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32 Skyrim Games (Kinda)

It’s no exaggeration to say that Skyrim is one of the most popular fantasy role-playing games in recent history. Once the player has plunged hundreds of hours into the game and made all the DLC and custom revisions, he will eventually have to look beyond Skyrim to find in other games the wealth that has always produced the thirst for adventure, glory, treasure and magic.

So I have to tell you that I find great games like Skyrim that I can immerse myself in.

In short, Skyrim is a fantastic first-person role-playing game. Does a substitute game have to include all these subcategories to be as good as Skyrim? Not necessarily. That’s why I decided to split this list into three separate lists, each of which I hope will contain enough games so that those of you who are looking for new adventures can find something you like.

As a precaution, I would like to make it clear that I did not record any MMO games. So if you expect games like WoW or Neverwinter or even Old Scrolls to be listed online, you’re wrong.

I have chosen the following categories:

  • Action and fantasy role-playing game
  • Fantastic Role-playing
  • Action group

Action and fantasy role-playing game

There are many games in the world that can fit into the classification of role-playing games in the genre of fantasy action. When selecting this list, we must first look at the two games that resemble Skyrim the most. This is mainly because they are the direct predecessors of Skyrim and are made by the same designer. Of course I’m talking about Morrowind and Oblivion. Not all these documents are written in the first person, such as Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim, but I will indicate which ones are and which are not.

Date of first publication May 2002
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox
Developer Bethesda Game Studio
Publishing house Bethesda Game Studio

The Elders of the Scrolls III: Morrowind, source image: Bethesda

The first entry on our list of games such as Skyrim is, not surprisingly, Morrowind, also known as the game that most, if not all, franchise fans consider to be the best in the series.

Released when I was about 15 years old, Morrowind was my first real journey to a real open world. Although games like Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale or Diablo launched you into an epic adventure, it was clear that the game had a goal for you, despite its limited ability to distract you from the main story. Morrowind was very different.

After you were brought into the world as a new prisoner, you had to choose your own path. Of course, there was a story and there was a quest to follow, but you didn’t have to do that.

You can just explore the world as you like, and the free design of the game allows you to overcome very few obstacles that keep you from doing what you want. If you’re looking for a game like Skyrim, look no further than a game that really sets the tone for the fourth and fifth entries in the Elder Scrolls series.

Date of first publication 20. March 2006
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developer Bethesda Game Studio
Publishing house Bethesda Game Studio

The elders of Dumbledore IV: Oblivion, source of the image: Bethesda

Forgotten follows in the footsteps of Morrowind, a free first-person role-playing game. Like his predecessor, you are a recently released prisoner who is actually the savior of the world, and it is your job to go out into the world and solve everyone’s problems. Along the way you’ll come across groups to join, tasks to perform and lots of enemies to kill.

I forget it came out four years after Morrowind, but I think it has led to a noticeable improvement in graphics and quality of life, making it more reproducible than Morrowind. But first she suffered a lot of mistakes and setbacks. This isn’t surprising, because Bethesda games always seem to have similar bugs in every game they make in the Gamebryo (or Creation) game engine, but you just get used to it. What’s more, forgetting may have been one of the best expansion areas/ money I’ve ever known – the shaky islands.

Now that we’ve removed these two obvious plates, we’ll move on to other fantasy action role-playing games.

Date of first publication October 2007
Platform Microsoft Windows, OS X
Developer red CD project
Publishing house red CD project

I won’t deny that the witch’s first match was a little uneven in the margins. Sometimes it was painful, the fight was not very fluent, and sometimes it was easy to lose the overview.

This indicates that you are doing yourself a great favour by missing a game that really shows the world of witches. It should be noted that The Witch is not an ego game, but you can play it over your shoulder in the third person mode, which is similar in some ways.

In the witch, as in other games, you slip into the role of Rivia’s Geralt. Geralt is a wizard who is a genetically mutated man with more power and the ability to become the greatest monster fighter. However, it seems the world doesn’t settle for letting you travel by killing beasts and demons. Often you are involved in political problems and nobles and nations fight to help you achieve their goals.

