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9 Best Games Like Mass Effects

9 Best Games Like Mass Effects

Let’s face it, everyone loves the mass effect, from incredible characters to thrilling battles and countless sex scenes that look like someone rubbing two wrestler characters against each other. That’s very good.

But suppose you’ve played an original trilogy, come to Andromeda and realise that you don’t want to drown in your own tears of disappointment or the innumerable urine of EA taking over.

Well, my friend, it seems you might want to contact one of these beauties who might scratch the itch Normandy left behind. These games may not be the mass effect, but they are still fun, interesting and similar enough to be equally loved.

Besides, Major Shepherd says each of them is his favorite, so it’s pretty neat.

9 The age of the dragon: Inquisition

Date of first publication 18. November 2014
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Developer BioWare
Publishing house Electronic art


Character development

Okay, let’s start by eliminating the obvious. Starting with their sister series Mass Effect, the age of the dragon is also referred to as the age of the dragon that they haven’t ruined yet.

Each game has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you could really justify putting one on that list, but for me, the Inquisition is where it is. He has a huge explored world, complex and interesting characters, and he is the one who will eventually allow you to play for Kunari!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s horny greys.

What’s more, it’s just a fantastic version of Mass Effect. It’s the same party system, the same center you keep coming back to, and a couple of bachelors and romantic bachelors. But there are no gnomes in it, because to be honest, Scout Harding is too good for all of us.

If you like the style of Mass Effect and are not afraid to change genres, this is really the best alternative. I think Dragon Time is a brilliant series, and I’m personally incredibly excited about the fourth. I mean, Bioware’s not gonna ruin the fourth episode of their incredibly popular show, right?

…isn’t it?

8 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Date of first publication July 2003
Platform Xbox, Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android…
Developer BioWare
Publishing house LucasArts


Character development

And another incredibly obvious one, until we start interfering with strange things. Some would even call it the precursor of the mass effect. I mean, that’s basically what the show’s about.

After developing this game, Bioware decided to make another sci-fi role-playing game, but this time they used their own intellectual property instead of Star Wars, which gave us Mass Effect. But I doubt they would have succeeded if this game hadn’t been played in every way.

He had everything. A wonderful story, great adventures in space and everything you could wish for in the Wookie. God, it was so good that even the die-hard Star Wars fans were excited, and these guys are tougher than a four-foot-old man stuck in a giant piece of broccoli.

And how does this look like a mass effect? It is an RPG developed by Bioware in the genre of science fiction that could inspire the series with a million different versions. If she doesn’t meet the Like Mass Effect criteria for you, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Besides, you probably won’t like the rest of the list if you…

Date of first publication 14. September 2012
Platform Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS…
Developer Games Subgroup
Publishing house Games Subgroup


Character development

Now, at first glance, this game seems to have little to do with the mass effect. In fact, the newcomer probably seems to have more in common with the minesweeper.

But make no mistake, in this game almost all the features that people like in Mass Effect are compressed into a tiny 2D package. You run your own spaceship, take care of your own crew, travel to the stars, discover adventures around every corner.

And of course, to blow up aliens who just want to give up.

Shit, give it up.

But what really sets FTL apart, and what it has in common with Mass Effect, is the choice you have to make. Of course, they are much more common in this game and usually on a smaller scale than what Commander Shepherd has to do, but the fantastic spelling and potentially serious consequences don’t make them any less exciting.

FTL may not have the style or showmanship of Mass Effect, but it’s just as exciting and fascinating for many reasons. However, the absence of real characters does not mean that there are alien sex scenes, but it also means that the absence of My Face is tired.

You know, the swings and the roundabouts.

Date of first publication September 2019
Platform Google Stadium, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer Gearbox software
Publishing house 2K Games


Character development

Looks like the Internet has a love-hate relationship with her. Personally, I think it’s the best Borderlands, but the jokes are often like those of a 13-year-old boy on Xbox Live: noisy, unpleasant, and there’s a serious concern for the next generation.

But I still think that Borderlands 3 is generally pretty good, and it’s more like the Mass Effect of the trilogy. This is not only a science fiction role-playing game in which you shoot down aliens, explore planets and break through walls, but also a spaceship in which you return with all your allies and friends.

…just like Valve Staircase.

I think it looks like the mass effect. Moreover, you even spend half of the time making several landings in a messed-up spaceship that behaves very strangely. The mass effect has practically invented it!

He certainly has his own problems, but Borderlands 3 is something fans of the mass effect should pay attention to. But beware, if you don’t hate the word bad, you’ll definitely be bad at the end of this game. They use it more than Call of Duty Hoo-Rah.

5 Deus Ex: Human revolution

Date of first publication 23. August 2011
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Wii U
Developer Eidos-Montréal
Publishing house Anix-square


Character development

I’ve already written to Deus Ex about this: The human revolution is on my list of 13 great games that take place in real life, so I will try not to repeat too many of them, but this game is usually SHIZ.

It is a science-fiction action role-playing game with a lot of shooting, character interaction, decision making and strange animations. And if you can’t figure out which game to remember so far, you’ve obviously not paid attention.

