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35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Pokémon isn’t just crazy. He’s a phenomenon. There’s always a new gene, but I want to look back.

We all have our favourite Pokémon for a variety of reasons. With over 800 Pokémon released over seven generations, you’re sure to find incredibly powerful Pokémon.

Of course, you’ve inevitably found something else.

In this article, we look at the weakest Pokémon in the franchise. I will focus only on the main games of Generation I – Generation VII.

Believe me when I say that there’s a lot of Pokémon to strain and a lot of factors to consider! In particular, I’m going to look at the Pokémon who may not be able to handle what they can do for you in battle.

35. Zigzag

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

This little guy’s not too crazy, but he certainly won’t stand out.

His development is excellent and he can be a fantastic user of HM. In fact, I think you could fill all four slots for the HM movement!

But will he protect you in battle? I don’t think so, at least not until he turns into Lynnon. If you have a strong standard type in the 3. generation with muscle stats, I recommend you look elsewhere.

34. Picachu

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

In the case of the Pikachu, we have a second-rate electric Pokémon, so its TSB is lower than average when you look at all the Pokémon.

Poor protection against HP and Pikachu makes them very, very vulnerable. However, the element Light Orb and Volt Tackle gives it a niche functionality like a glass cannon. Тем не менее, что бы ты ни делал, в конце концов, это превзойдет все ожидания.

On the other hand, under the influence of Thunderstone, Pikachu turns into Rajchu (unless you play Yellow Pokémon), which greatly improves your fighting skills.

Despite these drawbacks, I’m sure people will find a way to add this Pokémon icon if they really want to.

33. Relationships

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Seen for the first time in the third generation, the Ralts are first-line Pokémon of the psychic and fairytale type.

She has a weak, very weak TSB 198, which makes her deceptively weak. His statistics have been split in favour of his special attack and speed score, and are balanced by low strength and physical protection.

Ralts also have access to great training programs and access to TM/HM. For you, this sentence means that using Ralts in battle while you train does not have to be a complete routine job.

With Gardevoir or Gallade as your latest development, you have something big you can expect to give your Ralts a new life.

32. Cosmog

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Believe it or not, the legendary Pokémon are on that list.

The Cosmog, introduced in Generation VII, is a legendary clairvoyant who appears in just two strokes: Injection and blasting. In short, he is as cute as a button, and about as useful as in battle. For the time being.

Cosmog suffers from Magicarp syndrome, but he’s twenty times worse, maybe for a bigger reward.

Number 43. The Cosmog level changes into Cosmeon (which is not very good either). It then evolves to level 53 in Solgaleo or Lunalu depending on whether you have a Pokémon sun or a Pokémon moon.

These latest developments force the cosmos to stop and are the only reason why the cosmos is on this list at a relatively low level. It will be a long way before you can taste this delicious Legendary, so thank EXP share for doing most of the work for you.

31. The point is,.

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Another popular first-generation Pokémon. Many coaches recognize Dito immediately by his subtle expression and, well, by a drop on a glowing record.

He’s not a normal guy, but he starts with 48 in every statistic, which makes him totally inconspicuous.

Ditto’s only move, Transform, allows him to transform himself into an enemy, including the ability to use his moves. While Transform makes this Pokémon’s field action interesting, firefighting with fire isn’t necessarily optimal. This merit makes him relatively weak in battle.

On the positive side, Dito produces excellent food for reproduction.

30. Buffers

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Then we have a normal guy, the Generation II era.

Smeargle is very similar to Dito in his strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to Smeargle’s sketching skills, you can copy your opponent’s last move forever. In the end, he was able to use ALL Pokémon trains that could be of interest to a locomotive engineer.

Apart from this bias, Smargl has no competing qualities. It has a low initial TSB level of 250 and no development.

Like this, Smeargl is good for Pokémon breeders.

29. Stun cane

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

When you look at Stunfisk, you think he’s either cute, or scary, or just weird.

This Earth/Electric Pokémon, introduced in Generation V, has some strange weaknesses. Imagine if the earth is weak because of… the earth moves or it’s electric, which scares the water. It’s really weird.

For Pokémon without Evolution, there are midfield stats with an emphasis on volume in exchange for attack stats and tank speed at full throttle. This combination of types and low-level statistics makes it difficult to determine when the stunfisk will be useful.

28. Toothed wheels

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Actually, he’s one of the third generation of alien Pokémon.

You will only get this type of bug/spook if you develop a Ninkada with an extra place on your list (and a poker ball in your inventory if you play a third generation game).

I think Ninkada spills his exoskeleton, which then turns into his own Pokémon. It’s a little difficult, even a little weird.