29 Witch 2: Kingslag (2011)

Date of first publication 17. May 2011
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux.
Developer red CD project
Publishing house red CD project

Four years after The Witcher the CD Projekt RED with The Witcher 2 was released. It has improved in almost every aspect of Witchcraft and remains one of my favorite games. The battles in particular showed a significant improvement and were much smoother and easier to navigate than in Witcher’s first match.

The game’s graphics have also been greatly improved, making the world even more immersive. This game is also mainly played from the point of view of third parties.

In Witch 2 you take over the role of the Rivia Geralt. You’re obviously still a witch, and as funny as Skyrim, you start the game as a prisoner. If you’re accused of a recidivism, you’ll be released and you’ll start looking for the real killer.

From now on you have to find your way in the complex and war-torn political landscape of the world. If you’re a fan of Witch 3, or if you’re interested in the world of witches for the Netflix customization, you can do worse than watching Witch 2: Kingslayer.

28 Witch 3: Hunting game (2015)

Date of first publication May 2015
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer red CD project
Publishing house red CD project

It was released in 2015 and quickly became one of the most popular games of all time. Witness 3 continues to improve the foundation of the witness and witness 2: Kingslayer.

The fight in Witch 3 is visceral, easy to navigate, fluid, and above all, very fun. Conversely, if you’re not in combat, the movement is less fluid, less jerky and sometimes less annoying. The graphic update between Vitcher 2 and Vitcher 3 is breathtaking, and especially the soundtrack is excellent.

They take over the role of Geralt, who is a whirlwind of blades, spells and death in battle, and who, when he’s not in battle, can faint drunk and can barely see where he’s going. Your goal is to find Kiri, not your daughter, but a girl you love and want to protect because she’s super strong.

Against them stands the Wild Hunt, an elven army of terrifying power and skill that will stop at nothing to claim the power of Ciri for its own purposes. Witcher 3 also has two DLC extensions that are no different from the unbelievable ones. Especially blood and wine is one of the best CSD extensions ever made.

27 Age of the dragon: Acquisition (2014)

Date of first publication 18. November 2014
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Developer BioWare
Publishing house Electronic art

The age of the dragon: Inquisition, source of images: Bayover

Some of you may wonder why I missed the incredible dragon time: He came along and jumped straight into the Inquisition. The answer is very simple: The age of the dragon: The Inquisition has a much more active combat system than Origin.

The origin will be on that list, don’t worry, but the Inquisition suggested a remarkable deviation from both the camera system and the fighting style of the first game and, to a lesser extent, the second game. The camera angle is usually a third person over the shoulder, and while you can control other characters, you’ll generally control your main character, while your followers rely on AI scenarios.

In the Inquisition, you take on the role of the Redeemer of the world. Everywhere on earth there are rifts in which demons disappear into reality. Its mission is to detect and address these violations to ensure the safety of people around the world. You must therefore participate in world politics and try to unite countries and armies for your cause.

Date of first publication September 2011
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Developer FromSoftware
Publishing house Playing Namko Bandai

Although a little outdated, the dark souls form a solid foundation for their successors. Dark souls are often considered ruthlessly difficult and are not a game for those who are easily upset.

There are times when the game is unfair, and you have to figure out how to get through those situations. Dark souls are undoubtedly a game of trial and error. Somebody might be wondering… Is it worth it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

In the Dark Souls you choose a class and enter a large and always open world. You can move back and forth between different areas of the game at will, although some of them will be blocked until you have completed the necessary events or battles.

Speaking of battles, although the world of the Dark Souls has a minimalist yet deep and dark base, you’ll sneak through most of the countless battles in your quest. Dodge Roll will be your friend in times of need.

Date of first publication 11. March 2014
Platform PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developer FromSoftware
Publishing house Playing Namko Bandai

Although Dark Souls 2 is in the same universe as Dark Souls 1, there is no direct connection between them. To enjoy Dark Souls 2, you don’t have to complete or even play Dark Souls 1. The graphics of this game have improved significantly over the previous one, and the enemy AI has become more complex and dynamic. The world itself is a dark and cold reality where I attach great importance to aesthetics.

