The Lost Riches event has begun and the treasure zone can now be explored for all treasure locations in the Falcon Coast Genshin Impact. We have detailed information about all treasure locations, so if you don’t want to miss a treasure location, keep scrolling.

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The Lost Riches event is currently taking place and you have the opportunity to get your hands on a treasure. You must find the treasure on a small island known as the Falcon Coast. In this article we have listed all possible and exact locations of the treasures. The treasure is easy to find on the Falcon coast at Genshin Impact.

Falcon Shore is a relatively small island located at the mouth of the river southeast of the wind near Moon City. You can go there, identify the golden circle that appears on the map, and it is the place where you can find all the treasures and where you can dig for the iron pieces. To obtain these coins and iron treasures, you must use your Iron Treasure Seeling that you received from Ulman.

You have to equip Seelie for the treasure hunt, and you can do that by opening your inventory and then go to the gadgets section, there you’ll see Seelie, so rest him.

So now you have to use the Seelie treasure hunt, and you have to walk to the treasure hunt. You have to explore the area and you can buy 60 pieces of iron in the events shop for all kinds of items. You can easily find the location of the treasure by looking at the map, the location is indicated on the map. We have also posted a video below to help you better understand the situation.

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Lost wealth: Treasure sites on the coast of the Genshin Falcon

When you have a marker on the map (the marker must be a white pick), these markers on the map indicate the location of the treasure in the Genshin Impact or Falcon Coast.

Also, to start the event, you have to go talk to Ulman to get him to start the event. You can easily find Ulman at the stone gate of Lija, ask him to start the event. He will then give you a book, and this book is the treasure book, and he will also give you a gadget, and the gadget is the treasure looking for Seelie, which you will use to find the iron coins in the Genshin Impact of Hawk Coast. Then you can start this event.

Don’t forget that every day there will be 2 new zones in Genshin Impact where you can find treasures and iron coins, there will also be a special zone where you can find treasures. You can use these iron coins to purchase a heroic act, a primitive, a moraine, a mystical ore upgrade and a special gadget or Sealy in the events shop.

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This included all the treasure sites affected by the Genshin strike on the Genshin Falcon coast in Treasure Area 1.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to all the treasures of Falcon Coast Genshin Hit – Genshin Exposure Lost Treasure Area Treasure 1.


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