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33 Best Post-Apocalyptic Games of All Times

33 Best Post-Apocalyptic Games of All Times

Many post-apocalyptic games are not only about finding the basic necessities of life, but also about being able to defend oneself against countless bad guys who want nothing more than to take all their hard-earned possessions with them… and sometimes just their lives.

It is sometimes difficult to find very good post-apocalyptic games in an endless sea of crumbs that seem to cloud a digital distribution platform, but this list should at least give some wonderful examples of this often overwhelming genre.

What is the post-apocalyptic game?

To really understand what makes the post-apocalyptic game great, it’s probably important to discuss what makes the post-apocalyptic game great. For me , there are two important parts:

  • Is the game taking place in our world or in the alternate reality of our world?
  • Was there an apocalyptic event that destroyed society as we know it, leaving behind only chaos entropy?

Don’t make it harder, but I will, because that’s who I am. I will split this list into post-apocalyptic role-playing games, FPS role-playing games, survival and strategy games, because despite the general context, all these games are very different in their playing style.

I’ve also considered adding a ranking system to this list, but many of these games are so different from each other that there are actually no criteria to cover them all. In that sense, you just need to know that these are the best post-apocalyptic games.

Best post-apocalyptic role-playing games from top to bottom

Not so long ago, post-apocalyptic role-playing games were omnipresent at a wonderful time. Many of my favorite childhood memories were adventures through empty low-resolution pixelated or isometric landscapes, full of people and monsters who wanted my head … …or other body parts. Even though this style of playing has disappeared in recent years, this does not mean that we no longer have excellent examples that can be drawn from the past and the present.

Date of first publication October 2015
Platform PC
Developer Iron Tower Studios
Publishing house Iron Tower Studios


Character development

Age of Decadence is primarily a turn-based role-playing game that exists in an alternative reality freely based on the Roman Empire.

The world of the age of decadence resembles the earth, but has experienced a catastrophic social breakdown. This game is very legendary and offers you many quests. Get ready to bring your reading glasses.

There are different backgrounds to your character, and this particular choice will prove to be one of the most important ones you will make. Factions will respond differently to you depending on where you come from, and you can either accept the chosen faction or reject them all and decide your own fate.

Just like in the airplane landscape: Torture, talking is almost always better than violence if you can help.

Date of first publication December 2018
Platform PC, Linux, Mac OS
Developer AtomTeam
Publishing house AtomTeam


Character development

A.T.O.M RPG is one of the last post-apocalyptic games included in thislist. Although I admit I didn’t win this game, the world of ATOM has a lot in common with Wasteland and Fallout.

Once again, the Earth survived a catastrophic war and left only the desert behind, but unlike Fallout and Wasteland, this time you’re not going to explore the American continent.

Their character is pushed into the heart of Soviet Russia in an alternative future in which the Cold War does not end so well. You are a survivor whose task is to discover the world and fight a great evil.

The atom does not differ much from the formula given by Fallout or Wasteland, but that is not bad. One of the best post-apocalyptic games on themarket, and I can only highly recommend it.

Date of first publication October 1997
Platform PC, Mac OS
Developer Production of interactions
Publishing house Production of interactions


Character development

Perhaps the most cultic post-apocalyptic role-playing game of all time is the original Fallout.

Released in 1997, this game is in the style of a heavy story and revolves around your hero coming out of the vault in the nuclear desert of the former United States.

Throughout the journey you will learn that the world as we know it ends on the 23rd day of the journey. The month of October 2077 ended quite suddenly.

You’ll have to travel to the desert to meet rival groups, evil monsters and hardened bandits in search of the water flea for your safe.

Date of first publication September 1998
Platform PC, Mac OS
Developer Studio on the black island (not existing)
Publishing house Production of interactions


Character development

Fallout 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and puts you back in the role of a player figure.

This time you are not a crypto inhabitant, but a descendant of the first crypto inhabitant. You are a favorite (no sophistry) and the challenge is to find G.E.C.K. (the whole of the Garden of Eden).

Fallaut 2 will be characterized by a familiar environment, the post-nuclear United States, as well as many such monsters or factions.

As in Fallout’s first game, you’ll have an extensive list of stats, skills and perks to choose from to adapt your character to your playing style, and as in Fallout’s first game, there are usually different ways to achieve your goal.