In Dark Souls 2 you redefine the class and jump directly into the game. The world is still open, but the story is less minimalistic than in the first game. You’re an inanimate man, cursed never to die. In the end, you’ll be a void, which is quite a terrible fate. So it’s your job to break this curse, and to do this, you have to travel the world. I don’t want to ruin anything, but you’ve got a long and hard road ahead of you. Good luck, sir.

Date of first publication March 2016
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developer FromSoftware
Publishing house Playing Namko Bandai

Dark Souls 3 is the last part of the Dark Souls universe. The game design is closely inspired by Dark Souls 2, and the difference between the two games in terms of gameplay is minimal. Graphically, Dark Souls 3 performs better than Dark Souls 2, as should be the case after two years of graphic progress.

There are 3 fewer cards in Dark Souls than in Dark Souls 2, but each card is larger and easier to search. Like previous iterations of Dark Souls, the game is not easy to play, and a failed game usually ends in early death.

In Dark Souls 3 you are the Ashen One, a kind of undead, known as Unkindled. The starting point of the story is that the first flame went out and the person responsible for the water polo game or something like that escaped. Their task is to mislead Prince Lotrich (the water polo heap mentioned above) and the other Cinderella Lords to manipulate the First Flame. No spoilers, but at the end of the game you have several options to find out what you really want to do with this First Flame.

23 Creed of the assassins 4: Black flag (2013)

Date of first publication 29. October 2013
Platform PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Wii U
Developer Ubisoft
Publishing house Ubisoft

The creed of the killers 4: Black flag, statue source: Ubisoft

The next one on our list of games like Skyrim should be in Assassin’s Creed: Black flag. Assassins Creed is a series of games known for their very weak link with historical events. The game is about taking you from one big historical event to another by making you the best killer.

The black flag throws everything out the window and invites you to explore. The battle is similar to previous Assassins Creed games in that you will block and tear a lot of things. The hidden elements are always there, and of course you will often stab people in the neck with your hidden knife.

You take command of a ship in the golden age of piracy and sail around the world to make your mark. The plot takes place in the not so famous alternative history of the Caribbean, where the pirates are the good guys and the British and the Spanish are the bad guys. On the way you will discover intrigues, drama and many, many murders.

You didn’t have to play the previous Assassin’s Creed games to appreciate the Black Flag, you just need to know that the Templars are bad and the Assassins are good, and that’s all you really need. Even your boat can sometimes rise from a rectangular seed that leads to the depths of the ocean. It’s kind of funny.

22 The coming kingdom: Procurement (2018)

Date of first publication February 2018
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer Warhorse Studios
Publishing house Low silver content

Kingdom Come Deliverance is more of a historical fiction than a fantasy game, but because it is not linked to real events, it can stay in this category. This game is a first-person role-playing game, similar to Skyrim’s style, with some important differences.

Perhaps the main difference is that the battle is much more intense and compelling than in Skyrim. If you expect to attack the knight and hammer until he falls without blocking or dodging, you must also expect to cause significant damage and probably die. It also contributes to the pre-planning of the battles. A sword on a full plate is worthless, while a sledgehammer or a hot hammer will spoil this chivalrous day.

You are a simple farmer when your father (blacksmith) and your mother (farmer) are delivered by a gang of coumans. You begin your journey to avenge the death of your parents and join Lord Radzig Kobila in his fight against Kuman’s invasion. As you explore a large open world map with tons of NPCs, each with their own behavioral patterns and relationship changes to be used, you will be dragged into attempts to restore the rightful king. There are also many quests to complete, and you need to sleep, eat and drink while playing. A lot of attention is paid to realism.