Try to keep up, baby.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was not an innovative game at the time of its release, but it is the consistent quality of the game in terms of writing, gameplay and building the world that makes it so exciting. You really feel like you’re playing something well thought out and well done.

That doesn’t make Adam Jensen any less pretentious sometimes, but it’s still cute.

If you like Mass Effect before the fight, you’ll love it. If you like Mass Effect for History, you’ll love it. And if you like Mass Effect because it’s made of EA…

…there’s something wrong with you. Please, go away.



Date of first publication 25. July 2013
Platform Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android.
Developer unlimited cycling
Publishing house unlimited cycling


Character development

Okay, remember Mass Effect 2? Do you remember Omega? A planet with a nightclub, dirty streets and alien prostitutes you secretly want to do something with? Okay, now imagine the whole game in a place like Omega.

Boom. The return of the shadows.

The game mixes Sci Fi, Fantasy and Black in such a way that they all seem to bring out the best in each other. It’s weird, and it shouldn’t work, but it certainly does. And even though the graphics and gameplay don’t remind me of the game I don’t want to mention anymore, it’s the volatile writing and the lame sound that often reminds me of mass effect moments.

And even though the battles are one-on-one, you still have more gadgets and skills to play with than Shep himself. Or yourself when you play FemShep, even though she’s not that cool.

…I hope Grandma hasn’t read that part or I’ll be out of a job.

Anyway, Shadowrun Returns is great, and there’s definitely something to enjoy if you’re a fan of good writing, strategy games or dwarves with green mojo hawks. Also, if you like this game, you can always watch the Shadowrun games that came after, Dragonfall, Hong Kong or online games that are closed. You know, if you have a time machine.

Date of first publication June 2016
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer Spiders
Publishing house Focus on the most important interactives


Character development

Okay, I’ll really be with you. He’s not the best here. Technomanter is described as a mediocre mass effect, and I personally find it too difficult, but I can see where it comes from. Simply put, it’s like a Wii-U game that you have to play at the counter.

It’s always fun, but it still makes you feel bad.

But seriously: The Technomancer is actually an entertaining game that seems to be largely inspired by Mass Effect and other similar games. They seem to have paid particular attention to peace building and have done a good job of making this angry and gloomy version of Mars authentic.

And while the battles have more to do with Arkham Shrine than mass effects, they do give you some fun toys to play with and try to control your fighting style. Despite the fact that there are only three styles.

But they’re trying. Blessed be their hearts.

The switch from Mass Effect to Technomancer may seem like a step backwards (because that’s what it is), but it’s still a lot of fun if you want to avoid sloppy dialogues and strange animations.

But on the other hand, if you don’t like the Mass Effect, you probably don’t really like it either.

Date of first publication May 2017
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer Arcane Studios
Publishing house Bethesda Softworks


Character development

Just to be clear, I’m talking about the 2017 game, not 2006. But you already knew that. Has anyone ever played in 2006? Even if you print Criminal 2006 on Google, for example, you will still see the version of 2017. In this way, this game overshadows the other.

…I’m sorry, I really deviated from the subject.

So it’s more of an FPS thriller, probably closer to Bioshock than to Mass Effect, but I still think Mass Effect fans will enjoy it for three reasons.

First of all, the story and the writing are absolutely true.

Secondly, the battle is complex, intense and incredibly adaptable.

And thirdly, because I fucking say so.

Seriously, but this game is fantastic. The exploration of a giant space station, the collection of supplies and ammunition and the slow discovery of the secrets of the disaster. These are all incredibly exciting and fascinating things that make you want to do more. Also, facial expressions are the funniest and most disappointing little bastards I’ve ever met in video games. Congratulations.

If you’ve enjoyed the more complicated and heartbreaking battles of Mass Effect, or perhaps more intriguing and mysterious stories, then this game is for you. But as you go through the space suits sections, get ready to experience what Shepherd went through at the start of the second game.

Once again… …and again… …and again…

  • 9 Best Games Like Mass Effects 32 games like Skyrim (so similar) – To say that Skyrim is one of the most popular games is an understatement. So we made a list of games that look like Skyrim, but are so different that they don’t feel like themselves.
Date of first publication May 2019
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stages
Developer Avalanche work
Publishing house Bethesda Softworks


Character development

To be honest, this last item on my list may not have as much to do with the Mass Effect as others, but I would like to include it because I don’t think it will get enough love. Have you ever wanted to trample six boys so badly that their legs fell off? And you can really make their legs fly! Rage Two got you, buddy.

The story may be both normal and the open world a bit lifeless, but it’s the crazy fights and boss fights that make this thing worth your time. We all know how nice it is to be a victim of mass murder. For example, if you cover up an enemy with this movement, pierce his head and watch him hit the ground.

Now take that feeling and multiply it by infinity and half, and you get anger 2.

Honestly, it feels so good. All weapons are incredibly powerful and rewarding, the animations about the death of the enemy are absolutely filled with stars and you will discover fun new skills and possibilities such as fever, double jump and touchdown.

I know it all sounds like something you might get at the Banjo Kazui, but believe me, it’s fun here, too.

There you have it. Nine best games that look like Mass Effect. Favorites? Do you think I missed something? Let me know in the commentary. And as Shep always says,

Hakuna matata.



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