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Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Every bow in RuneScape wants the best arrows there are.

But only members can get into the hands of the same high arrows as in the game. Although non-members can find very good ammunition in many areas of the game, especially because they are at a higher level.

Arrows must be fired with bows strong enough to shoot. Therefore, it is possible that you may not be able to shoot with a normal, low bow.

You need to adapt your archery skills and equipment to the type of ammunition you want to hold and the damage you want to do.

If you create arrows instead of buying them, you also need to start aligning your pale properties. If you become an experienced fetcher, you can come up with the best arrows from to and save money along the way.

Anyway, whether you buy or not, I recommend every player to take at least a few of these powerful shooters.

12. Training arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Training arrows are the weakest arrows in the game, and you can shoot even the weakest bows.

You will receive piles of 25 training arrows from a top instructor, as well as a training arch to fire these arrows.

In fact, these arrows are so weak that you can only shoot of the with a training bow.

Ironically, the training arrows have the same characteristics as the bronze arrows.

The worst part is that you can only shoot it with a training bow, which is the weakest long-range weapon in the game.

Many players prefer not to use them in a fight to prevent minor damage. But you can get them from a Ranger instructor at Lambridge Castle.

11. Bronze arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Bronze arrows are by far not the strongest arrows in the game.

But many players care, because even veteran shooters began their journey with this kind of simple and largely ineffective ammunition.

Bronze arrows can be shot from any bow in the game (except from a bad training bow).

They can be made of molten bronze, and you can poison their tips if you like.

They also require you to be level 1 only to make them, which means they are the ideal type of arrow you want to make as a beginner.

10. Iron arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Iron arrows are where it gets interesting.

If you’ve already reached this stage, you’re probably very interested in becoming a bowling master someday.

You can find the iron arrowheads needed to make these objects by killing minotaurs.

But you can also buy them anywhere in the kingdom if you want to save time.

Their only bonus (in case they are not poisoned) is a 10% increase in your shooting distance, and they can also be shot with any arch in the game, except a largely useless training arch. But who wants to use it?

9. Arrows for ice cream

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Ice captains are only available during a quest when you meet the Fire Warrior Lesarcus.

This mighty enemy can only be damaged with this ice-cold ammunition, and you can find scattered arrows all over the area where the warrior is located.

However, you can’t use it if you don’t have at least a medium arch.

Don’t forget, these shooters can’t be sold either. But the arrows themselves are the equivalent of steel arrows.

The only reason they are not well ranked in relation to their steel counterparts is mainly because they are not available.

8. Steel hammers

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

If you have an oak bow, you’re almost ready to pick up steel arrows to increase the strength of your shots.

They inflict 5 points of damage, 4 points more than all the other shooters we have listed here, except the ice creams.

Steel arrows can be made by an experienced winger, and they also give you a decent experience!

Poisoned steel arrows are also very valuable in an important trade. So, if you know how to fight poison and get some solid advice, then you should sell these arrows on the market throughout the industry!

7. Ogre arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Shooters are for members only and are especially useful for certain quests.

They are mainly used for bird hunting and can only be shot with special bows, such as ogre balls and composite balls.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to kill an ogre to make them.

Saw the Achey tree around and use its trunks to create trees at level 5.

These arrows were originally not present in the game, and were added with the introduction of two new quests in 2004.

6. Wide arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Wide arrows require you to shoot them with a magic bow or something stronger.

These strong arrows are not above our list because they are only for sale at level 55 in Slaying, but they are really stronger than mithril ammunition.

These are the only arrows in the game that can kill Turov and Kuraskov, and Slayer Master is the only NPC that can show you how to make them.

5. Mifril arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Mithril arrows are the second strongest form of arrows in the game for non-members.

They can be made at level 45 Fletching if you are a member, and they are a natural evolution of steel ammunition.

If you’re not too passionate about their creation (or if you’re not a member), you can visit Varrock and get a huge pile of them all at once.

4. Punic arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Rune arrows have a much wider range than wide arrows, although they have a lower base strength than the latter.

All you need is a yew arch to remove them, which is a big advantage!

It’s pretty hard to hit those arrows on the battery, so I recommend you only use them (and list each arrow from now on) if you have at least one of Ava’s devices.

3. Amethyst arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

Amethyst arrows are the second type of the strongest arrow in the game, which lacks a little strength: the dragon arrow.

You must have a level of at least 82 fletching if you want to make them, and you need at least one magic bow if you want to shoot them.

They’re very valuable and stronger than any other shooter on this list – including Adamant. But it’s very difficult to acquire, as you can imagine.

2. Adamant arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

The only reason I put the Adamant gunner in a higher rank than the Amethyst and Rune variants is because Adamant gunners are the best types of ammunition that non-members can get.

I know many of us like to play RuneScape for free, so I’d like to add it to my list.

Don’t forget that the two previous shooters are stronger than the inflexible… …but they’re open to members only.

These unshakeable arrows have a range of 30 and a total bonus of 31.

They can generally be found on the major stock exchanges for about 60 euros of gold. You can also create these arrows once you reach level 60, and they will also fall into the hands of some of the biggest mafiosos in the game when you go hunting.

1. Dragon arrows

Best Arrows in RuneScape Old School (All 12 ranked)

The arrows of the dragon are extremely strong.

They are supplied with a damage range of +60 and a basic force of 60.

In the game, however, they can only be shot with three bows, namely with a black onion, a twisted onion and the 3rd bow.

There are almost no other stronger arrows in the game, so it can be absolutely impossible for anyone to get a stack of such arrows.

Note that you need to have Fletching level 90 to make them, so tie yourself up and start sharpening now if you’re hoping to catch some one day.

If you want to get your hands on the dragon arrowheads, you also have to kill some dragon implants. No matter how you kill them, be careful, they won’t be easy to handle.



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