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Addressing some common HOTS Reddit questions / complaints:)

Addressing some common HOTS Reddit questions / complaints:)


Addressing some common HOTS Reddit questions / complaints:)

Addressing some common HOTS Reddit questions / complaints:)

1) Are hotspots dead? Or was my time up, should I go back?

Who cares? If you wanna play the damn game, play the damn game. Why waste 10 minutes mocking the message to ask a stupid question that you will still play/not play regardless of the answer.

2) Wow Silver/Gold/Flat/Low Diamond are just full of idiots! How can you be so bad in department X!

You, sir, are also an idiot (or a lover I don’t discriminate against) and probably just as, if not worse, than the one you’re worried about. If you’re really better than your ELE, you inevitably… Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. let’s get to work! I can also tell you that if you think your clown festival is bad in silver, it’s the same in diamonds, but we just make it chic when we explode.

** And also, if you leave, I’ll play with idiots. I can pretty much guarantee that the other four will feel the same about you. Every time I start to feel this way, I realize, God, I need a break. I’M PART OF THE PROBLEM.

3) How do you get out of bronze / silver / gold / plate? I’m better than my MMR and I deserve to be in X!

Understand how you can change and evolve. Look at your rehearsals, ask your teammates what you can do best. If you’re not used to own 60% WR or more, you’re doing something wrong that someone else is taking advantage of.

Why does everyone want to come up? I have a sense of satisfaction, but if you all have style, I’m silver, but I’m really a flat player. Congratulations, when you finally make it to the top, here’s your entry cup.

4) I can’t win because they are always Troll/AFK’er in my game!

My favorite piece of wisdom, missing persons In a group of people you all think are assholes… You must be an asshole.


If someone refuses to choose what you want and you treat them like shit… What do you expect? Please don’t select a plotter, TracerForLifeXX! Nous sommes assurés de perdre ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Instead, look at their profile and see what other characters they are playing and offering. If they do refuse and close the door, do you think you can tell them… Wow… it’s your fault we lost… A two-minute GG will do everything? Instead of pissing people off… I don’t know. Are you trying to play? If this doesn’t work, take a 5 minute break to not download the next game.

5) People refuse to divide the roles and make me lose!

Where are the rules about having a tank, processing, filling the rest of the crew? Logical, but if you’re in the game and you don’t have a healer on your team and you’re really bad at healing? If you choose a DPS that has more chance to win, you have more chance to win this world of sad healing. When the game is loaded, I literally tell my team that we are likely to lose if I heal, and usually no one will show the healer until the first inhibitions are applied. Well, the higher the ELO, the more selections have an effect, but at Low Diamond and among you, 100% of what you do best is played, and then you fill in what you are absolutely sure of.

6) My tank doesn’t clean for me!

Like the one with the main tanks, I can’t save the fool. If you run into a bush, if you run away from the tank, or if you engage in a 1v5 commando fight, I can’t save you. Yeah, you can drop a tank without realizing you’re a target, but you can’t blame a tank if you have 10 dead. With five dead, you need to figure out what I’m doing wrong? Instead, we, um… Am I out of place? Isn’t my floater next to me? It’s 2v4 and we have to run? No, let’s go inside… We don’t have to write anything down! !

I could turn these crazy messages into a little novel day after day. Long story short: IS A TEAM GAME. You win or lose together That’s it. Stop messing around, understand that you’re not perfect and that everyone has bad days. Take a break, stop messing around and come back another day.

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Message review some frequently asked questions / complaints about HOTS Reddit 🙂 for Storm hero.

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