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Battle Brothers Tips & Tricks To New Players

Battle Brothers is a turn-based tactical role-playing game that is a hidden gem for all strategy game fans. You take on mercenaries – brothers from different backgrounds – in your company and you go back and forth between cities, take commands, lead your people in battle, and train or rest them to become stronger.

When it comes to making a decision, the game is not to walk around the park. Every decision you make is important – inside and outside the fight – from whether to make a treaty to the role that each of your brothers plays in the fight (2 men, a tank, an archer, a crossbowman, a pitcher, etc.).

Unlike most games, the death of your people is common among the Brothers in battle and should be expected. They will fight the orcs with under-equipped and under-equipped people, only to lose them all in the ensuing battle.

This can be frustrating for new players, so we’ve put together some of the best Battle Brothers tips in this guide to help you get better and faster.

Best Brothers Fighting Tips for new players

1. Play the difficulty level from the beginning.

Brothers in Action Brothers is difficult and has a steep learning curve. Put your ego aside if you’re a new player and play Beginner Economics and fight against the difficulties of high starting funds. It is likely that you will be modest, even under the simplest conditions, to learn as much as you can before embarking on the great adventure.

2. Don’t be bound to your brothers.

Battle Brothers has caused many casualties. You can’t put a brother’s life above the life of his unit. Sometimes it will be necessary to sacrifice someone, or someone will just be an unfortunate victim of NGR. Don’t bother with that.

3. Spears and Swords is an excellent starter weapon.

Lances offer +20% clutch and swords offer +10% clutch. It is a very useful game in the beginning, because your weak brothers will miss you very much – very much. The first fighting games consist of killing the enemy before there are too many casualties. You should therefore equip as many of your men as possible with spears and swords as soon as possible.

4. Spearwall capacity is underestimated, use it.

If you equip the front line with spears, don’t forget to use the Spearwall feature. If you have the advantage of the shooter, the enemy will be forced to accompany you to the shooting range. You bump into a spear and you can often cause 2 or 3 free damages. Brothers who use the shield side by side get extra protection as a bonus.

5. Equip all the shields of your brothers in time.

Even if you have a brother with crazy values for 2 bullets such as great fatigue and melee attack, you don’t want to beat him with 2 hand guns early in the morning. Your attention should be focused on keeping your best players alive until the middle and end of the game. Sell the two-handed axe you get at the beginning, or place it on the back of the Bros.

6. Hats on all your brothers.

Make sure all your brothers wear some kind of headgear. Shocks to the head cause double HP damage, but not to the vest, so wearing a hat guarantees you won’t get a single shot. This is especially important when encountering enemy archers.

7. Game of First Engaged Fighters and Farm Owners.

You have to be efficient in your spending at the beginning of the game to make sure you have enough gold for food, salary and equipment. Brewers and farmers are on average the best specialists who can be recruited quickly because they offer the best statistics for the price they are worth. Wild men are a bit more expensive, but also very good if you can pay them later.

8. Forks and hookblades are a strong play in the beginning.

In addition to spears and swords, the pitchfork should also be a priority at an early stage. They have a larger range, which allows them to shoot the enemy from two fields. If you put a fork on your brothers, you can keep them out of harm’s way if you want to protect them.

9. Finding combat advantages.

During the battle, try to surround your enemies and get your men in the air. The growth advantage increases your attractiveness and at the same time reduces the chances of the enemy. Enemies around you give you an extra advantage of +5% for each ally or +10% if you have the advantage of the traitor.

10. Check for damaged goods in stores.

Damaged products (products with a resistance of <100%) are sold at a discount in the shop. When purchasing equipment, pay attention to shields, hats and other useful armor/weapons. It is cheaper to do it and then repair it than to buy new. To fix items in your cache, just click on them with the left mouse button.

11. If you hire brothers, remember that you pay for their equipment.

Remember, the key to hiring is to get the most out of your dollar. Many people don’t understand that their brother’s equipment diminishes their value. Sometimes it is better to buy a brother with a bad past, such as a gravedigger or a caravan, if he goes through a naked brewer with full equipment.

12. Equip all your men with daggers as secondary weapons.

When you apply the second option to the daggers, you can pierce your enemies’ HP without damaging their armor. It increases the chances of them dropping him as prey. When enemies surround you like Hoggart, they lose their resolve and stop attacking. Then you can take the time to trade your brothers’ weapons for a dagger to finish them off.