21 Kingdoms of Amalousia: Payment (2012)

Date of first publication February 2012
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer 38 studios, great games
Publishing house 38 studios, electronic art

of the Kingdom of Amalur: Payment is another third person fantasy role-playing game in fantastic action. In a style of play very similar to the Inquisition or the Dragon Age Fable, you will use the mouse to make attacks and primary blocks, and your number keys to use special skills.

You also have access to magic, armor and a variety of weapons to kill your enemies, just like on Skyrim. You will also have to align your character and choose between power, finesse or magic.

IN KOA: In return you crawl into the role of the inanimate (also your starting class), who actually died at the beginning of the game and was reincarnated by a dwarf in the well of souls (outrage). You must then escape from the dwarf’s laboratory when it is attacked and make a journey to save Earth from invaders. It’s not a very original story, but there are dwarves that stand out. As a fat-free person, you can also influence others and change their fate, which is a kind of cleanliness.

20 Powerful Dark Messiah and Magic (2006)

Date of first publication October 2006
Platform Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer Arcane Studios
Publishing house Ubisoft

When most people think of magic and place, two ideas come to mind: a strategic branch of sword and magical heroes or a hybrid turn-based role-playing game. However, there are several other branches in this enormous series, one of which is the Black Messiah of power and magic.

This first-person shooter fights much better than Skyrim, even though he was released five years earlier. However, it is not so extensive and is only characterized by an open world. The game is much more linear than Skyrim, but what it lacks in research has overtaken it in gameplay.

In the Dark Messiah of the Mighty and Magical, you are Sareth, the warrior magician sent to retrieve an artifact known as the Shantry crystal. You return to your master’s house to find his fortress under siege. From there you fight a necromantic cult that tries to collect a powerful artifact called the Skull of the Shadow. The story offers several gracious twists and turns and is a fun journey from start to finish.

19 Increase: Sons of Rome (2013)

Date of first publication 22. November 2013
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Developer Crytek
Publishing house Microsoft Studios

All rise: Son of Rome, source of the painting: Crytek

All rise: The Son of Rome falls into this undefined classification zone, where it is more historical fiction than fantasy, but at the same time none of the events in this game actually happened, so … Here we are. Get in the car: The Son of Rome is a third party in the RPG action, where you hack and make your way to defeat your enemies.

By analogy with the God of War, there are a number of quick temporary problems, usually focused on execution. As with Skyrim, you can align your character and place your points in the attributes, as well as unlock additional moves.

To Risa: Son of Rome, you assume the role of Marius Titus, a soldier sent to Egypt to serve in a relatively quiet post in Alexandria. Go visit your family before you leave, which is a bad idea. Your visit is interrupted by a cruel and barbaric invasion, and your family dies.

You’ve inherited their fortune and vowed to avenge your family by taking to the streets as a masked vigilante, beating people with your fish… …what? Isn’t that Batman? Oh, uh… You swear to avenge your family and follow the path of the knife. It’s actually a pretty good story. I suggest you admit a loss to him.

18 Dragon dog: Dark Rose (2012)

Date of first publication May 2012
Platform PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developer Cape Town, QLOC
Publishing house Capcom

Dragon dog: Risen in the darkness, source of the image: Capcom

Dragon’s Dogma is a third person over-the-shoulder role-playing game, similar to the one mentioned above in this list. You create a symbol and it is functionally the only symbol that you can operate directly. They have three teammates, which are managed by the AI, but only the main teams can be assigned to them. Otherwise they’re just doing their job.

The world of Dragon’s Dogma is quite vast and, like most fantasy role-playing games, it is full of monsters to fight and kill. There are also many secondary tasks to be performed.

You start the story as the protagonist. Your village is attacked by a dragon that steals your heart… literally. Your goal is to hunt the dragon and conquer your heart. Moreover, if you grasp your heart, you will be marked as resurrected, which means that it is your duty to kill the dragon and stop the apocalypse. Good luck, sir.

Date of first publication September 2004
Platform Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360
Developer Studio Lion Head
Publishing house Microsoft Gaming Studios, Feral Interactive (Mac OS X)

Fable is very similar to Skyrim in that it is a first-person action-based role-playing game. It is a bit more linear, but more importantly, it offers an open world where you will perform many tasks. The study of dungeons, ruins and forests, and of course the beating up of the bad guys.

