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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Place of Artifacts / Gates of Atlantis Quest

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Place of Artifacts / Gates of Atlantis Quest

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Place of Artifacts / Gates of Atlantis Quest

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is finally available on all major gaming platforms. The Eleventh Great Killer brings a new plot, visualization, battles, characters, weapons, armor and more.

The last story takes place in 431 BC in ancient Greece. You can decide for yourself what you want to do, what shapes your own story.

Location of the artifact / Atlantic access point Mission in Odyssey Creed Killers

Throughout the game you can play different types of main, secondary and other quests.

The Quest The Gates of Atlantis is one of the many quests, but probably one of the most annoying and longest. To complete them, you must obtain four artifacts and complete additional missions.

Below are the locations of the four artifacts and instructions to complete the search for the Atlantis gate.

Student amulet – Boetia artifact – Sphinx violin

To obtain this artifact, you must complete the Power of the Sphinx Quest, but to unlock it, you must complete the Family Odyssey Legacy quest.

You can start your search for the A Heritage Family Odyssey by talking to Pythagoras, who will tell you to look for a man named Gorgias. It was found in Boeotia, north of the Burnt Rent Plain near Lake Copai, in the ruins.

Talk to Gorgias, and he’ll tell you to find his disciple to find the amulet. For this you have to go to the Tomb of the Menoids, located northeast of the Open Plain and southeast of the Sphinx Cave.

Kill the lion sitting outside and you’ll get a piece of the amulet. Return the coin to the Sphinx, activate it and solve the riddle to obtain the disciple’s amulet.

Floppy disk key – Artefact Keaters – Zyklop

To obtain this artifact, you must unlock the chain of stairs leading to Olympos. To do that, you first have to investigate the family heritage. Then you must find Empedocles.

To find it, go to the island of Kitera and then to the pilgrim’s mountain. Here, in the northwestern part of this region, near the rock, you will find Empedocles.

You have to save him and give him back his clothes, then you have to follow him until you kill the Cyclops, as soon as you kill the Cyclops, you get the key to the disk.

Key– Messara Artifact – MinotaurLogbook

To obtain this artifact, you need to unlock the Messara artifact’s search chain. For this you have to go to the Messra, Minos Legasis, the palace of Knossos, which lies on the eastern rock of the city.

As soon as it starts, a little boy comes up to you and tells you you’re stealing from him. Then he’ll send you on a series of searches.

During the search you will be given the key to open the Minotaur’s hiding place. There you will fight the Minotaur, and after defeating him, you will receive the Odyssey artifact from the Creed Assassin.

Lance Key – Lesbian artifact – Medusa Liar

In order to obtain this key, you must complete the above mentioned Olympus quest Staircase. You should also discover the Petrifitide Valley, which is located in the southern part of the island.

Once you have completed the above step, head south to the Fossil Valley near the coast. You will find a quest called Romancing the Stone Garden in which you have to save a woman named Bryce.

After her rescue, deal with her and she will give you more details about the Key to Lance. To get the key, you have to go to Lovers Bay, in the eastern part of Lesbos, where you have to kill the mercenary.

The game will mark him, so follow the mark, fight him and kill him to get the spear. Go back to Bryce with the spear and she will open the door in front of you with the spear key. Behind the door, you must kill Medusa and retrieve the artifact.

Read Assassin’s Creed Odyssey manuals on page.



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