Unfortunately, the best thing about Shadin is the concept. Despite decent attack statistics, it has a lower TSB than Nincada and only gets one horsepower. It is designed to work in conjunction with Wonder Guard, a capability that makes it immune to any non-selfish attack.

The pressure of the shedinya and other detours in practice make the trick much less powerful than on paper, even if it looks like this.

27. Luvdisc

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Another 3rd generation Pokémon. Generation, this aquatic-style Pokémon has a beautiful design and an equally fun story for couples who find it.

In games it serves as a source for the heart scales that you must use to remind you of your movements, and . Well, honestly, that’s all he’s got.

The Luvdisc’s insufficient travel distance and poor distribution (with a low TSB 330) make the situation very uncomfortable for a Pokémon with no development.

26. Delibird

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Without any evolution, this bird starts with a weak TSB and terrible statistics that are broadcast for downloading.

Delibird’s game doesn’t offer much with just Present (we’ll come back to that later) and Drill Peck, but his game allows him to have a decent approach to movement in TM. Unfortunately this double typisir makes it very sensitive to rock movements.

So, as far as the case at hand is concerned: This is bad. Imagine using a trick that causes random damage to decide whether or not you can defeat your opponent’s Pokémon.

But wait, there’s more! He has a 20% chance of getting a quarter of his opponent’s maximum HP back. So you really want to be in a position where you can eliminate your enemy… just so you can heal him?

25. Abrasion

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

The generation I represent (again)!

Abra is a clairvoyant who is known to have run away before he was caught. When you first get this thing, all it knows is the transporter.

Luckily, Abra has excellent statistics for the Pokémon of the first stage with the BST 310 start, especially noteworthy for its special attack and speed values.

Abra transforms himself into his state of evolution when he gains access to true Psychic Motions, and transforms himself into a terrifying glass cannon.

The first development, Kadabra, comes relatively early to level 16, and the last one, Alaqas, only after you have sold your Kadabra. These Pokémon make Abra-san’s development worthwhile.

24. Wimpod

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Wimpod – Pokémon is a Level 1 Pokémon with a terrible ability that allows it to run away or surrender when it’s damaged. That must be the second thing you want Pokémon not to faint.

The Wimpod doesn’t have large trains either and with 230 TSB’s it has, besides its speed, a terrible statistic.

At level 30, the Wimpod turns into Golisopod, the real reason why you would bother to train it.

23. Soft

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


This normal guy has a decent TSB (280) for the first Pokémon level.

No wonder the Slackota has a low speed, but useful attack and physical volume.

However, it has a particularly destructive power: Spare officer. In every other corner, Slackot just doesn’t move.

Imagine you’re fighting and your Pokémon stops. That puts you in a difficult situation.

22. Accessories

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


For the time being, it is not surprising that the first generation is overloaded with later versions.

Most players will testify how annoying this racket can be. Your teeth would fly out of your face if you least want them flying into the cavities.


Zubat has a good BST for the 245-year-old Pokémon with the best attack and speed. Unfortunately, Zubat (and even his first development, Golbat) already felt weak in his time.

Maybe you want to catch one to fill your Pokédex, otherwise Zubat isn’t worth it, honestly.

21. Companies

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


Pokémon Mouse, named after a rat.

Initially introduced in the first generation, Rattata got a more recent version of Alolan in the seventh generation.

Ratatta often appeared on launch pads and was perhaps the first catch in the wild for many Pokémon players.

This is because the pre-revolutionary Pokémon Rattata had quite a TSB of 250 in total, but its unbalanced distribution by status was too large and it lacked weapons.

All in all, it’s a very beginner-friendly Pokémon that will serve you well until you inevitably catch something better. Or up to level 20 if you decide to convert it to Ratat/Alolan Rat.

20. bidu

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


Don’t forget to thank Nintendo for giving me that idiot.

Bidouf is a normal, shaky version of Rattata. Also, it’s probably one of the first Pokémon you’ll catch in the starting blocks of the fourth generation of games.

In the pre-revolutionary Pokémon, its TSB is slightly lower than Rattata’s, and its chassis is no less than crushing.

At level 15 Bidouf turns into Bibarela, and thus into a larger beaver.

19. Gap

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


This Pokémon Fae is Clefairies’ children’s scene. Like other children, she develops only with enough friendship.

Clefairy and its final form, Clefable, have a reputation as a relatively good Pokémon. Even good things have to start somewhere, and Cleff happens to be one of the weaker ones starting out.


Cleffa has a low TSB 218, with statistics focused on Special Offense, Special Defense and HP. This spread unfortunately makes it very vulnerable to physical aggression, and at the slowest speed it will be difficult for Cleffa to avoid being shot at by good physical aggressors.