In the fable you play an orphan boy who slips into the role of a hero when his village is attacked by bandits and his sister is kidnapped.

You have the opportunity to become a hero or a villain, and depending on whether you are good or bad, your appearance will change. But there’s no real advantage to remaining neutral and holy or killing babies.

Date of first publication 2. October 2009
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
Developer Piranha bytes
Publishing house Low silver content

Resurrection is a third person role-playing game that takes place behind your back. It lies on the fictitious land of Farang Island, which is dotted with catacombs, dungeons and ancient ruins. Technically, this is an open game, but players will find paths to higher areas blocked by complex monsters designed to prevent you from accessing areas that are beyond your capabilities. You will upgrade your skills, look for equipment and reveal the history of the island as you explore the land around you.

You start the story as a stowaway on a ship that was unlucky to meet Titan. Your boat was destroyed, but fortunately you managed to escape and ended up on the island. You can join various factions, and your goal will be clear once you talk to some of the residents. Cole’s version states that the factions of the island believe that the secret to defeating the Titans lies on this island, and they want you to help them find it.

Fantastic Role-playing

So we now move away from the action part of Skyrim and focus on games that fall into the archetypal genre of fantasy role-players. Some will be descending isometric games, others will be first-person games. This particular part of the list may differ more from the standard Skyrim game than what is listed above, but it is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a new adventure to get started with.

15 Power and Magic 6: Heavenly Warrant (1998)

Date of first publication April 1998
Platform Microsoft Windows, interactive multiplayer 3DO
Developer The new world of computing
Publishing house Company 3DO

I admit that Might and Magic 6 is a dating game. More than twenty years ago, their graphics were never their forte, but if you can overcome this, Might and Magic 6 will take you on an epic adventure.

You travel through the game in first-person mode and control four group members. You can choose from different classes and races, and you can align each character as you travel the world. You can play the battle in real time or take turns by simply pressing the Enter key, and you will face many dangerous inhabitants of the Connected World.

After your city of Fresh Water has been destroyed by particularly evil demons, start your journey on the outskirts of the village of Novy Sorpigal. From here you can travel all over the world, but it shouldn’t be a dangerous place. Your goal is to stop the demons that have destroyed your home, but before you can do that, you still have a lot of work to do. Go ahead, go ahead.

14 Power and Magic 7: For blood and honour (1999)

Date of first publication June 1999
Platform Microsoft Windows
Developer The new world of computing
Publishing house 3-DO

Let me set the record straight, just as Might and Magic 6, Might and Magic 7 aren’t very impressive graphically. But like Might and Magic 6, this game will also immerse you in a big world, deep legends and many quests.

In the first character mode you take control again of a group of four characters and adventures around the world. The battle has remained unchanged since Might and Magic 6 and has the same real time/swap hybrid.

In Might and Magic 7, your group travels to the Emerald Isle to participate in a tournament where the winner gets his own content. No one will tell you that the stable is in the middle of lands disputed by humans and elves, or that it is a garbage fire full of monsters, but if you win the tournament, it will be a home, a sweet home. As the game progresses, you’ll have to work your way through the loyalty between elves and humans and later even between Heaven and Yama. Choose wisely.

13 Power and Magic 8: Day of destruction (2000)

Date of first publication March 2000
Platform Microsoft Windows
Developer The new world of computing
Publishing house 3-DO

I would say that Might and Magic 8 is the last of the good Might and Magic games. Of course it is subjective, but Power and Magic 9 has changed too much and in my opinion not very good.

Might and Magic 8 follows Might and Magics 6 and 7 with its hybrid combat system and first-person perspective. This really changes the situation, because at the beginning of the game you only create one character.

From there you can join up to 4 other NCPs, for a total of 5 party members. It also offers the possibility of having dragons in the game, probably the most powerful class in the whole game.

