After 2020, only one question remains: How will 2021 be different? Last year taught us that a lot can change in 12 months and that even if we know certain things for sure, we should always have a contingency plan ready.

The gaming and sports betting industry also had to learn this lesson the hard way. After terrible losses due to the outbreak of the pandemic and the cancellation of all sporting events, they had to focus entirely on their online business. All casinos in the UK and around the world have had to close their doors to all customers without knowing if and when they will reopen.

All this has led to an acceleration in the development of all online transactions, with an emphasis on their accessibility and convenience. Our expectations of online casino trends for 2021 are therefore strongly influenced by this rapid rise in the online world.

Gambling on mobile phone

Although gambling with mobile phones is not a new trend in online casinos, it is certainly on the rise. In the past decade, people have moved almost all of their social and work interactions to smartphones. So it’s not surprising that the same thing happened to their gambling habits. Already 50% of people who played casino games in 2019 did so on their mobile device. And this number is expected to continue growing through 2021. Gambling with a mobile phone is much more convenient and faster than the traditional method, as many gamblers have found in 2020. This makes online casino strategies even easier, as all the information you need is at your fingertips.

Online sports betting

One of the real stars of the 2020 bet was the e-Airport. After initially being ignored and considered only for those who like to play video games, electronic sports made a huge breakthrough during the pandemic. This new trend was especially popular with students who were already familiar with all the basics of LoL, CS: GO and Dota 2 events. They spent many days in college relaxing with these video games, and now they have the perfect opportunity to bet on them. More than ever before, students have begun to explore new online casino sites that offer great promotions. As online sports have become popular around the world, students are more interested in exploring Gamblizard and its new free casino spin options, as well as many other online casinos around the world. New eSports events have been added over the months, as well as new bets. They attracted new visitors, in addition to students who previously only bet on traditional sports. This trend is expected to continue in 2021, with even more events and gambling opportunities for players.

Crypto declaration as means of payment

With the popularization of online gambling, cryptocurrency has also become a popular means of payment, preferred by the younger generation. However, it took some time for operators to include cryptocurrency as a means of payment. This delay in the introduction of the new payment method did not make sense for some time, as it is one of the safest and most convenient ways to carry out a transaction. Almost all online sellers are expected to include cryptocurrency in their offerings by 2021.

RV Gambling

VR has been shaping the gaming industry for a long time. It has become clear that VR is the future of gambling, but no one expected it to include online casino games. Fortunately, the online casino industry recognized the potential of this new technology and decided to take advantage of it.

The development of online VR casinos is expected to continue through 2021, where users can enjoy the benefits of both online and physical facilities. Thanks to VR technology, players will be able to enjoy casino life in the comfort of their own homes.


It goes without saying that 2020 will have a huge impact on the future of the casino industry. The massive shift to online transactions saved the industry from total collapse, but also paved the way for future trends. While many people are already familiar with online gambling and sports betting, even more have been added in the past year, leaving no other choice. This highlights the convenience that online outlets have to offer. Land-based casinos will always attract many visitors who need a change of pace or a spectacular day out. However, it can no longer be denied that online casinos are the future, and the year 2021 will prove it.

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Leslie Alexander is a dedicated Game World content manager who inspires everyone around her with her enthusiasm and love of writing. Leslie spends most of her time improving her SEO skills because her only goal is to become a better writer. She is also passionate about online games and sporting events, which she loves to include in her articles.

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