13. Have 3 decent archers in your game.

Usually the enemy groups you encounter only have two shooters. If you have the advantage of a shooter, he will come to you and not the other way around, giving you time to maneuver your men well and take free kicks from a distance.

14. Don’t forget to save.

Before you start the battle, the game creates an auto-store file, but when you download it, you often have to accept the battle. While you study the game, it’s no shame to have to save a lot in order to go back and make better decisions. Once you’ve made progress, you don’t have to do it anymore if you want to take on a bigger challenge.

15. Do not allow enemies with axes in the middle of your group.

This advice is something all Battle Brothers novices should learn pretty quickly. If you let the orcs get in the middle of your party, they’ll destroy your brothers with one blow of the axe.

16. Melee attack, melee protection and fatigue are very important.

For each of your melee gun owners, you want to spread statistics on melee attacks, melee protection and fatigue. Too many people ignore fatigue. Tiredness allows you to use your skills more often in combat, attack more often and carry heavier equipment.

17. Difficulty rate, the more brothers you have, the more contracts you have signed

It’s not always good to party as soon as possible. Sometimes it is better to keep the party small for the first few weeks, with 5 to 8 brothers, all well equipped on deck and facing themselves. If you recruit 12 brothers as soon as possible, you’ll probably send a lot on suicide missions. You’ll spend the gold you can on better weapons.

18. Avoid premature caravan guidance contracts.

Caravan escort assignments are the most risky contracts you can accept because you don’t know what’s for sale in the store. You can’t defeat your enemies to take on Lindworm, who will destroy your entire team. Don’t run the risk of being rewarded for these contracts, especially if you have to travel far, so avoid them at all costs.

19. Accepting contracts is not the only way to make money.

New Battle Brothers players often think that the only way to make money is to go from town to town and accept contracts. You can actually look for predators that are easy to kill / kill off the beaten track, buy damaged equipment to repair and resell, and trade in products such as dyes, salt, fur, amber, copper, cloth, wood and gemstones.

20. When assessing contracts, pay attention to the number of skulls and the amount of gold they pay.

One of the best tips for new Battle Brothers players is to be readable in the contracts you accept. Both the number of skulls and the amount of gold you receive will be rewarded for the difficulty of the work.

21. Nets and dogs shall not be neglected.

Networks are perfect for crowd control and facilitating encounters with enemies. They’re particularly effective against orcs you want to kill quickly. Dogs can quickly bridge the gap between you and enemies or fleeing archers. You can also distract the enemy and force them to waste time attacking your dogs.

22. Find cheap tools in workshop cities and buy it in bulk.

Tools are a necessary investment to repair your equipment after a fight, and you can never have too many. The cheapest tools are usually found in the workshops, so don’t forget to buy them there in large quantities. There’s nothing worse than running out of tools and running into a large group of brigades with broken equipment.

23. Wooden sticks are good for the stunning effect.

Besides daggers, you have to equip some of your brothers with wooden sticks. They do almost no damage, but they can stun enemies, so they can’t turn around.

24. The flutes are really strong against most of the first enemies of the game.

The ability of lashes to work on hammers works well against Brigand Raiders, who often do not wear helmets. The Flyers have increased the chance of hitting the shields. And unlike the legionaries of antiquity, they are simply destroyed by missile damage. Even against goblins, rockets work well because they often have shields but little power.

25. The higher your position in the city, the more gold you earn from contracts and the sale of items.

That is why it is best to optimize your reputation in a large fortified city with a large population in order to make as much money as possible.

26. By clicking you can enter cities that pass by with a caravan.

It took me forever to figure that out. Just stop the game when your caravan arrives in town and click on it. This is useful if you need to replenish or sell some of the goods you have just received from Caravan Protection.

27. You can attack allied or friendly troops by holding down the Ctrl and Left keys.

I’m not suggesting you attack a friendly unit early, but in a late match you have the ambition to defeat another company of mercenaries, or you just want to place their loot. All they need to know is that your relationship with the house they imagine will be hostile as soon as you attack them. Because you’re hostile, you can’t enter their cities, trade/buy them or make contracts with them.

28. Don’t be afraid to try it with the brothers in weapon mode.

There are tons of mods that allow you to balance the game, fix things, improve the FQ, or completely redesign parts of the game. They can be a lot of fun and increase your enjoyment of the game enormously.



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