Might and Magic 8 starts with a cataclysm. The introductory film shows a madman wearing a helmet waving his hands in the centre of the city and raising a large crystal around him. The crystal activates a lightning bolt that causes a volcanic eruption, an explosion that aligns the forest, a flood that destroys the labyrinth of the Minotaur, and a firestorm that destroys the troll city. You will be surprised by a volcanic eruption and have to find out what happened and how to deal with it.

Date of first publication 12. April 2018
Platform Microsoft Windows
Developer Horizon of events
Publishing house Horizon of events

This game is one of the four top-down games I’ve put on this list. I tried to keep this list as close as possible to Skyrim’s first-person perspective, but it seemed to me that this game deserved special attention.

He was quietly released in 2018, and even I hesitated to take him with me because I wasn’t sure I wanted to. It turns out to be a very good game.

The whole game takes place in a strange tower where the rules of physics do not really apply. The interior of the tower is extensive and includes several unique architectural and technological styles. Battles are fought from top to bottom in a real-time strategic system, where you can slow down time to use your skills effectively.

You start the game when a boy stumbles, or rather, is called upside down by stumbling on the ground. The ethereal voice tells you that you are not ready for this yet and that you will come back to life later. That’s what you do and that’s how you start your descent into the tower.

Well, uh… Something like that. Your protagonist doesn’t go into the tower by himself. He sits on a crystal chair from which he can see, hear and influence his disciples from a certain height. You start with two of these disciples, your loyal and strong companions, and along the way you meet five other members who will join your team.

There can only be four people in a group at the same time, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses and types of injuries. The story is fantastic and I dive into strange legends and information about this fantastic tower. I’m always going to try to find a way to put this game on the lists I’ve made, because I think it’s a really underestimated role-playing game.

11 Baldur door: Advanced edition (1998)

Date of first publication 21. December 1998
Platform Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Developer Bioprocessing plant, studios on the Black Island.
Publishing house Interface for entertainment

Baldur-Tor, source image : Bayover

I can almost hear you: But Eltimar, Baldur Gate – at the top of the list of all role-playing games, and even if it’s true, it’s true for a reason.  The world of Baldur’s Gate is certainly not as open as the world of Skyrim, and the combat system is very different, but many of the things that make Skyrim a great game are present in Baldur’s Gate.

You make your way through a fascinating story from top to bottom and determine the fate of the innocent and the bad guys. You will kill fantastic and dangerous creatures, and your character will gain strength and skills as you play.

At Baldur you play the role of Baalspone. Bhal was the god of murder and planned his own death. He crossed half of Faeroun to spread the seeds of his power in the hope of being reborn after death. As one of those spoiled children, you have a part of divinity. But you’re not the only one. The other Baalspones want your share of the power, and they won’t do anything to get it.

10 Baldur port 2: Shadows of the extended edition Amn (2000)

Date of first publication 21. September 2000
Platform Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Developer BioWare
Publishing house Studios on the black island, entertainment programs for making contacts

Baldur door 2 : Amn Enhanced Edition Shadow, Image Source : Bayover

Everything that made Baldur’s first goal a fantastic goal was improved in the aftermath. Your character can reach new heights of strength and skill.

Enemies are more dangerous and diverse. The map is larger and more detailed, and there are many tasks to be performed. Just like its predecessor, Baldur’s Gate 2 is an isometric role-playing game in which you lead a group of up to 6 people on an adventure through fantastic lands full of treasure and danger.

Baldur door 2 follows Baldur door 1. You wake up in prison, where the beautiful voice of an actor named Irenick torments you and tries to reveal your strength. You are freed from a familiar face in Baldur Gate 1 and must leave this dungeon. You appear in a big city and you take the path of heroism or villainy.

If you like in-depth knowledge, meaningful choices and an epic storyline, then this game is for you. In addition, the BG2 has one of the best expansions: The throne of Bhal, which completes the legend of Bhalspaun. If you like the BG2:SOA, you should definitely play the throne of Bhala.

