels Find magic, find help, find a horse….
7 A second level The Truth Zone
9 Two-thirds of the levels An aura of cheerfulness, animated
11 Level 3 Breaking the curse
13 A fourth level Morgue
15 A fourth level Exile
17 Level four, level five Seek creation, banish the forge.
19 Level five A devastating wave

Sacred Oath

In the third step you take an oath to the deity that you serve to fight for her forever. In the third, seventh, fifteenth and twentieth. The level allows you to obtain certain functions according to your choice. Here are three holy paths you can take in the order we recommend.

1. Oath of Allegiance

With the promise of Faithfulness you promise to be brave, honest and compassionate towards your fellow man. You think a lot of your honor and duty.

Form of the oath

You get these spells when you reach the corresponding level.

  • 3 : Protection from evil and good, refuge.
  • 5-й : Small recovery, zone of truth.
  • 9-я : Beacon of hope, banish the magic.
  • 13-я : Forbearance, protector of the faith.
  • 17-я: Municipality, put the flame in the fire

Divinity Channel

On the third level you will receive the sacred weapon and transform into an ominous weapon. Sacred Weapon adds a charismatic modifier to the attacker’s weapons throw for a minute. Turn the unholy to keep the wicked and the undead from you. If they don’t make it to the rescue ray of Wisdom, they’ll fly away from you.

Dedicated aura

At level 7, you and your teammates cannot be enchanted within 10 meters. At level 18, the range is 30 feet.

Purity of the mind

Protection against evil and good is always active at level 15.

Holy Nimbus

On Level 20, you’ve proven yourself to be a beacon in the world. For one minute the light shines on you, and the creatures within 30 feet of you start their turn with ten rays of damage. They also have the advantage of saving casts from rogue and undead.

2. Oath of Revenge

The Paladin Pledge of Vengeance is dedicated to the extermination of evil in the world. They always try to take them out quickly and ruthlessly.

Form of the oath

  • You add these spells as you go through each level.
  • 3 : Bane, Mark Hunter.
  • 5-й : Nobody stopped, kicked in the fog.
  • 9-я : Speed, energy protection
  • 13-я: exile, door measurement
  • 17-я : Holding the beast

Divinity Channel

On the third level you get a desperate enemy and an oath of innocence. Abjure Enemy can select a single enemy and make him move away from you, scared and unable to move (unless he can save). The oath of enmity gives you an advantage over creatures within three meters of you.

Uncompromised avenger

On the seventh level you can move at half speed when attacking enemies to approach fleeing enemies.

The soul of revenge

15. The level, Pledge of Enmity allows you to use Reaction to attack a hit enemy with a melee weapon when they are within range.

Avenging Angel

At level 20 you will get the following functions for one hour. You have wings on your back and you can fly a distance of 60 feet, and you radiate a 30-foot aura that gives the enemies inside who fail a rescue throw, giving allies an advantage over them when they’re scared.

3. Old Oath

The Ancient Pledge sees you fighting for hope in the world. They strive to encourage others and to make the world through nature a little brighter for everyone.

Form of the oath

Add these spells to your list when you reach the correct level.

  • 3 : Strike, talk to animals.
  • 5-й : Not foggy, moonbeam
  • 9-я : Crop production, energy saving
  • 13-я : Icestorm, Stonesthen.
  • 17-я : A community with nature, a walk through the trees.

Divinity Channel

On the third level you get the anger of nature and turn around without believing it. With Wrath of Nature you can try to catch a creature near you in sacred tendrils. If it does not retain its strength or agility, the creature is bound. Turn the Faithless works the same way as Turn the Unholy, except that it works on fairies and villains, not the undead.

Aura fence

On the seventh level, you and your closest allies resist spelling damage. At level 18, the range is 30 feet.

Guardian of immortality

At level 15, when your health points are at zero, you get one back. Moreover, they show no signs of aging and you can’t age by magic.

Senior Champion

At level 20 you can transform for one minute into an ancient force of nature. During this time you heal ten health points per turn, paladins become bonus actions, and nearby enemies are at a disadvantage compared to your spells.

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