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Anthem – How Medal System Works / List of All Medal Feats

Anthem – How Medal System Works / List of All Medal Feats

Anthem – How Medal System Works / List of All Medal Feats

In Hymn you can play different missions from the story, side missions and more to unlock new weapons, flights, trophies and other mission related items.

Medals are one of the game features that a player receives after each mission. However, they only serve to evaluate your playing style. If you want to receive a certain medal, you can find more information below.

How the Medal System/List of All Heroic Deeds for Hymn Medals works

The game medals are linked to your style of play during the mission. As you may already know, there are four different medals: Execute, Gunner, Soldier and Wise Man.

There are also three levels of medals, such as bronze, silver and gold. The higher the level, the more investment is needed to maintain it. For example, if you get bronze for 10 murders, you need more for silver and more for gold.

But which factor determines the medal you get?

It depends on how heroic you are in the game. These achievements can include simple tasks such as killing enemies, resurrecting allies, collecting resources, and much more.

You can get to know different medals and learn how they work.

  • Artillery – This can be achieved by using weapons, equipment and combos.
  • Executioner – This can be achieved through heroic deeds, such as killing legendary enemies, ultimate skills and more.
  • Private – This can be achieved through heroic deeds such as killing elite enemies, breaking vulnerabilities and more.
  • Wise – This can be achieved through heroic actions such as collecting buttons, looting items and recovering/assist teammates and other allies.

List of all services

There are a total of sixteen heroics in the game. You can find them all by opening the map in the free game or the story mission. Click on the Tracking tab there and you’ll find them all.

  • Ellie Javelin’s journalist – Restore your teammates
  • Collecting – Collecting collectibles such as banknotes and documents.
  • Combos – use Combo on enemies.
  • Elite Killer – Kill elite enemies.
  • Gear Master – Kill enemies with equipment.
  • Legendary Killer – Kill legendary enemies.
  • Prefabricated materials – Interaction and collection of rich materials from nodes such as stone, plants, etc.
  • A Melee Master’s job is to kill enemies with melee attacks.
  • Completion of mission – Completion of mission
  • Multiple Kills – Kills many enemies immediately.
  • Reinforcement – Supporting other actors in carrying out their tasks.
  • Full Fortress. – Get out of the fortress area.
  • The ultimate master is killing your enemies with your finite ability.
  • Attacker Weakness – Kills enemies by hitting their weaknesses.
  • Master-at-Arms – Killing enemies with weapons
  • World events – Full world events in free mode

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