Loss tactics: Brotherhood of steel

Date of first publication 15. March 2001
Platform PC, Nintendo 64
Developer Micro Forte
Publishing house Bethesda Software, entertainment interface, 14 degrees east.


Character development

Tactics of the loser: Brotherhood of Steel, source of the illustration: Micro Forte

I didn’t think long before taking this game off the list, because it almost scratched the role-playing game on its way to the new favorite title, Tactical Roleplay, but it was still pretty good.

Unlike its predecessors, fallout 1 and 2, FOT: BOS forces you to play the role of the Steel Brotherhood unit.

It also significantly reduces interaction with NPC characters and focuses more on missions than exploring the world.

But as in other Fallout games, you’re dealing with a desert of cursed nightmares, consisting of villains and monsters.

You are still in control of the main character, but the game is much more focused on team battles… Make sure the value of your charisma is high enough (about 8), believe me.

Zomboid Project (previous access)

Date of first publication 8. November 2013
Platform PC, Mac OS, Linux, Java
Developer Indian Stone
Publishing house Indian Stone


Character development

Technically, Project Zomboid hasn’t come out yet, but after what I played, it turned out to be a great game.

They survived the zombie apocalypse in Knox County, USA. Your goal is to survive and thrive in a world where many undead people want to eat your face.

You start the game with a selection of skills and statistics that you think will give the best chance of survival in the truly inhospitable world of. Don’t think for a second that your first or even your ninth character will succeed.

Zombies are everywhere, and they’re more than happy to dig you up. If you get bitten and infected, it’s a death sentence, and the best thing your friends can do for you is get you out like Old Yeller.

Date of first publication February 2015
Platform PC, Playstation 4, IOS, Linux.
Developer The free-fall bed games
Publishing house The free-fall bed games


Character development

Sunny Sea is on my personal card as one of the best role-playing games of all time. It is even included in our best computer role-playing games.

It’s the sequel to the browser game Fallen London, and although some might argue that it’s not really post-apocalyptic, because the surface world still exists, and only London and probably a large part of the British people have fallen into the depths, for me the capital of a nation collapsing under the surface of a planet full of nameless horrors and ancient evils in a forested world, is quite post-apocalyptic.

You take on the role of Captain Sea, whose task it is to choose your life’s purpose and make it come true. There are many ambitions you can pursue, but it soon becomes clear that your main motivation is just one of the countless stories you will discover if you go into depth.

In fact, if you go straight to your main story, you’ll probably miss 98% of thegame. Explore the distance, my friends, but beware of nightmares in the depths.

Date of first publication January 2019
Platform PC, Linux, Mac OS
Developer The free-fall bed games
Publishing house The free-fall bed games


Character development

The sky without the sun is a direct extension of the sea without the sun and exists in the same world. In Sunless Sea you will probably come across the old gates known as Avid Horizon.

It seems that our good Queen Victoria, in her wisdom, has decided to open that villain and take all of London and its people to heaven.

You take the role of captain again with your own ambitions and explore nameless horrors beneath the stars.

You’ll discover entire suns destroyed by the power of the queen’s weapons, and you’ll plunge into secrets that would satisfy any student of Lovecraft Horror.

Fly carefully, friends, there’s more to the darkness than scavengers out there, you can be sure of that.

Date of first publication 12. April 2018
Platform PC, Linux
Developer Horizon of events
Publishing house Horizon of events


Character development

Technically, the Time Tower does not meet my own requirements for a post-apocalyptic game, since it is neither on earth nor in an alternative world based on ours.

However, this is one of the best role-playing games I have ever played in. The story is profoundly fascinating, and the world in which it unfolds suffers both from the consequences of the past apocalypse and from the consequences of another apocalypse looming on the horizon.

You slip into the role of a young gentleman who returns to a strange tower he discovered as a child.

After you fall to the Crystal Throne, send two of your brave comrades with whom you have a telepathic connection and descend to the depths of the Tower to reveal its secrets and reveal the mysteries of destiny that burden your entire world. I can no longer recommend this game

Date of first publication 2. January 1988
Platform PC, Linux, Mac OS
Developer Interface for entertainment
Publishing house Electronic Art, InXile Entertainment


Character development

The original Wasteland was incredibly impressive for its time. While you were in the post-apocalyptic United States, you took on the role of a group of Desert Rangers exploring the last bastions of mankind.

Most of your searches are top to bottom, while events are processed in a window, usually with a pixel-like representation of the event and the actions you can take.

