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30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

It’s hard to believe there’s anything sinister about Pokémon (at least the cute one).

However, anyone who reads Pokedex knows that many of these creatures are not gentle or pleasant.

Even when I’m writing in my room and my Espurrr and Duskull stuffed animals are staring at me, I can’t understand how many records are really disturbing.

With hundreds of candidates it is difficult to list all the red flags in the universe. But I’ll try to bring you a selection of the deadliest pets in the Pokémon Kingdom. And for each of them, I’ll add a passage from his pokedex protocol to prove my point.

I will deliberately skip the legends, because I think it goes without saying that we shouldn’t try to enslave the gods.

30. Drifting ball

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

Rumor has it that any child who mistook Driflun for a ball and kept it can be reported missing. (Heart of gold)

This charming little Pokémon looks like an innocent purple balloon with a cloudy wand and small heart-shaped handles.

What could be troubling?

First of all, you’re closer to Pennywise than Mr Mime with known connections to missing children.

Although no one knows where these children will be, I think there is a good chance that these children will be kept away from schoolyards and playgrounds.

29. Invoicing

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

When a traveler crosses the desert in the middle of the night, the charlatan follows him in a group of rags. The Pokémon wait until the traveler is tired and can’t move. (Sapphire)

If as a child you read the horror stories to be told in the dark, you are probably traumatized by Harold’s vengeful scarecrow.

Like a mad lawnmower, this Pokémon is also considered a scarecrow that doesn’t move much until it attacks.

He’s got sand for blood, and he’s waiting for his prey to run out… a kind of vulture circling around dying animals.

Although I think the anthropomorphic cactus is cute, even I can admit that it is not the kind of monster one would take voluntarily on a trip to unknown countries.

28. Espurrus

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

He’s got enough mental energy to blow everything up within 300 feet, but he can’t control his strength. (Y)

Espurrus is one of my favorite Pokémon.

So much so that I leave a stuffed one on the shelf.

But even I have to admit that this Pokémon is one of those accidents that can lead to catastrophic collapse and destruction within 30 feet.

27. Total

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

This Pokémon can easily melt holes in solid rock and allow liquid to escape from your mouth. (Black)

So this guy’s not particularly lethal or disturbing. But it’s super deceptive.

Does this charming and pleasant hermit crab emit a liquid that can literally melt solid rock? New flash of light: If she can melt rocks, she can melt flesh.

And that’s not exactly what you want to kiss.

Because they like to be near rocks, you could probably accidentally trip over one of them and upset it.

26. Ariades

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

It attaches the side to the prey and releases it. Later he follows the side to the prey and his friends. (bead)

Personally, I have no problem with arachnophobia.

But my position would change quickly if the spiders suddenly became longer than three meters.

The fact that they are picky and wait for their prey to return to their friends before running crazy to them and eating them will haunt me.

25. Rosarida

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

She lures her prey with a sweet smell and uses poison whips on her hands to poison, tie and kill her prey. (Omega Ruby)

Like Drew’s fang, after Ruby, my team went through a kind of Roselia evolution.

I’ve always found the concept of Pokémon with pink hands a little odd. But Roserad brought this kind of thing a little dangerous to deadly.

She no longer tried to collect my flower hands, otherwise I will defend myself, but I will actively use my deadly poisonous plant to kill you. That’s not what you expect from a pretty little flower.

24. Waiting room

If a flame burns you, it comes out of your mouth, the pain will never go away. (Gold)

This fire-breathing Doberman makes poisons when he gets angry and looks like he’s come straight from the depths of hell.

Although she can use this mixture very well to finish you off (Ultra Sun), the real horror is that the pain will never disappear.

What a strange power for your puppy.

23. Mook

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


If it moves, a very powerful poison escapes, making the earth infertile for three years. (crystal)

Anyway, maybe you shouldn’t hang around with a creature made of literal poison.

The flour is coated with a highly toxic substance… Mud… smells bad, needs bedding and destroys soil fertility. It’s cool.

From an economic point of view, it would be a disaster.

Imagine biological warfare throwing these guys off the farms or something. Good luck getting rid of the vermin that destroy your farmland if you faint at the smell of this monster.

22. Cooperative unit

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

Grave robbers who confuse them with real coffins and get too close to them are stuck in their bodies. (Black 2)

She put them a little further down the list because they at least have some sense of justice?

Instead of chasing naughty children or lost travelers, these boys chase grave robbers and try to teach them a lesson.

That’s all well and good, but they catch these guys in a trap and turn them into mummies, which is a terribly disturbing concept.

I don’t think I’d feel comfortable traveling in an anthropomorphic coffin with Dexter’s stealing mentality. There is also something to be said for the fact that these trainers, who were in combat slavery, were once human beings and kept memories of their past lives.

21. Pangoro

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

Pangoro is the man who talks with his fists. He doesn’t say much because he pushes his opponents with enough force to drive the dump truck away. [Ultra-Moon]

I don’t care how many times we watch the ashes being electrocuted. An ordinary man wouldn’t have survived the power of one of those pandas.

