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Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)

Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)

Adventures that were once the bread and butter of computer games.

But as the years passed and technology allowed them to play harder and harder, they fell back into a subordinate place in the collective unconscious.

I mean, for Phoenix Wright: Ace’s lawyer came and showed the western audience that the genre still has a lot to offer.

She also introduced westerners to the concept of the visual novel, which is so popular in Japan and among anime enthusiasts.

Thanks to this game, masterpieces like Dunganronpa have a chance of global success and the game industry is greatly improved.

As a fan, I am constantly lobbying for untranslatable versions from Japan. That’s why I’ve set a score for every English Ace Attorney game, both to train newcomers and to get old fans excited about fighting me.

Order in the courtroom!

8. Investigation of the Ace plaintiff: Mili Edgeworth (2010)

Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)

Phoenix Wright’s most iconic rival plays the protagonist in this alternative NDS adventure that changes the Ace Attorney experience and gives players a new perspective.

As exciting as it sounds, the developers haven’t been able to provide the kind of gameplay one would expect from this concept.


First of all, the search for a third person at the crime scene was interesting enough to change.

One could even say it was better than a simple point-and-click, but it wasn’t enough to counteract the lack of legal debate and the hectic pace of the conspiracy.

Moreover, the cases were not as interesting as many of the other names.

7. Apollo Jurisdiction: Lawyer with bait (2008)

Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)


After the dismissal of the Phoenix, his apprentice Apollo, with the help of his own adopted daughter Trucie Wright, the hostess of the Phoenix, must bring justice to the innocent.

The first customer is Phoenix Wright himself.

I know it looks like I’m avoiding malicious publications.

But believe me when I tell you I’m all for this alternative adventure. Actually, I like the beautiful cast of A.J. AA.

However, there is no doubt that Apollo’s debut on the NDS is not at all remarkable compared to something like PW:AA’s Turnabout Goodbyes and many others in the series.

Also, I’m not a fan of Apollo’s perception system as a game mechanic, although the concept of screaming out someone’s lies from their stories is pretty cool.

6. Phoenix Wright: Lawyer with Ace – Justice for all (2007)

Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)


The second tranche of the franchise is not a bad game.

Something was needed that made the first of them so well and created on their basis, even adding a new mechanical psychic lock that became the most important part of the series.

But I can’t say I like the rival chief prosecutor who plays a big part in these games.


Francisca of Karma may be beautiful, but she can’t even decide whether to opt for a dominant or simply aristocratic aesthetic.

And yet there are good things about this game.

Namely the fact that it represents a huge development of characters like Maya and Maya and that her last case – Goodbye, my turn – is one of the most dramatic and exciting of the series.

5. Phoenix Wright: As a public prosecutor – Spirit of justice (2016)

Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)


The last game of the Ace Attorney franchise to arrive in the West, the strangest thing is that it takes place in the country of origin of Maya Fei, the mystical land of the Hurayn, where spiritualism is seen as a fact.

The stakes in this game are also higher.

Thanks to a local law, known as the Defence Act, if a suspect is found guilty on Chura’s land, he must be executed together with his lawyer.

Phoenix, as it is, is still going through this.

The game includes tons of newcontent, charming characters such as the super cool prosecutor Nahayuta Saheedmahdi and various mechanics related to the mystical nature of the earth, such as clairvoyant sessions that allow the player to observe the last moments of the victim’s life.

There is also an important visual update in the form of beautiful, detailed illustrations using the 3DS material, as well as the animated shortcuts that have recently been added to the series.

4. Professor Leighton versus Phoenix Wright: Lawyer with bait (2014)

Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)


It may seem strange to put fallout at the top of the list, but this game is just great.

Since the games by Ace Attorney and Professor Leighton are visual novels with a level five puzzle element, it wasn’t difficult to put them together harmoniously.

After all, the appearance of Phoenix Wright’s games like Professor Layton’s allowed them to become part of the mainstream, so such a crossover seems fair to me.


The gameplay is divided into two phases, Adventure and Sorcery, in which the main characters and their assistants have the opportunity to do what they are good at.

This 3DS crossover was also the first Ace Attorney game with animated crossovers, which had already become a music video of Professor Layton. Changes are becoming the norm.

3. Phoenix Wright: Advocaten-Aces – Double Destiny (2013)

Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)


Once the franchise is as big as Ace Attorney’s, everything can repeat itself and wear off for returning fans.

The need for something else is beginning to manifest itself.

And that’s exactly what Double Fate does right.

While other games may have tried a strange trick to reform the gameplay, this great game for 3DS leads the story to absurdity – even by Ace Attorney standards.

Decades of unresolved issues, bombings and even the protection of whales are just some of the many absurdities of this game.

In addition, Dual Destinies puts you under the control of three different lawyers, depending on the case – novice Athena Cykes, former protagonist Apollo Justice and the recently found Phoenix Wright.

All these individual factors together provide a new experience with a solid foundation of previous games. Although at times it looks more like a traditional visual novel than a persecution investigation.


2. Phoenix Wright: Lawyer with an Ace (2005)

Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)

The game behind all this may not be the most beautiful or the most sophisticated, but it deserves all the praise for bringing back a somewhat forgotten style of play to the West.


This game consists of investigating the crime scene, questioning witnesses and summoning them on the basis of their false testimony.

No more, no less.

It’s easy, it even lacks the classic psycho-blocks we’re used to, but we don’t need them. That’s the way it is.

Part of what has made this NDS masterpiece so popular is the way it combines very serious dramatic elements with cheap punk comedies and jokes that help keep the game light.

What’s more, this is the first time we’ve used Phoenix’s famous slogan – Objection!

1. Phoenix Wright: Lawyer with an Ace – Legal proceedings and claims (2007)

Best Ace Attorney Games (all titles ranked & reviewed)


Litigation and litigation are probably my favorite experience with the aces of law. There are many reasons for this, but actually it’s because the name is the most complex and sophisticated version of the basic game franchise.

Of course, the new versions have nice graphics and a lot of crazy mechanisms, such as talking to the dead.

But this game had exactly the same gameplay as its predecessor and still managed not only to be innovative but also to captivate deeply.

In this way the returning player can apply everything he has learned in the last two games and take it to a deeper level with Phoenix Wright. It’s like your own story, even if you experience it through the eyes of a madman with golden eyes.

Not to mention the new D.A. Godot, convicted caffeine addict, is dumb cool.




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