But don’t let the old program stop you. The original wasteland is still a real adventure today.

The history is well written, there are many legends to read and there are many ways to solve the problems of the game. This is a real gem in the crown of the RPGs of the late 80s.

Date of first publication 19. September 2014
Platform PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Linux, Mac OS
Developer InXile entertainment, Obsidian entertainment
Publishing house Low silver content


Character development

Wasteland 2 was funded by Kickstarter in 2012 and reached its funding target in 43 hours. Developed by inXile Entertainment, some Obsidian Entertainment veterans joined the project shortly after its launch by Kickstarted. Like its predecessor, the Wasteland is located in the post-apocalyptic United States and takes over the role of the Desert Ranger.

Using the Unity engine, Wasteland 2 has a graphic style similar to Pillars of Eternity, a top-down, isometric role-playing game based on teamwork. Almost the entire game is played from this point of view, with the exception of the world map.

Some kind of spoiler!

They reconnoitre the last outposts of humanity and have to make a difficult decision about who lives and who dies. This is not a game for people who want everyone to flourish in peace. This just isn’t the reality we can hope for.



Post-apocalyptic First Person Role Playing

Date of first publication January 2015
Platform PC, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, OS X
Developer Teckland Publishing
Publishing house Publishing house Techland, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment


Character development

The Dying Light exists in a world where the zombie apocalypse has destroyed society as we know it.

You play Kyle Crane, who has the dubious duty to enter the quarantine zone to retrieve a file stolen by a corrupt politician (as if he were a different kind of politician).

They find other survivors in the fallen city of Harran (not in the real place) and have to decide if they want to help them or fulfill their mission.

The Dying Light is relatively unique because the campaign can be conducted together and the fight is mainly focused on close combat.

It should also be noted that the zombies in the Dying Light become much more dangerous and aggressive at night, which is a decent mechanism.

Date of first publication October 2008
Platform PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360.
Developer Bethesda
Publishing house Bethesda


Character development

Fallout 3 starts from the isometric perspective of Fallout One and Two from top to bottom instead of pushing the camera deep into your new hero’s orbit and letting you explore the world like a blown landscape.

Liquorice 3 follows the same pattern as liquorice 1.

You are a safe-deposit box resident who escaped your relatively happy life in Vault 101 after your father’s disappearance.

You will travel again to the devastated desert of the United States, where another disaster occurred after the nuclear disaster, and you will join or fight against different groups in the region.

Although your goal is to find your father, as in all Bethesda games, you’ll soon forget all about him by undertaking dozens of camp and faction quests instead.

Date of first publication 19. October 2010
Platform PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360.
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Publishing house Bethesda, Bandai Namko Entertainment


Character development

Case: New Vegas was founded by Obsidian Entertainment. It’s widely acclaimed as one of the best Fallout games ever made, which I share.

Obsidian is known for its ability to tell stories and implement a variety of solutions to most gambling problems.

It should be noted that this game was heavily damaged at launch, although most of them have been repaired.

On the nose and the beard: NV, you don’t take the role of resident of the warehouse, but you are the messenger. As a courier you are responsible for delivering a package in New Vegas.

Unfortunately, it’s bad for you, and in the end, you got shot in the head. Somehow you survive and begin to rage over the Mojave Desert to find those responsible.

S.T.A.L.E.R.: Shadows of Chernobyl

Date of first publication March 2007
Platform PC
Developer The SGC gaming universe
Publishing house GSC Game World Publishing, THQ


Character development

The Shadow of Chernobyl is the first part of a trilogy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games released in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

In this universe, people are condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past if they decide to colonize the Chernobyl region.

There is another fusion, and the area (the so-called zone) is in trouble again. This game is mainly played outdoors and has really great graphics for the time.

You slip into the role of an amnesia investigator named Marker, and you have a simple mission: Kill Strelok. You will go on many missions to try to know your destination as well as your memory.

But it’s never as easy as it looks on paper, you’ll meet deadly mutants and other groups if you desperately try to find out who you really are.

Date of first publication September 2008
Platform PC
Developer The SGC gaming universe
Publishing house GSC GameWorld Publishing, Deep Silver


Character development

Just like the first S.T.A.L.K.E.Ryou will explore the area. But Clear Skies is not, as one would expect, an extension of the shadow of Chernobyl, but a prequel. This game has added Faction Wars, which allows you to help a particular faction of your choice by unlocking the best items.