Thankfully, Cleffa has access to a great headset thanks to the upgrade and MT/HM, which sets her apart from the rest of baby Pokémon.

18. Burmi

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


Burmy’s 224 TSB isn’t doing so well. While his statistics are favorable for HP, Defense and Special Defense, these numbers are already pathetically low and his attack statistics are even worse.

Moreover, he only knows protection up to level 10, unless you teach him the hidden power (which is a terrible move) using TM. Since he can learn the Tackle and Bug Bite at this stage, he’s probably better than Cocoon Pokémon – but with difficulty.

Birmy is also developing at level 20, so all hope is not lost.

17. Washbasin

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


The development of Scatterbug, Spewpa has access to Harden and Protect, but can hardly benefit from the wisdom of Cocoon Pokémon BST.

Spewpa’s statistics focus on physical volumes (HP/defense) due to almost all offensive skills.

If you catch the spitpa, it will probably be less useful than if you had developed it from the Scatterbug, because it doesn’t even have access to the crippling spores.

16. Silk / Honoré

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

We tied Silcone and Cascun to the next place on that list.

Both Cocoon Pokémon evolve from Level 7 Wurmple, although the one you get is completely random.

At level 10 Silcun changes into Beauty and Cascun into Pollica, but with a different secondary type.

They share the 205 TSBs of the other Cocoon Pokémon and the defensive statistics. Oh, and they’ve got Harden too.

15. Kakuna

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Kakuna is (not surprisingly) one of the three Cocoon Pokémon.

It develops from weeds at level 7 and has a slightly better TSB than the first level.

Kakuna fights badly because of the concentration of the defense, which makes an attack very unpleasant.

On the other hand you can turn it into a level 10 Beedrill Killer.

14. Fisheries

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


Look, Mommy! It’s Pikachu… …but less.

This cute little boy was one of many Pokémon babies to come out of the second generation. With enough friendship, Peach could become the Picachu icon.

Electricity tends to be more tolerant of typewriter wars. However, as a Level 1 Pokémon, the Pichu has a low initial TSB of 205. With high speed and decent attack values it could play like a glass gun, but ideally it should be developed sooner or later.

There’s nothing against Peach, but we put aside the weaker Pokémon adjustments.

13. Troubleshooting

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


The only type of mistake presented in generation VI (seriously!)

The Scatterbug is a first level Pokémon that’s just one cut above the Pokémon worm.

It has a TSB 200, although the distribution of its status does not give it any significant advantages. The Scatterbug will be difficult to fight, but access to crippling spores will give him at least one advantage.

Luckily you only have to train him to level 9 to become Spewpa, and then to level 12 for Vivillon.

12. Imports

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Wurmple is a pretty weak Pokémon like Beetles and one of those classic Pokémon that you catch to develop one day.

Compared to Weedle and Caterpie it has the same TSB, but it has the highest attack and the highest physical weight of three and is also the slowest.

The Wurmple Knowledge Kit combines virtually everything weeds and caterpillars have access to. It also has a more diversified development tree based on the personality value of each worm (which is random).

On Level 7 you will find either Silkun or Cascun. Then you can finish at level 10 with beauty or fabric. The ability to obtain both can be a sufficient incentive to train several of these animals.

11. Weeds

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Then there’s a Pokémon worm, this time of the first generation.

In 195 TSB (like Caterpie and Wurmple) he prefers attack and speed, although he does not wear glasses because of his weight. It is also a kind of insect/poison, which gives it a slightly more favourable resistance and gives it access to a few extra blows before it develops.

From level 7 it can change to Poker, and from level 10 it can change to Batterrill. If you really don’t want Vidle to develop, maybe you should look at another Pokémon.

10. Caterpillar

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

One more little mistake and Metapod’s younger brother.

I’m going three-on-three with Worm Pokémon.

Caterpillar has the same indecent TSB rating as Pig and Wormple, although the stats are more defensive than the others, making it legitimately the least useful to the team.

The caterpillar can try to defend himself with a tackle, but even against coaches just out of the starting area, you don’t have to fight much.

The reward for worrying about Caterpie comes when you turn her into a Butterfly at level 10 (because Metapod isn’t very good either).

9. Cricket

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Introduced in Generation IV, Cricketo has the lowest BST of all insects, 194 in total, which somehow undermines the Worm Pokémon.

Combined with the limited number of shots and the absence of TM/HM shots, the defensive range of the Cricketos makes it very ineffective in combat.

Maybe you should train him to level 10, so he can turn into a cricketer before you put him on the bench forever.

