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A comprehensive, newbie friendly guide to your way to the Divine Slasher.

Disclaimer: This is certainly not the best way to proceed. This will be easier to do in duet, because the monsters are on scale 2 and designed for 2 players. This guide is only for people who want to do it alone, who have difficulty finding a partner or who have communication problems. If anyone has strategies for other weapons, I ask for a contribution, and I will add this one.

The day before Tarot à la Culve’s arrival, when my sets were ready, I got bored and decided to try the solo that was needed for the Divine Slasher in the arena. I found some great strategies that can help people accomplish these annoying tasks alone in the arena, because I’ve seen a lot of players fight against them. Okay, here we go.

The arena is also an EXPLANATORY way to improve your skills or to learn a new weapon, a difficult path. 1С8

Why work for the Divine Slasher and what you need

As our friends at the console may already know, the Divine Slasher is one of the best, if not the best long word currently available on a PC. To get them, you have to complete certain arena quests several times.

The drops at the end of the search are fixed (can someone confirm, I’m sure) , so you have to complete the search in total:

  • At least 4 dodogams (-Arena-Quest 06) to complete each quest must bring 1 gamma piece and a possible hunting king piece.
  • At least 4 Ratalos Azure (Arena Quest 07) The completion of each quest must result in 1 piece of Rathalos.
  • At least 2 Rado track and Hurricane pieces (-Arena-Quest 08) must take 2 Brute pieces and a possible Ace Hunter piece after each search.
  • At least 2 Diablocks and Black Diablocks (Arena Quest 09) must bring 2Flying Pieces after completing each quest.
  • Additional quests may be necessary if you don’t receive enough Hunting King and Ace Coins.

All these tasks can take some time. The worst offender is Azure Ratalos. Searching the arena can take up to 20 minutes, but will take longer later.

Dodogam Arena Quest:

I saw that people found it a bit disturbing, and the reason is that the supplied equipment was not too big.

It’s a pretty simple choice. If you know one of the included weapons, take it. This applies to all other battles.

Otherwise, I’ve come up with two strategies best suited to Dodoboy: The spear and the long word. The strategy is simple. If you get greedy like we did with the Dodo (if you think we have your maximum state-of-the-art equipment) , you will die. Dodo can actually get the two of you together pretty quickly.

  • Lance: The simplest of the two.
    • Use the Health Booster to your advantage and shake it.
    • The kit supplied with the does not have a protective cap, so damage to the chip can quickly become uncontrollable. Keep as much as you can, but take care of your health.
    • Fuck you. If Dodo’s face is red, you have a chance to take him out if you hit him and inflict another 100 wounds.
  • Long word: This one’s not a psychiatrist either.
    • Go crazy, but be careful. You can beat most dodo combos thanks to the combo spirit.
    • I do not recommend using the headphone splitter for Dodo, it seems quite small and you will lose more time than anything else.

Rotalos Arena Quest in Azure Blue:

I admit, that gives me a headache. As described above, use or use a weapon you feel comfortable with:


  • Hammer: It surprised me. Ratalos’ big problem in the arena is that he’ll be lying on the ground. The set of hammers has mega-demon and can be seeds, USE.
    • If you only try to hit it in the air, it won’t work. Azure Ratalos will tackle airborne spam
    • He makes a pretty simple combination: A fireball, then they spit flames in your legs and fly towards you. If it is in the air, avoid .
    • You’ve got three flashpods. Use it wisely and let it flash in the air only, preferably when it is in anger mode. It’ll fall on the floor and make a big hole in you. JUST HIT HIS HEAD. The same goes for paralysis.
    • Use your drawing skills. Lying on the ground, but not knocked out, he uses access levers on his face.
    • Once you knock him out, you keep hitting him on the head.
    • After you have used up your knife/flashes: I suggest you return to the entrance to the arena. The surest way to beat him, if he’s not dead after all this, is to run, dodge attacks and wait until he’s tired and lands (you’ll see a mouth icon next to him on the mini map).
    • The most effective way to beat it at this stage is to use the bar at the entrance for spam attacks on the backbone (especially if it is loaded). If you install it at least twice, you will get the holes needed to finish it.

Radio orbit and the hurricane:

It’s a little complicated because the way it happens determines how those two reproduce. The general idea is to bring a poisoning or paralytic knife, squat, into the arena and pull one of them out without hitting the other.

Fighting both can be painful, not because of the damage, but because of the time you will spend shaking.

  • Shift shaft: The reason I chose this model is that they both have a lot of hard points and you’re going to jump a lot.
    • Once you get one out, use the live shit from the knives you get.
    • The alternative between the cloak of vitality and the cloak of escape and the lamentation that attacked you as much as possible from the outside.
    • Do not attempt to return to the centre of the arena. If he manages to leave you, you’ll get the other one out.
    • Finally, both will be active in agriculture. Use the Dragonator (try to hit both), the rocks, and change your clothes again and again. I recommend killing Hurricane first because he makes them more angry.
    • When one dies, the other is a cake.

Diablocs and Black Diablocs:

There’s only one right answer: Lance. Capcom has decided not to install the Guard 5 spearhead. This means that as long as your stamina and your shield are up, you are invincible. They’ll focus on you, so all you have to do is look and press.

  • If you have multiplied , equip the knives for poisoning, but do not use.
  • As soon as you enter the arena, the war for territory must begin. The result is random, and the loser should get about 1000 damages.
  • Throw knives at the person you meet, and then jump into the arena.
  • Raise the shield and slowly move to the left side of the dragon.
  • They can’t kill you. Guard 5 makes you virtually invincible, no pixel of your health has to move if you are guard 5.
  • Not satisfactory. You’re going to die.
  • Pump slowly, just enough to regain your stamina, and mocks the spear while the one who won the turf war slowly kills the other one.
  • Use the Dragonator as soon as possible.

And that’s it! Repeat this as many times as you need for the coins, and enjoy your Divine Slasher!

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