The year 2020 is coming to an end…. A year most of us like to say goodbye to. There were some good matches. Let’s see which 2020 games were a good year for our authors! This time it’s Ash’s turn!

Forest fire

It’s just like: A platform for solving puzzles

A little indie jam brought to life by the magic of Kickstarter. In Wildfire you play a simple villager who becomes a wizard. After the soldiers have burned your village to the ground and captured everyone you know and love, you can embrace the elements and use them to your advantage.

Set it on fire (like so many things), create lawns to hide in, or vines to climb walls and rocks, or turn water into ice and freeze your enemies. There are many different ways to reach each level.

The game has a strong stealth element and the goal of most levels is to sneak in without being seen. The operation is fluid, and using the elements gives you an invincible feeling, but you’re not. If the soldiers or the lynx have the slightest suspicion, you can consider that your level has started again.

At this stage, the Switch version of this game suffers from some delay problems, especially in the Couch Club mode (a very nice mode). I hope there will be a solution to the delay problems.

The aesthetics of the pixel art appeals to the nostalgic eye of the player and the music is ready for it.


It’s just like: Puzzle adventures

A cute platform adventure with a two-headed dog! Use only your outstretched belly to control the head (if you’re working together, otherwise you can control both heads in single player mode), maneuvering each level, solving puzzles and collecting pets!

It’s one of the best games I’ve played this year! I loved the colorful artistic style and each area is artistically very different.

The theme worlds are playing, eating and sleeping, and there are different puzzle mechanics that have to be solved in each world. FOGS! is one of those games that turns a stupid idea into pure fun!

What’s more, the game is full of collectors: in each level you have to collect a few cubes, and these cubes are your money! Spend your hard-earned cubes in the hat shop to make your dog dream!

I highly recommend this game! It’s one of those games that looks like a warm ray of sunshine. James watched it on the site, read his thoughts here!

Pikmin 3 Deluxe

It’s just like: Adventure

After playing and keeping Pikmin 1 and 2 on the Gamecube, I was disappointed that Pikmin 3 was only released for WiiU (a system I never invested in).

I resigned myself to living in a world where I would never play Pikmin 3. But the most glorious thing is that it was announced that the switch would be reset. Have a nice day!

It was everything I had hoped and expected! Charming new characters, and I’m not just talking about the new Coppait.

Heroes Alf, Brittany and Charlie. Our original, standard and beloved Pikmin trio counts: red, blue and yellow. Two new sweets are coming to the party! Rock Pikmin: Throw them at objects like crystals or enemies, and their lands are a punch! Also a flying Pikmin: Those cute little pink guys are floating in the air! They are very good in aerial combat and can bring things to their ship directly because they don’t have to pass each other.

Of course I miss the little white Pikmin and the big purple Pikmin, but these recruits are just as easy to love.

Besides the main story there is a parallel adventure with Olymar and Louis in which you can participate. So if you miss Olimar, don’t worry, you have a chance to play him again!

Paula reviewed the game and was just as impressed! You can find his magazine here.

cake head

I’ve noticed a trend in my favourite games: bright and colourful!

It’s just like: Party arcade

Maybe it’s the gloomy feeling that 2020 has given the world this year, but there’s something about these bright, colorful, cute games that really bothers me now. FOGI!, Pikmin 3, and now Cake Bash.

Written by the same group that FOGS us! these guys take it out of the park at the end of the year.

Cake Bash is a royal fighting game where you compete with up to four friends (online or local), cute and delicious cakes, against each other to be crowned with the most delicious cake!

Warning: can turn best friends into eternal enemies. You can read my review here! Think about adding it to your Switch library if you like a good party game, because that’s what it is.

Chicken Police – paint it red!

It’s just like: Puzzle adventures

My last favorite game of 2020, but certainly not the most recent, is a small title called Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

A black and white visual novel with puzzles, mysteries and inquisitive action! The best part of this game, and one of the things that really sets it apart from the genre, is the art; everyone in this game is a human-animal hybrid. The main character, Sonny, is a chicken. A human body with the neck and head of a chicken. Every character in this fictional world is a kind of animal.

It takes place in the special city of Claville, founded with the hope and conviction that all animals – predator and prey – can live together in peace and harmony.

The truth is, of course, that the Clovisville police are always on the lookout and keep a cool head. Sonny stumbles over the biggest case of his life, and he and his brave partner Marty McChicken embark on a dark adventure that could cost them their lives.

Great writing, amazing art, a jazzy soundtrack you fall in love with: Chicken police! Paint it red! It’s a damn good game.


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