As in the first game, you will explore the anomalies and can choose from many types of weapons and armour to suit your style of play.

In Clear Sky you play the role of the scar, which has a rare ability to survive the abnormal explosions that manifest themselves in the form of emissions.

You’re going with us to find out the reasons for these failures. Along the way you’ll find other groups, factions, tracker cities and regular role-plays.

Your journey will take you to the heart of Chernobyl for an impressive end.

S.T.A.L.E.R.: Pripyat call

Date of first publication February 2010
Platform PC
Developer The SGC gaming universe
Publishing house GSC Games World Publishing, Deep Silver, BitComposer Games


Character development

Unlike the first two games S.T.A.L.K.E.R , the conversation Pripyat will not take place near Chernobyl, but near the city of Pripyat (see picture).

This game is generally considered more tactical than its predecessors and requires careful management of medical equipment and supplies to prevent it from breaking.

It also has very limited savings, which means that you have to save on both your goods and your money.

In Call of Pripyat you play the role of Major Alexander Degtyarev, who has to investigate the death of five helicopters during a failed reconnaissance attempt in preparation for a Ukrainian government invasion.

Your goal is to find out what happened to the helicopters and their crews and try to find out what is happening in the area. Good luck!

Third party, post-apocalyptic GPRs

Date of first publication March 2016
Platform PC, PS4, Xbox One
Developer Massive entertainment
Publishing house Ubisoft


Character development

No one can deny that the first division had some problems throughout his life, but the context of the match was pretty solid.

The game revolves around a paramilitary group called Division, who are desperately trying to unite and secure a world destroyed by the epidemic. The world of division is in ruins, and this game is about Manhattan.

The league offers players PVE and PVP quests and objectives to develop their characters, but the last game was mainly about PVP battles.

This has proven to be extremely problematic because a large part of the game data is processed on the customer side, making it incredibly easy to hack or exploit.

I recommend playing the first division for the sake of history and then move on to the second division, which I hope will correct this incredibly flagrant error in the developer’s judgment.

Date of first publication 15. March 2019
Platform PC, PS4, Xbox One
Developer Massive entertainment
Publishing house Ubisoft


Character development

Division 2 is clearly a continuation of the first division. This time the story takes place in the ruins of Washington and focuses on the White House.

The green poison has almost destroyed society, and you, as a Divisional agent, must try to restore hope to the people of the District of Columbia.

As in the first game, Division 2 offers a mix of EPP and PVP sessions, with the latter limited to the dark areas.

You will also encounter four semi-unique factions: Hyenas, real sons, outcasts and black tusks.

Each of these hostile countries has its own specialization and fighting style, but in most cases you cut off a lot of the Mafia from the ball sponge.

Date of first publication June 2013
Platform PS3, PS4
Developer Bad dog
Publishing house Sony Computer Entertainment


Character development

The Last of Us, one of the few games on the Playstation Exclusive list, is perhaps a striking example of the amazing narrative and exciting gameplay.

Like all other games such as Zombie or Monster Lightning, The Last of Us follows the familiar trail of the mutated fungus that spreads across the earth and destroys society.

You’re playing the part of the smuggler Joel. You come into contact with a rebel militia known as Fireflies and have the task of escorting a teenager (Ellie) out of the quarantine zone.

You follow this incredible couple through painful adventures and terrible enemies, only to realize that your goal is contrary to your own morals. It’s a great story that everyone should play at least once.

Post-apocalyptic games with first-person shots

Date of first publication February 2019
Platform PC, PS4, Xbox One
Developer Ubisoft
Publishing house Ubisoft


Character development

Far away: New dawn, source of images: Ubisoft

Some may be surprised that the first Far Cry was developed by Crytek for the premiere of the CryEngine game engine in 2004.

The five original Far-Cry games weren’t really post-apocalyptic, but with New Dawn, the series seems to have decided to weigh the chaos of a devastated society.

To play FC, you didn’t have to play the previous Far Cry games: ND, but it was installed about 20 years after the Far Cry 5 story. All the trophies expected in the game, nuclear war, warring factions, lots of weapons and chaos.

As in most post-apocalyptic games, you assume the role of savior of the world, and it is your job to create order in the chaos. Good luck, sir.

