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Apex Legends Octane’s Fire Ring Location

Apex Legends Octane’s Fire Ring Location

| Published on the 13th. August 2019 at 10:15 p.m.

Apex Legends Octane’s Fire Ring Location

The Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection event is live today, which means there are some nice new updates. For each of the legends a new legendary cosmetics and a new map area have been added. Parallel to this update a new set of tasks will be added.

One of the tasks of the players is to explore the new Guntlet Fire Ring map area, where you must cross the Guntlet Fire Ring of the squid in your bulletproof vest.

October Fire ring

Apex Legends Octane’s Fire Ring Location

On map southwest of map in Apex Legends you can see an area called Ghost. You will find an area or obstacle course that is completely inspired by Octane.

Apex Legends Octane’s Fire Ring Location

To pass the test, make sure you have some kind of armor and increase your speed via a mega ramp to make your way through the ring. You really don’t have to use the driveway, but why not make it as cool as possible?

Iron Crown Collector’s Challenge

  • Earn XP
  • Reach 25 top 5 in each game.
  • Walk through the fire ring of a squid in armor.
  • Get 50 murders.
  • Transaction loss 25000
  • Execution of 20 daily tasks

Don’t forget to take a look at the skins in the Iron Crown collection to see which cosmetics have been added with this new patch.

Top Legends / Top Entertainment

The fourth season of Apex Legends is over. Respawn Entertainment has added new details about the next 5. which will be known as Fortune’s Favor. Next season brings a new legend called Loba, new seasonal quests, a new battle pass and much more.

Top of the Legend Season 5: Luck and benefit of Loba

Above in legend – Loba

Loba Andrade is an elegant and inventive thief. Some say she’s the best at what she does. Coming back, the new legend of season 4, was responsible for the murder of Loba’s parents a long time ago, and now she wants revenge. His trailer Stories from the Outlands – Legacy of a Thief was aired today on the official Apex Legends YouTube channel, which you can watch below.

Seasonal applications

The new content will be included in season 5 of Apex Legends : The favor of fate. Seasonal quests reward players who perform various tasks in the course of the game. Scavenger hunt and answers in a new season’s mission. Whoever completes this journey will be richly rewarded.

Apex Legends Octane’s Fire Ring Location


One of the interesting new features that will appear in the ladder game is the ability to reconnect. Players who have lost their connection due to problems with the internet or the server can now reconnect to the game. A time has been set for the players to meet each other. After a failure, you can go back to the game you were in.

| Published on the 24th. April 2020 at 8:29 p.m.

Apex Legends Octane’s Fire Ring Location

Flagship Event Legends of Combat Armor

EA recently announced its intention to introduce a new temporary arrangement called Combat Armor. From Tuesday the 28th. In April, players will be able to take advantage of World’s Edge’s new time-limited mode. The event lasts 14 days until the start of season 5, with a new round every few days.

In this case there is only one type of reservation available and the players spawn with it. All shielding is removed from the prey pool, but the shielding cells and batteries are still available, just like all other typical prey. Players also spawn with a P2020 cannon.

Top of the legend Fighting tension list

  • 28. April at 10:00 PDT – 2. May at 10 a.m. PDT – White Armor
  • 2. May @ 10:01 a.m. PDT – 6. May at 10 o’clock PDT – Blue armor
  • 6. May @ 10:01 a.m. PDT – 9. May at 10 a.m. PDT – Purple Armor
  • 9. May @ 10:01 AM PDT – 12. May at 10 a.m. PDT – Evo armor

Evo Armor is a new armor that develops as you do more damage to enemy players. It can become more resistant than the purple (epic) armor.

The fifth season will also start as soon as the event takes place on the 12th. The month of May ends at 10:00 p.m. Pacific time. It is also reported that EA will add a two level XP for the top 5 final in all game modes at this stage.

Battle Armor Event is the first of many new experiences in temporary mode where the Expert Advisor will spoil the main gameplay of Apex Legends.

The fourth season will also be extended by a week, which you may have noticed from the start date of the fifth season. Apex Legends plans to present 5 or more trains in the coming season.



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