With his strong attitude against bullying (no joke, just look at the X and Omega Ruby pictures) I can imagine how quickly things can go terribly wrong.

20. Toxicoacid

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

Her ankles release a poison so harmful that even a scratch can be fatal. (diamond)

A lot of Pokémon are pretty much based on real animals.

If a Pokémon looks like a real animal that you can already kill, you should probably stay away from your fellow superhero.

This huge fighting frog has a powerful poison that can kill you if it scratches you. Easy enough for him to deal with the creatures, he is partly able to fight and has kicks on his hands.

In real life, poisonous frogs can be deadly, but at least they’re not two feet tall and come into the world with an inert talent for martial arts.

19. Keyboard

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


It compresses the water it sucks up and throws it out with such force that it drills a hole directly through a thick layer of iron. (ultrasound)

This thing has a beam more powerful than a high-speed bullet.

If this thing was really aimed at you, it wouldn’t just be fun to laugh.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with lobsters, you agree with me that there is something unforgivable and unforgivable about them.

I don’t know how people would think it would be great to literally put a gun in the hand of a prehistoric heartless cannibal and make a fun cartoon monster for children, but it really should stay in the cartoon world.

18. Oranguru

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


He usually spends time meditating on the trees. He throws Poké Balls and gives commands to other Pokémon if he wants to. (echography)

Maybe you don’t think this Pokémon deserves such a high place on the list. But think about it, that little guy has no place in pokeball.

These creatures are super smart, they engage in ghost fights and throw Pokéballs!

If there is one thing that people need to learn from all these chimpanzees, it is that some animals have no place in our captivity.

I think it would be dangerous to assume that you ever had such a proud and intelligent Pokémon.

17. Wig leaf

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


Its fine coat is so beautiful that those who accidentally touch it cannot keep their hands off it. (Black 2)

You’re probably wondering what’s so dangerous about that beautiful pink drop.

Maybe it doesn’t seem so scary at first. But the deeper reality is a little disturbing.

Once you touch the coat, you can’t stop.

Imagine how much your life would be dead if every time you accidentally brush a cat or dog, you could not be physically stopped physically .

It’s not as bad as being beaten to death or arson. But it will certainly disrupt everyday life.

16. Sealing

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


She swallows everything. He sweats toxic fluids from his follicles to suffocate his enemies. (in black and white)

This Pokémon is a living embodiment of greed. And this thing eats everything, even things the size of this one or less.

The typical dump is about 5 feet 7 inches higher than me and a lot of other people.


In a way, the idea of becoming a cripple is much more pleasant than being absorbed by this huge thing that constantly emits poison.

15. Catch

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

His tongue is made of gas. If the victim is licked, it starts shaking all the time until it finally dies. (Silver)


Haunter is one of the most famous Ghost Pokémon in the franchise.

Unlike many other scary Pokémon discs, there’s no room for puzzles.

No, this Pokémon will help you disappear or just get you back. Or it’ll just kill you.

What’s even more disturbing is that they do it by licking.

Anyone who has seen cartoons or played games knows that this little ghost LOTS of things. Because he knows his intention is to commit murder, he feels much more afraid than one would think at first glance.

14. Mavil

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

Don’t take that pretty Pokémon head. It’s very dangerous. Mavil cheats on his opponent by leaving him on his guard and then hitting him with massive jaws. Steel jaws are horns that have been formed. (Sapphire)

Mavil doesn’t just want to kill you, she’s setting you up to find her sweetness.

These jaws can chew iron beams that are thrown after the black pox.

So I don’t expect to run away from her any time soon.

The more I go through the candidates, the more I worry that many of them can just destroy the metal. How do they keep something safe?

13. Custodian

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

To protect his coach, he’s going to use all his psychic powers to create a small black hole. (White)

She may be the centre of a great imagination, but a close relationship with Gardevoir is not all it takes.

Even a small black hole will destroy everything in its path.

There’s no need for black holes, it’s just smart science.

12. Camera point

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

Camerupte has a volcano in his body. The magma at 18,000 degrees F circulates in your body. Sometimes the bumps on the back of this Pokémon spit out overheated magma. (Ruby)

A camapte is the creature you get when you put a volcano on the back of a camel.

Of course, it may look like a big Pokémon battle (and it looks pretty harmless), but I can’t stress enough how dangerous it is to take a ticking volcano with you wherever you go.

This thing bursts not only every ten years, but every time he gets angry.

With an internal body temperature of 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit (about 10,000 C), I don’t even know if there’s anything that could lead him to a place where he wouldn’t melt the ground.

11. Hydraigon

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

This cruel Pokémon travels through the air on six wings. Anything that moves, he thinks it’s the enemy, triggers his attack. (Black)

That’s not the sentimentality you’d expect from a giant three-headed dragon.

Such an impulse to be a dragon is a little scary.

He attacks everything that moves with all his heads (two of which are only superficial and serve for destruction). That’s not how I want to describe my companion.

10. Towing

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

It mixes with algae to catch its prey and then removes it with a toxic liquid that is strong enough to melt metal. [Ultra-Moon]


When a Pokédex disc uses things like evil or a poison strong enough to pass through the hull of an oil tanker, you really have to guess whether or not to go fishing for it.