9 The age of the dragon: Origin (2009)

Date of first publication November 2009
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X
Developer BioWare
Publishing house Electronic art

The age of the dragon: Origin, source of the statue: Bayover

The age of the dragon: Origins is a true hybrid style of play, combining the isometrically descended aspects of Baldur’s Gate of Neverwinter Nights with the ability to play the game in the third person, from a camera angle, over the shoulder.

The age of the dragon: Origins is a very complete role-playing game with many quests, NPCs and monsters. The main story is extraordinarily exciting and will satisfy anyone who loves strong stories.

In DA:O you choose your context when creating your characters. Depending on your breed or even class, you will have some experience to take home with you. Each context has a unique story, but no matter what happens, in the end you will join the Grey Guardians to fight the Blat. The plague is a massive invasion of monsters that threatens the safety of all kingdoms and even the whole world. It’s up to you to stop him.

8 Masked vampire: Blood lines (2004)

Date of first publication November 2009
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X
Developer BioWare
Publishing house Electronic art

Masked vampire: It’s true that bloodlines are a dating game. What she lacks in graphic refinement is the balance she finds between story, dialogue, storytelling and legends. VTM:B is played in the third person and offers a game world open enough for exploration and navigation.

In this game there is a mix of battles, tricks and subtleties that are necessary to make it run smoothly, because if you open the masquerade and people find out that vampires are nearby, you will be executed.

You start the game as a man who was killed and brought back as an unauthorized novice vampire. Your father was killed because he was crazy, but luckily your life was saved.

You will find that you are using the vampires that killed your son, and you will soon discover that things in the vampire world are not as orderly as they seem. You have to determine who you offer your loyalty to when someone does, and there are many endings in the game, depending on the decisions you will have to make.

Action group

It’s not just fantasy games that appeal to the most ardent Skyrim fans. There is a world of action role-playing games (although some of them were created by Bethesda) that should appeal to those who love Skyrim.

Date of first publication October 2008
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developer Bethesda Game Studio
Publishing house Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 3 marks a fairly seamless transition from the isometric, top-down perspective of Fallout 2 to first-person action role-playing in later Fallout games. You can also play in third-person mode, but most people usually play in first-person mode.

The business world is an alternative future in which the Great War between China, the USSR and the United States broke out. Although the war lasted only a few hours, the world was functionally destroyed by nuclear weapons.

In anticipation of this opportunity, Wault-Tech has created many underground shelters for the population to ensure the survival of some Americans. Fallaut 3 takes place in a devastated area of Washington. You can explore the remains of some religious buildings in the capital, but much of the region is left in ruins.

You are the lonely tramp, a man who grew up in Warehouse 101 and escaped from the Warehouse looking for his father, broke the deterrent and left the Warehouse. They appear in a devastated landscape, seemingly lifeless. Along the way you’ll find pockets of survivors, rival gangs fighting for control, evil monsters, evil bandits and a lot of mutated and radioactive horrors to fight.

6 Autumn: New Vegas (2010)

Date of first publication 19. October 2010
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Publishing house Bethesda Softworks

Went in a buggy, died in battle: New Vegas is considered one of the best spinoff games that exist today. It is also the only non-isometric fallout set not developed by Bethesda.

Building on the success of Fallout 3, Obsidian Entertainment has launched a new adventure in the Nevada desert. It uses the same game engine, fighting style, and first and third person camera angles as Fallout 3. You can visit some emblematic places like the Hoover Dam and of course the renovated Las Vegas.

You start the game as a runner, you walk into an ambush and you shoot yourself in the head. If you are left for dead, you miraculously survive a bullet through the head, apparently without any negative consequences. Then start your search for your attempted murder and recover your package so you can get the job done.

You will encounter various factions, some of which may befriend you, while others will attack you at first sight. Ultimately, your support will determine which faction will control the Mojave Desert at the end of the game, so choose carefully.

Date of first publication 20. November 2007
Platform Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3
Developer BioWare
Publishing house Microsoft’s game studios, electronic art

Mass Effect is one of the most emblematic video game series of all time (as long as we ignore the horror of Andromeda). The main game is in the form of a third-person shooter cover game with different classes.