Date of first publication 19. November 1998
Platform PC, PS2, OS X, Linux
Developer Valve
Publishing house Studio Sierra


Character development

Half-life, source of the image: Valve

It should come as no surprise that Half of Life compiled this list. Half-Life was developed by Valve in 1998 and is one of the most iconic post-apocalyptic games ever made.

You play the stupid hero Gordon Freeman, a nerd scientist from who tends to scratch objects and has excellent shooting skills, even though he would have worked in a laboratory his entire adult life.

Unlike most other games on this list, you will not be pushed into the ruins of a ruined world, but you will actually witness the beginning of the end. Actually, you end up… good job.

You have to work your way through strangers and soldiers and navigate a research center that is on the verge of collapse. After all, you can’t even go home in a comfortable bed. It’s sad.

Gone… If you want the version of this game with better graphics, you will get Black Mesa.

Date of first publication 16. November 2004
Platform PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, OS X, Linux, Android
Developer Valve
Publishing house Valve


Character development

Half-life 2, image source: Valve

About six years after the release of Half-Life, the masterpiece of Half-Life 2 was bequeathed to us by the almighty valve.

Today, the Half-Life 2 is still an almost perfect example of a smooth, stepped construction. There are suitable action and rest points crossing a varied landscape with indoor and outdoor spaces.

The history of HL2 starts with , the unknown number of years after the events of half-life. Our world was conquered by the Combine, whose ruthless nature and formidable technological achievements have completely destroyed our world’s defensive capabilities.

We start our journey in the desert and the rotting city of the 17th century. As Dr Freeman, we must not be crushed under the heel of an oppressive militaristic police force so that we start killing and never stop.

Date of first publication November 2008
Platform PC, Xbox 360, OS X
Developer Valve
Publishing house Valve


Character development

Left4Death, source image : Valve

A long time ago, just before the advent of the Internet, there was a time when Valve actually made video games. Half-Life and Half-Life 2 were born of their genius, but another type of arrow, Left4Dead, was also born from these sacred halls.

This four-seater zombie shooter is probably one of the best examples of its kind so far.

You take on the role of one of the four survivors who are desperately trying to find their way to safety. The campaign phases generally include 5 actions, where the last action leads to the survival (or death) of the players.

In all these activities you will encounter hordes of zombies, but also different kinds of specially infected people, each with their own skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Date of first publication 17. November 2009
Platform PC, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux
Developer Valve
Publishing house Valve


Character development

Left4Dead 2, source image : Valve

L4D2 was launched with the same game engine as L4D and will be known to everyone who played it first.

However, you must keep in mind that the L4D2 has a surprisingly powerful melee weapon, as well as a magnum pistol for those who like to blow up zombies with a handgun.

You take over the role of one of the four survivors (although different from the first game), and your goal again is to find safety and ultimately be saved.

The gameplay of is almost identical to the first, , with new forms of special infections in addition to the old classics.

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Date of first publication 16. March 2010
Platform PC, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, OS X
Developer 4A Games
Publishing house THQ


Character development

Metro 2033 is a survival horror game set in the ruins of Moscow after the nuclear war. Throughout the game you will explore a maze of tunnels where the lives the rest of humanity.

You can and must sometimes come to the surface, but the sand landscape shines brightly and offers a certain death to those who do not have sufficient protection.

In the subway of 2033 you crawl into the role of an Artem survivor who lives in the northern station of the VDNKh (exhibition) and is attacked by darkness. The journey to the new capital Polis is entrusted to you and this is where your journey begins.

They clean up garbage for supplies and compete with monstrous and human enemies. Get ready to activate horror in this game, because it’s very dark and you only have a flashlight to show you the way.

Date of first publication May 2013
Platform PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, OS X
Developer 4A Games
Publishing house Low silver content


Character development

The subway: Last Light is an extension of Metro 2033 and takes place one year after the events of the last race. As in the first game you will explore a maze of tunnels, but the area is generally larger than in Metro: 2033 and usually offers different ways to reach your destination.


The subway: Last light, image source: 4A Games

You take over the role of Artyom, but in this case you’re on the side of the Black Child. This leads to a direct conflict with other human factions, including the Fourth Reich (which is as vicious as it seems) and the clandestine successor of the Soviet Union.

Throughout the game you have to make a difficult choice between your loyalty to humanity and your human morality as you plunge into the dark and winding corridors of the subway.

