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Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.26 Patch Notes on April 22nd.

A new update for Ark Survival Evolved was released today, we have patch notes for the latest update 2.26 or 22. April.

Ark Survival Update 2.26 can now be downloaded and installed. This update not only fixes bugs, but also adjusts the balance and functions of Qol.

Update to version

  • PS4: 547.22
  • PC: 310.41
  • Xbox One: 798.22

Arch stains 2.26 / 547.22


  • A bug repaired where the MEK cannon could injure players on a Dino.
  • 85% reduction of damage caused by MEK rifles to the players.
  • The range of the MEK gun is reduced by 25%.
  • It kept the IEDs from piling up.
  • Prevention of the use of CBR in BP’s mission

Snowy owl

  • Players recover 50% faster from the frozen state left by the Snowy Owl after diving.
  • The Snowy Owl’s healing effect on players and enemy creatures has been removed (wild creatures are still affected).
  • Snowy owl slow dive reduced to 2.5 seconds

Balance sheet and quality of life

  • 33% reduction in the number of elements obtained by red crystals in genesis.
  • 33% increase in the amount of material collected with the drills.
  • The drawing of the oil and energy complex currently includes a limited number of handicrafts (and other drawings of the oil and energy complex).
  • Argentines can no longer accept small wild and aggressive creatures in PfE.
  • Pheroes can no longer be captured by the Bola.
  • Reduce the cost of cloning a giant tortoise.
  • Reduces the number of insect herds in the swamp biomass by about 25%.
  • Extra cooling between green swarms of rain insects.
  • The frequency has been significantly reduced and the duration of green rains in swamp biology has been slightly increased.
  • Reduction of bat caviar in the main volcano within the volcanic biomass.
  • Reduces the giant tortoise’s attack on the surface…
  • Adjusted (reduced) blue-green value
  • The parasavers no longer detect bodies that are invisible or not visible on the screen.
  • Improved gliding and performance in steep terrain
  • Increased beam verification of ocean platforms to prevent them from being placed near enemy foundations or platforms.

Levels, terrain and surroundings

  • More than 100 holes, relief and height problems on various maps have been solved.
  • Made some improvements in the collision for aberration nets.
  • Problem with collisions on multiple gratings solved.
  • Repair of multiple mesh holes in different biomass’s
  • In the area near the volcano adjustments have been made to catch the rare cases where eruptions are directly lethal for the players / dinosaurs.
  • Adding extra murder figures on unplanned playgrounds
  • Modified no-construction zone in the main volcanic cave
  • Adaptation of the trajectory of the lunar comets to prevent extreme mortality of players and dinosaurs

Error correction

  • The problem of the TEC’s strength, which prevented the hospital from becoming overcrowded, has been solved.
  • The Magamasaurus is no longer damaged by the lava in the center.
  • Permanently installed explosion with a magma barrier.
  • Fixed an issue with locking special PvE storage (players can retrieve items when locked).
  • A bug repaired that made it possible to build on the arena of the boss on Valgero.
  • Correction of several missing reports related to collection, recovery, basketball, hunting and mission tracking.
  • He corrected an achievement that allowed the Therox to infiltrate enemy structures.
  • Fixed a bug where Ferox statistics were reported after the first conversion.
  • Prevention of cryopod theft by itching.
  • Solid operation of the Space Whale Tower.
  • Several cases where the leech couldn’t turn the missing person were solved.
  • Repairing the damage caused to the farm by Ferox
  • Pherox now has to make his mark when he’s in top form.
  • The insect heaven now gives chitin instead of hiding.
  • A rare case where an oil rig could damage the Teke sensor has been solved.
  • The activation/activation parameters are now stored in the alarm tag.
  • The activation/activation settings are now saved on the pressure plate.
  • The lava of the island in the caves and the lava of the Wyvern Depression on the S.E. will no longer harm the Magmazaur.
  • The cryopods are again available in the HLNA store.
  • The weaponry of the cruise missiles, which enabled them to bypass the towers, has been corrected.
  • The end box is locked, causing the player to collapse when the equalizer is installed and its saddle is equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving bet buffers in certain biomes (marsh/ocean/arctic).
  • Fixation of an increased damage multiplier in different biomes.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from connecting to OC servers.
  • Reactivating the configuration to prevent migration from Reapers to Genesis.
  • A bug has been repaired, so Mother’s boss couldn’t start the fight properly.
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow players to see the Primitive+ servers.
  • Fixed a bug in Cruise Missiles that caused them to explode when a player fired.
  • A bug has been repaired that did not allow the MEK to attack structures.
  • The Rock Drake attack has been repaired.
  • Correction of multiple server failures and shutdowns
  • A bug that occurred when certain creatures attacked through the walls of the building, repaired.
  • Reduces the lightning strike of the giant tortoise when it’s on the surface…
  • It appears that the Ice Golem of Valgueiros and the Golem of Mel cannot be transferred.
  • Valgero Ice Wyvern has switched to Ragnarok Ice Wyvern.
  • Probably an exploit that allowed the unintended use of mission beings.
  • Teleporting from the east to the marshy biomass will no longer transport the player to the southeast.
  • He corrected an achievement that allowed certain creatures to attack buildings through walls.
  • A bug fixed with a grenade launcher so he sometimes didn’t use all his ammunition.


  • The end of an egg-shaped adventure
  • Includes 2x harvesting, growing, XP and taming.
  • Made several improvements to the hex swapping user interface.
  • Fix a server crash
  • Some problems related to setting up dynamic ini bets on non-standard official servers have been solved.
  • Improving HLNA performance in high volume production
  • Improved location of Rockwell’s boss in battle and end of transition period.
  • On the Wild Astrocetus, different visual performance settings are possible.
  • Increasing the accuracy of the HLNA control during teleportation
  • The HLNA’s teleport logic now tries to avoid turrets, non-aligned players and enemy dinosaurs.
  • Improvement of various visual elements of the mission interface (difficulty text, manuals, item lists, mission messages).





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