Each class has certain skills and weapons that they can use in battle, and they are all adapted to complete the game. An important part of the research in the game is done via the star map, which makes it possible to visit different star systems using mass relays and FTL.

You also land on the planet with an all-terrain vehicle called the M35 Mako, which consists of an equal number of land vehicles and is an extreme buggy-like nightmare that can take you up to a billion feet in the air if it cuts the stone wrongly or just crushes it.

You play the role of Commander Shepherd, all at once sponge, diplomat, James Bond and mass murderer, while being sent to Eden Prime to find an alien artifact known as the Protein Beacon. There you’ll meet an alien race of robots called Geth. You are in conflict with Specter (an elite special agent of the Citadel) called Saren and have to convince the Advisor that the Milky Way is in great danger.

Date of first publication January 2010
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Developer BioWare
Publishing house Electronic art

Mass effect 2, source image : Bayover

Mass Effect 2 is a direct extension of Mass Effect and significantly improves gameplay. If you import your Mass Effect 1 character, which I recommend, the decisions you make in this game may affect the events in this game.

In this way, your previous actions go through each successive set and can actually influence the result. The game has a moral system, but I think the choice is usually a big punch or a nice double is not exactly an intermediate position.

Mass Effect 2 starts with your ship, where the SSV Normandy is completely destroyed by an unknown ship. You’re really going to die, but fortunately a company called Cerberus is taking responsibility to repair your body and bring you back to life. You are then confronted with the illusory human Martin Shin, who tells you that human colonies are disappearing throughout the galaxy, and that if you don’t solve the problem, the galaxy will probably fall. You better grab the gun and get to work.

Date of first publication 6. March 2012
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U
Developer BioWare
Publishing house Electronic art


Mass effect 3, image source : Bayover

Mass Effect 3 is a conclusion of Commander Shepard’s story, and it is that conclusion that has come under fire from both critics and fans.

Although the finish was later changed, the laziness of the finish left many people with bad taste in their mouths. Mass Effect 3, however, is an incredible game in which you enjoy a third-person battle, interesting skills and a generally competent AI system.

In Mass Effect 3 you know that the Reapers will come and get all their friends. The game begins with the invasion of the earth; an invasion that humanity completely loses.

After fleeing the planet, you will learn of the existence of a super-weapon that can destroy the Reapers, and begin your playful task of collecting allies and resources to build weapons and keep them long enough to use them. There is a choice based on the end of the game where you, and only you, can determine the fate of the galaxy.

Date of first publication 20. October 2009
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer Gearbox software
Publishing house 2K Games
Date of first publication 18. September 2012
Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, OS X, PlayStation Vita, Linux, Android
Developer Gearbox software
Publishing house 2K Games

Boundary strips 2 follow the steps of the first boundary strips. This is a first-person role-playing game in which hundreds of rounds of ammunition are usually the most important means of resolving a conflict.

Negotiations and diplomacy are empty words about Pandora, so expect 99% of orders to break. You take control of one of the four Chest Hunters (or six if you get a CDR, which I recommend) and it’s up to you to do a lot of quests, move up the ranks, and get really good material.

In Borderland 2 you’re a treasure hunter again. You’re on a train being sabotaged by one of the funniest thugs ever invented: Handsome Jack. They are contacted by a guardian angel and go to a city called Sanctuary to join the resistance against Hyperion known as the Crimson Raiders.

You’re still looking for the keys to the safe, but this time it’s to thwart Handsome Jack’s plans, not to offer you a handsome salary. The humor of this game makes a difference with other looters. I’ve never had so much fun killing, sneaking out into the world. It is also better to play with friends, but this is not a requirement.

That’s the end of our list today. I hope you found some new games to play, or maybe you were about to buy one of the above games and decided to take a bath. No list can contain literally thousands of games on the market. So we hope these few games will help you have an extraordinary adventure. If you have other games similar to Skyrim, or if you think you should include them in future lists, leave them in the comments under.



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