In this guide, you will learn how to get 100% success in Alexia Crow. If you are one of the players trying to get all the achievements of Alexia Crow, this guide is for you.

Before you begin, please note that this guide may contain gameplay spoilers, as the achievements are part of Alexia Crow’s main story.

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Alexia Raven’s guide to achieving goals

Open the cave – Complete the first two puzzles and open the main door.

Start by removing the round tile from the statue on the left post and place the space on the left side of the cube. Slide the tiles onto the grid to complete the picture.

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

Then take the round plate from the statue on the right pillar and put it in the opening on the right side of the cube. Arrange the dragons around the ring so they don’t get caught in the gears.

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

Come out of the cave through the door that just opened.

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

Gaia’s Ridge – Solve the 4 puzzles in Gaia’s room.

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

Pick up the rose from the right door and press the floor tiles in front of the left door. You are greeted by three characters surrounded by a row of blocks. The goal is to move each of the characters to the middle tile in the top row. To do this, click on the room and then on the board in the direction you want to move it (don’t use the arrows on the screen).

  • Figure from left – right, top, left, top, right, top, left, top.
  • Central figure – top, top, left, top, right, top, right, top, left, top.
  • Right figure – right, top, bottom, left, left, top, right, top, left, right, top, right, top, left, left.

After you solve the puzzle, all the doors will open. Just take the door on the right.

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

By clicking on each of the four honeycombs on the branches of the tree, you begin a series of puzzles in which you must rotate the tiles on the board to form one continuous line. The following screenshots show the solutions, which only need to be corrected with the last tile.

Alexia Crow Achievement GuideAlexia Crow Achievement GuideAlexia Crow Achievement GuideAlexia Crow Achievement Guide

When you have done all four, you can reveal and take the money key.

Mister Song – Play a lyre song that Hermes likes.

Exit the tree room by the archway next to the waterfall.

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

Click on the green banner to sun, pick up eight diamonds from the room and place them in the slots of the Poseidon statue. They will start shining and can be removed. Also note the symbols on the chest: β (Beta); 5-007 (Epsilon); ambient (Zeta) and o. (Omicron).

Open the top drawer of the shelf to reveal another puzzle. Click on the lines to complete the pattern and on the puzzle (see below) to get the sword.

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

Read the two pieces of paper on the wall above the shelf. One of the instructions is how to build a musical stone, the other is a supplementary list of ingredients.

Put the rose and the sun in the pot next to Poseidon. Go back twice to the room where the statue of Pegasus is and open the door on the left. Also exit this new room on the left.

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Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

Take a fishing rod, remember the images of Chronos on the floor, and come back into the room with the tree.

Use the fishing rod from the lake to catch a trout, then go back to Poseidon’s room and use the fishing rod again to catch a second fish. Put one of the fish in the pot you put in the sun and get up.

Return to the room of the statue of Hermes and click on the broken pillar to open another puzzle. Insert the glowing diamonds into the holes around the board in the order shown (see below).

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

Once you solve this puzzle, a second silver key will be added to your inventory. With the odd stone in your inventory, play a short melody repeated with a lyre. If the strings were numbered from left to right from 1 to 4, the order in which they are played would be: 1, 3, 4, 2, 1.

Mystery Beyond the Sea – Solve the mystery that is the envy of globe-trotting pilots.

Select the staff Caduceus Abandoned and return to the part in the tree. Use the fish on the left on Medusa to get a stone fish and use the stick on the door at the top of the stairs. Pick up the stone hand of the broken statue and go through the newly opened door.

Alexia Crow Achievement GuideAlexia Crow Achievement Guide

Start by taking a sword in your hand. After triggering each of the spheres above the pillars, a tangram puzzle will be triggered. Once you solve this puzzle, an unusually shaped stone will be added to your inventory.

Two keys – Get two game keys

Look at the closed license plate for the next puzzle. Completion consists of solving two random equations.

  • 2ⁿ+1 : 3, 5, 9, 17, 33, 65
  • 3n : 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33

A gold plate falls off the plaque, exposing the clover. Pick it up and return to Poseidon’s room. Place the stone hand and clover in the stone jar and get the Philosopher’s Stone. Use the Philosopher’s Stone on one of the silver keys to turn it into a golden key.

Return to the Pegasus Room, click on the dial in the center of the room and insert both keys into the corresponding locks.

Chronos searches – Place 3 objects in a Chronos room.

The goal is to move the beetle by turning the two buttons. The answer is left, right, left. After completing the puzzle, you get a star-shaped stone. Go back to the room where you find the picture of Chronos.

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

Place the stone fish, the odd-shaped stone, and the star-shaped stone in the corresponding slots in the table.

What time is it? – Complete the clock puzzle on the first level.

The goal here is to change the hands of the watch so that the time matches the displayed time of 10:35. The two hands move together, but at different speeds, depending on whether you prefer the minute hand or the hour hand.

Alexia Crow Achievement Guide

I don’t have an exact answer to that question, but I think you can easily answer it.

Master Chess – Complete 4 horse puzzle

Ouch! Wake up. – Place two golden crosses in the typhoon cave.

Atlantis Initiative – Solving the puzzles of the Atlantis Initiative

Defeat the Minotaur – Solve the labyrinth of the Minotaur.

Defeat Cerberus – Solve the crystal stone puzzle.

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