It is even said that there are legends that ships enter their territory and never return.

With a weapon like the Clawitzer, the Pokémon would destroy the fishing industry.

The ability to defrost ships and the aggressiveness of an indiscriminate attack won’t even allow you to get close to them.

I think we’re forgetting how scary the world would be if the Pokémon were real.

9. Dooblehead

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


As it develops, Honedge splits into two swords that work together telepathically to coordinate attacks and cut its enemies into ribbons. (X)

This guy doesn’t need the real reason he’s on the list.

It’s literally a pair of telepathic swords.

In Anime (and in my dreams), there was always the idea that Pokémon were your pets (or your partners if we were an extra PC).

How can I kiss her?

To add to the fun, it’s also the spirit of Pokémon, which I think this list has already shown that he’s no good.

This thing can tear your enemies into ribbons. It paints a slightly more intense image than that of the enemies of freezing alone.

8. Coffing

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


Because his body contains various types of toxic gases, he was able to explode without warning. (Red)

The emblem on Coffee’s chest is a big warning sign.

Of course, a special trainer with an expensive ventilation system can get used to life with Coffing or make way for eternal life with a gas mask.

Is there any way to prepare for a life with animals that literally explode without warning? When you think about it, you have to think about what happens to Pokémon who…

With actions like poison, smog and explosion it might be better to keep this bomb alive in the team. Or at least take care of him that much.

7. Electrode

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


It’s not safe. If he’s got too much power and nothing to do, he’s having fun with an explosion. (Gold)

Two live bombs in the first generation? The Kanto is probably not the right place to let children of 10 years old walk around without anything other than an electric mouse to protect them.


However, this Pokémon has been given a place above coffee consumption, not only because this guy takes to the air without warning, but also because does it for the pleasure of.

What a cute pet. The situation is complicated by the fact that they are supplied with electricity and only this behaviour can cause power failures. This seems like a good time in my book.

6. Crocodile

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

Like a very cruel Pokémon, they try to catch anything that moves in front of their eyes. (Black 2)


I’ve seen enough headlines in Florida to know that crocodiles don’t need extra strength to be dangerous.

The Pokémon universe has made a different choice, allowing the crocodile to plan better, see better, and have a jaw strong enough to push the car into an aluminium cube.

Because he can find his prey within a 30-mile radius, he’ll kill you if he wants to kill you.

5. Gliscor

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

He dances gently in the air. As it approaches its prey, it can launch a critical attack in the blink of an eye. (Black 2)

With the other candidates on the list you can at least try to avoid them.

A silent creature that hunts a shadow in the middle of the night only warns you when it penetrates you.

If you dare keep him as a pet, I suggest you ring a bell around him.

4. Charissa

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

It breathes intense, hot flames and can melt almost anything. His breath causes his enemies terrible pain. (Silver)

I love Harrisard as much as anyone. But I think we all agree it’s not the wisest thing to give a child a fiery, fire-breathing lizard.

It really suits his Pokédex shots because it can literally melt through debris. And even though it is said that he will never harm the enemy on a lower level, I still doubt that I will mess with an animal that can burn me on its own.

If personal health is not taken into account, I am also worried about the fact that forest fires are known to occur, sometimes accidentally. For the safety of this man’s community, it’s best to stay in our imaginations.

3. Mimiku

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


A gust of wind told a passing Coach who went home and died of the pain the same night what was hidden under that Pokémon’s towel. [Ultra-Moon]

Poor Mimicu just wants to be loved. And that makes reality even sadder.

Everyone knows that looking under his coat leads to death, but he really tries to make sure his body is never visible. It is even said that if someone tries to spy, he will violently oppose the population.

The sad reality is that it can happen accidentally at any time.

Imagine how dangerous it is to live next to one of them. All fun and games until a little wind comes, and then you die. God knows how, but I think that happens.

2. Chandelier

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)


Ghosts burned in a dark flame lose their way and roam this world forever. (Alpha-Sapphire)

What’s worse than your pet actively trying to kill you?

Apparently, some Pokémon also have the ability to curse souls. So this is fun.

Like most spooky Pokémon, Candelabra’s Pokédex footage shows these guys actively trying to hurt you.

But your suffering won’t stop after those scary lights have devoured your mind. After your death, you will be forced to wander forever in the afterlife. And that puts us first…


1. Yangar

30 Most Dangerous Pokemon Ever (from all regions)

Clearly, he would like to have a travel companion. Because he was once a human being himself, he tries to do so by taking the lives of others. (Moon)

I have a special place in my heart for Jengar because he was part of my original team and I find him super cute.


I also have a special place in my heart for every entry in the Pokédex that says a certain Pokémon was human, now just our little battle slave.

We’ve already talked about the mind’s deadly intentions, but I find Jengar a little more disturbing because the collective images of the Pokémon paint a dangerous and sinister picture.

Looking at lost travelers, hiding, manipulating shadows and laughing all the time? Even your house is not safe (Ultra Moon).

I love you, but for real? No, I’m fine, thank you.



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