Set: Bakugan:
Vestro Master Genre: Action, Role Play
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer | Publishing: WayForward | Interactive Warner Brothers Entertainment|WB Games
Age Rating: US E 10+| EU 7+
Price: US$ 49.99 | £ 39.99 UK | € 49.99 EC
Issue date: 3. November (United States), 4. November (EU)

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Darkus Trox, Aquos Sairus and Haos Cyndeous go on a team attack!

Bakugan: Vestroia Champions is an action role-playing game based on the restart of Bakugan called Bakugan: Battle Planet, which is currently being released as a cartoon and toy line. Developed by the WayForward Studio series for Shantae and other different games such as River City Girls. Is this game a good time for anime fans? Let’s find out!

Stylish design and graphic design!

Aquos Sairus is one of the few Bakugan-like dragons.

Bakugan: Vestroia’s graphic champions are quite good and the character models are quite nice, especially those of Bakugan, who has really cool designs like the Aquos Sairus shown above. I would also like to note that the game works very well with Switch Lite and Switch with small hiccups here and there.

Urban research

As far as the sound is concerned, there are not many voices, except when the fuselage is fighting and the soundtrack is doing its job well. Although I have to note that when you become familiar with the city, it’s usually ambient noise, which I find a bit strange.

Find your Bakugan and solve the puzzles!

A talented soccer player who missed her shot.

The story of the game is lived through the eyes of the character you create, who begins his career as a talented footballer. The scenery may be a bit limited at the beginning of the game, but you can get new clothes and hairstyles from the clothes shops and hairdressers of the game.

Aquos Hydorous wants to fight and hopes Heather gets what she needs to be her fighter.

After a failed soccer game, your character and your friends Saida and Miguel decide to make a detour to the forest where they find a crater with a tree trunk (this could be the Draconian Pirus, Aquarius, Haos’ Pegator, Darkus’ Howlkor or Ventus’ Trox, depending on your choice). From there, your protagonist takes his first steps in the formation of the Bakugan Brauler and he will be shrouded in the many secrets that surround these extraterrestrials, who are accustomed to playing the game.

Looking for a poster Larry made with Aquos Hydorous

The story works and takes your character to many places. It’s also nice to see her and her partner joking and getting stronger. When I explore the city of San Barbara, in many ways I feel like I’m in a role play from the old school and I can appreciate that little bit of nostalgia. You can find items such as cash, capacity cards and safes at various random locations, and even get a new safe when you complete the main and side missions.

The first victory of the tournament has gained momentum!

I would also like to point out that there are several side jobs as you explore San Barbara and all the places it has to offer. Some of them ask you to find items, but for these quests there is no inventory menu for the most important items. You have an inventory for your Brauler and Bakugan Skill Cards, so the absence of the quest-item inventory menu is a bit confusing to me. Some of them won’t even tell you how many of these items you’ve collected, so you may need to take notes. I think this could be corrected in the update, which would be very useful for those who play the game, and especially for the target audience. Some side effects also occur in different places and may recur.

Bakugan Fight!

Darkus Trox VS Pyrus Barbetra

Now let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of this game: the fighting system. Where the first game, based on the Bakugan franchise many years ago, had its own gameplay based on toys and card games. This game is based on an anime in which you walk around Brauler and collect Bakucores that appear randomly on the battlefield to replenish the energy of your Bakugan. You have to use their skills to harm the enemy, or to stimulate and heal your Bakugan, or to throw out the enemy Bakugan. You can also save energy and replace your Bakugan with another Bakugan that is part of your three-person team. You can even carry out a team attack when every scooter on your team is full of energy, so you can take out the enemy scooter immediately. You can also use your brewer’s skills, which gives you an advantage when collecting bakers or knocking down your opponent. The various factions in Bakugan also have their strengths and weaknesses, depending on which faction they face in battle.

The battle of the Bakugan!

The combat system is simple, but it’s a lot of fun to use. As the Bakugan team you collect and receive during the game, it’s fun. The game also features a multiplayer online game, very useful for those who want to chat online with a friend or play with people from all over the world!

As someone who played the first game ten years ago, I am absolutely delighted that they have brought back Leonidas, who was originally the protagonist in this game, with a new cool and chic design.


Darkus Trox the Dinosaur Bakugan

Bakugan: Vestroy’s champions are a game I’ve enjoyed. There are definitely things that can be improved, such as them quests that involve collecting items, getting a shelf, or being able to keep track of how much you need to get, and some of the they quests seem repetitive. But on the other hand, I like old-fashioned RPG research. It’s really fun to play with the Battle System, and I also appreciate the fan service there is, especially for someone like me who really liked the original Bakugan series by bringing back Leonidas.

Final review : I like it!

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