8. Ribs

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Phoebe looks like a refurbished Magicarp, but with a few differences.

First of all, his statistics are more about special defense.

Secondly, although he knows the famous unnecessary splash, Feebas can actually study other movements via TM/HM.

Thirdly, unlike Magikarp, Feebas needs special conditions to develop in addition to simple crushing.

With enough effort you can score Milotik (I think it’s more like a special attack/special defense with a focus on the Gyarados). And until then, the weak Phoebe will be all over you.

7. Azuril

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

The Côte d’Azur is a water-pokémon for children, which is also available for the first time in the 3rd generation. generation games have been introduced.

The double Normal/Fairy type gives him access to good movies, but as a top-notch Pokémon who can only develop in friendship, he has a pathetic statistic (190 BST).

He could turn into Maril and eventually into Azumaril. All in all, it’s a weak start to a good development.

6. Igglibuff

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

I think you can tell from the name that it’s a jigglypuff/whigglypuff scene for kids.

This type of Pokémon Normal/Fairy has a BST 210 Starter, which doesn’t seem so bad for Level 1 Pokémon until you realise that 90 of them are going to go PK.

With reduced speed, defense and special defense must break all attacks by the Igglybuff before it can do anything.

With access to a relatively small number of trains, Igglibuff is the weakest of the small Pokémon.

5. Magic card

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Magikarp is probably the most famous bad Pokémon in the franchise.

This first generation water looks like a fish with a moustache that looks like a Koi, which is not surprising considering the fact that Japanese fans know it as Koike. And it’s probably the most exciting thing about Magikarp at first sight.

The unfortunate 200 TSB Magikarp attributes most of its statistics to defense and speed.

He only knows one movement: a cult, useless of course, Splash. The game really throws you a fish in the water and allows you to learn how to tackle level 15, but chances are you’ll never see the light of day in a fight.

The only reason why Magikarp does not appear further down this list – and why you should be educated – is that has one of the most popular evolutions of: Gyarados.

Fair warning: Developing this useless fish means a painful journey to level 20, where the rest of your team and the EXP section will carry it through each battle.

4. Vishivashi

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Introduced in Generation VII, the Wishiwashi has the lowest TSB of any Pokémon in the franchise, totalling 175. Unfortunately, things don’t improve by themselves, because there is no evolution.

To compensate for these debilitating qualities, Vishivashi has the unique and bizarre ability to change shape throughout the school from level 20 onwards. Until then, just practice normally.

Compared to its solo form, the Transformation offers a significant increase in all statistics except speed. It may seem cool at first glance, but this change is not so easy.

They are counting on Wishiwashi to survive the first round of battle with more than a quarter of his power, so that he can transform himself into a school uniform, which can be difficult to achieve because of his extremely low scores.

3. Metapod

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

This Pokemon type 1 bug. The generation has produced its share of internet memos.

If you’re one of those unfortunate players who caught on Metapod, life is much more complicated. Life has become much more difficult.

In fact, catching in the wild means you only have one defensive move, often not enough. Intelligent coaches should therefore catch the caterpillar and develop it as a Level 7 metaphor instead.

Like other representatives of Cocoon Pokémon, Metapod has an average TSB value of 205 and pays particular attention to physical volume.

On the other hand, it won’t be long before this Pokémon reaches level 10 in your Butterfree.

2. Flooding

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations

Before Wishiwashi-san went into battle, Sunkern established a BST record for all Pokémon since the second generation.

All his life signs start with an unconvincing 30. As with Tier 1 Pokémon, the low stats are useful, but they make them almost useless despite having access to good weeds.

Instead of crushing the plains, the Sancern grows under the influence of the sunstone. Unfortunately, evolution doesn’t make it great and it doesn’t cost you a place in your team.

Sunkern’s greatest achievement is that you fill out the Pokédex form.

1. Decoupling

35 The Weakest Pokémon of All Generations


This is what you’ve been waiting for. Add the weakest Pokémon to this list – now! The Alphabet meets the Pokémon with this terribly weak… …things.

It wasn’t a bad concept when Generation II was launched. Imagine how much you could write if you had all 28 different types of Unown!


Unfortunately, the narrative and entertaining value of Unown turned out to be the only good quality.

For a Pokémon that has no development, there are terrible statistics. His weak offensive abilities are particularly devastating when he can only use the very delicate Hidden Power movement at any given moment.

Simple and clear, undressing just doesn’t play a significant role in the fight, unless you do some kind of stretching of the game membrane.

On the positive side, it doesn’t take much to write a B-A-D, which is probably the most appropriate because the weakest of the Pokémon franchises can.



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