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In the new area of the dragon’s backbone in Genshin you’ll find eight different stone tablets on the map. This is one of the many riddles that exist in this zone of zero climate. If we find all eight of them, we’ll unlock the door with a rune. Some of them can be quite difficult to find, so we have put together a guide to help you on your trip. Find all the locations of the stone tablets at Dragonspin in Genshin.

All places where stone balls are in the dragon’s backbone when the Genshin is hit

Here are the eight locations of the stone pill in the Genshin Impact:

You can click on the image above to view it in a slightly higher resolution. Below you will find the distribution and a short overview of how to find each stone tablet. Careful, it’s not in any special order. For some you have to solve puzzles and access certain parts of the map.

Stone tablet 1

The stone tablet nr. 1 is behind a closed door, as can be seen on the map above. Access is via the statue of the Dragonfly of the Seven. Jump from the statue to the south under the ruins and follow the path. You will see the stone tablet on the left side of the path leading to the gate.

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Stone tablet 2

The stone tablet no. 2 is inside a sealed door where you have to find the coffins of the writer, the priest and the princess to open the door. See our instructions. Once inside you see the stone tablet right in front of you.

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Stone tablet 3

The No. 3 stone tablet is easy to find if you start at the fast moving point east of the Skyfrost nail. Keep going up the slopes to the top and out of the cave. The shelf is on a little drift you can’t miss.

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Stone tablet 4

Start at the Starglow Cave landmark, jump and slide to the southwest. The number 4 stone tablet lies at the bottom of the water, behind a piece of ice. Solve the puzzles to lower the water level and then break the ice with the scarlet quartz knot. In the corner you’ll find the plank behind a raised stone platform.

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Stone tablet 5

For the fifth stone tablet you have to unlock the Vindagnyr Peak area. To do this, you need to melt the six ice crystals around the map. They look like the frost tree. We will place instructions on how to proceed as soon as we have the necessary documentation. You might want to save that for last.

Stone tablet 6

For the sixth stone tablet you have to solve another puzzle. The cryonic puzzle is easy to solve if you follow Seely’s path and turn on the nodes correctly. Then we have to defeat two destroyed guards and a huge boss. After that you can jump into the well and go to the blue door. They see the tablet on their right.

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Stone tablet 7

Stone Tablet 7 is quite easy to find if you follow the main trail near Vermrest Valley. There’s a huge mafia that you have to shut down before you can communicate with them and turn them on.

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Stone tablet 8

As you can see on the map above, cornerstone #8 is one of the easiest to find. Turn left when you first enter the Dragonbone area from Moon City Adventure Camp. You’ll find it on the edge of the stone ruins.

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