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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey All Cultist Places

В The Odyssey of the Killer’s Faithсуществует 42 культа. Убийство всех культов без и свержение культа откроет откроет Культ без маскировки трофей или достижение. Этот путеводитель покажет вам, где найти все культы.

Adoration without disguise
Beat all cosmic breeders

The menu is automatically unlocked in order 3. By that time you’ve automatically killed two of them in the course of history. It is advisable to first complete the most important plot (all 9 episodes) and then search for missing cults.

The reason is that some of them can only be killed after the story has been told.

Section references are disclosed

Normally you have to kill a bush to find out where the next one is. In the cult menu you will find references to each of them. The clues vary, they can also refer to secondary searches or you can find people of worship in certain regions fighting for conquest. This guide shows you all places of worship and their locations! The only exception are farmers who are connected to secondary missions; for these NPCs you have to play secondary missions first. Inner cults can only be discovered after all the others in the backyard have been killed. After the murder of 41 sects, the spirit of the space leader is revealed.

If you are looking for a complete overview of all trophies and achievements or other puzzle solutions, you will find our Odyssey Assassin’s Creed 100% Walkthroughhere.

The eyes of cosmic growers

Elpenor: Kill them automatically. On video at 00:05.

Picker: Fort Megaris, usually around the docks or on the right side of the fortress. Use your eagle to find him. On video at 01:57.

Head: If you play sub quest Life Value in Attica, you must complete all the sub quests of Socrates. You will then find it south of Attica, between the Sunionstorm speed point and the Zilverberg. On video at 8:52.

Hermippos: You have to do all the additional work in Attica to find this grower. On video at 05:24.

Midas: In the region of Argolis. On video at 01:13.

Nyx the Shadow: In the southeast attic. Use your eagle to find them. On video at 9:55.

Silver cord milling cutters

Deliveries of the following: Kill them automatically.

Chimera: The island of Andros, on the southern border of the island.

Euboea Centaur: The island of Evia.

Silver Griffin: On a small island southwest of Mykonos, called Prasonisia Island.

Mahaon jump: This cult is located in the Achai region (Panachayikos mountain).

Sage polish: With Ahea in the temple.

Delian League of Farmers

Brison: In Attica, on an island, the marble quarry of Salamis.

Cruel gifts: A full parallel mission of Trouble in Paradise on the island of Mykonos. This opens the next search for Hades, to meet the poison. You have to kill the poison on this quest.

Handrecksenor: You will automatically encounter this shrub in order 8.

Increases exposure: Lemnos Island

Bull Codros: You’ll kill him with a chip on your shoulder, island of Chios.

Cleon Everyone: You will automatically encounter this shrub in order 8.

Heroes of the Cult

Pallas damper: Conquest of the Ahai region. They have to fight for Athens (blue flag). Athens must be an invasion army (Sparta must control the area).

Deianeira: You will automatically meet this shrub in the seventh series.

White beast Sparta: He is the second champion of the Pepka Arena.

Swordfish: Messara, secondary task myths and minotaurs.

Okitos the Great: Temple of Poseidon, south of Attica.

Output legend: Ahea district, fortress of Olowros. You can only fight it by defeating other cults in the branches.

Growers of line

Melite: Messara region.

Harpalos: On the island of Keos (Pirate Islands).

Zoism: Malis, Wild Bear Cave (Xerxes Bay)

Dion: Keetera, play all Diona’s side quests.

Crisis: Argolis, death is coming at us from all sides.

Iokaste father: Ruins of Anvatos, island of Chios on Artemis.

Sects of the gods of the Aegean Sea

Mithylene shark: You’ll find him on a boat, between Samos and the island of Kos. An indication of this is hard to find, an underwater location north of the Thera, you have to dive and take it out of the chest.

Melantos: He’s on a ship patrolling west of Messara Island. The ship is still moving, but still in the same general area.

Octopus: It is on a pirate ship that crosses the largest island in the lower right corner of the map (Messara) and the island north of it (Thera). The ship is also called Octopus and carries the symbol of the golden crown.

Sokos: On the island of Melos, southeast of Argolis! Melos belongs to the Obsidian Islands.

Asterion: It’s on a boat between Skiros and Andros. His ship is also called Asterion and bears the symbol of the golden crown.

Hydra: It is on a large boat with red sails in the water in the lower left corner of the map. The ship is also called Hydra and has a golden crown as a symbol.

Cultural workers of the Peloponnesian League

Skylax Exhibition: He’s the leader of Aboa. Its location varies according to the geo-reference status of the region. When the area is fully fortified, it is strictly guarded in the guide house. He can also sit in a tent in the desert. If the region weakens, she’ll go into town alone. It can be found (unlocked) by looting a treasure from a fortress in the Lokis area.

Businessman: They automatically date this bush in episode five.

Lagos Archon: You will automatically meet this shrub in the seventh series.

Kallias: To kill this farmer, you must play a series of Olympic quests (on the road to success).

Silanos de Paros: You will automatically meet this shrub in the seventh series.

Fractures: You will automatically meet this shrub in the seventh series.



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