Best post-apocalyptic strategy games

Date of first publication December 2017
Platform PC
Developer Numansk Games
Publishing house Numansk Games


Character development

Although they are not technically located on Earth, their world of billions of dollars is comparable to that of Earth to be on this list. As in most strategy games, they are billions, you build cities, gather armies and resources. There are countless hordes of undead armed against you. Plus, the Victorian steampunk aesthetic is beautiful.

Do you think you’re safe behind high walls and soldiers? Think hard. It is a difficult game to learn and master, but very useful.

Careful use of limited resources to improve your city and defense will lead to victory or death in massive invasions. This is one of the few games in which you can find your few defenders who bravely stand up against the literal ocean of enemies. It’s really exciting and scary.

Date of first publication April 2018
Platform PC
Developer 11-bit studios
Publishing house 11-bit studios


Character development

I admit I didn’t play as much frost punk as I wanted. This survival game on the line between difficult challenges and a delightful description of your decision was wrong.

It’s a game in which evil almost always wins over good, and the world itself is your enemy.

You take on the role of the mayor of the city, who gathers around a generator to provide your citizens with electricity and heat. You need to manage resources, people and laws to make the most of your limited resources.

You can improve your technology to make your city more efficient and find more resources, but you may have to do so on the basis of child labour or a 24-hour work day.

Finding that balance is the difference between a dead leader and a great leader.

Agonies: Tide number

Date of first publication ebroir 28, 2017
Platform Windows, MacOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer Amusement show in the armed forces
Publishing house Teckland Publishing


Character development

Torture: The numbered tides are the long-awaited spiritual successor to the flat landscape: Torture. Although Numenera has never been able to surpass her older brother, she managed to convey exactly what made Planscape a modern classic – fascinating dialogues, interesting characters and a strange, surreal, post-apocalyptic world. For these reasons, we considered it a place worthy of our best fantastic role-playing games.

The tide of the tides will come in the distant future, when mankind, after the rise and fall of many civilizations, will fall back into a medieval state. People live in small, simple settlements without technology, surrounded by relics from the past called Numbers.

These so-called relics can vary from atomic generators to everyday objects such as toasters and microwaves. No matter how complex they are, they are beyond the comprehension of most people who think they are magical. This is not your usual post-apocalyptic world where mutants live.

It’s funny that one of the creators of Numener was Brian Mitsoda, who you might know as a leading vampire writer: Masquerade – The Bloody Lines and their imminent continuation.

Date of first publication August 2017
Platform Linux, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer Studio Achterland
Publishing house Studio Achterland


Character development

In The Long Dark you play the role of a pilot who has landed on the crash site and tries to survive in the Canadian wilderness after the geomagnetic storm disaster that made all the electronics and infrastructure of the world unusable.

In this game you don’t fight against mutants, but with Mother Nature, who makes your unexpected visit to as short and pathetic as possible.

The game is a survival simulator based on controlling the character’s body temperature, calorie intake, fatigue and thirst/hunger.

Your goal is that survives as long as possible with all the resources you can find in the world, the that is randomly generated each time you pass.

Wolves, bears, blizzards and many other environmental factors make your work even more difficult.

Date of first publication October 2017
Platform Piranha bytes
Developer Piranha bytes
Publishing house Nordic THQ


Character development

The story of ELEX takes place on Magalan, a futuristic planet on earth, which was restored to an almost medieval state after the impact of the comet. Those who survived this catastrophe are left to their own devices and survive the seemingly eternal war between the four main factions.

Central to their conflict is an element called ELEX, a limited and valuable resource that can be used to equip machines with magical powers. Each faction has its own opinion on how or even whether ELEX should be used, and it is up to the actor to decide which faction should be supported.

For the sake of clarity, it must be said that ELEX is far from being the perfect game. ELEX suffers from the usual Piranha Bytes warnings and has been repeatedly criticized for its insensitivity to controls, its disappointing fighting mechanism and its flat main character.

But what ELEX lacks in most things is a fascinating legend and a fascinating post-apocalyptic world where futuristic and medieval places mingle. And with the prospect of a sequel, it is clear that Piranha Bytes has enough confidence in its intellectual property to give it another chance, despite a warm welcome from critics.

This concludes our list of some of the greatest post-apocalyptic games of all time. If there are games that are not on this list, feel free to comment on them below and they can be added or put on a new list of post-apocalyptic games that we missed! Thank you for reading it.



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