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30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

Have you ever travelled to San Andreas in a stolen car and found these amazing radios?

Well, you’re not alone.

There are some absolute melodies played throughout the game. The question is which one is best.

Luckily I arranged that for you by making a list of what I think are the top 30 numbers in the GTA: San Andreas.

You can contradict him and have your favorite songs I get. We love what we want.

Let’s say it’s a long list of song titles and artists, next to the place where the song was played in the game and/or the radio station where you can find a certain song. So, hopefully, at least some of these games with your favorites!

30. Roy Ayers – walking on the highway

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


This first recording is of a song you can only find on Bounce FM.

In the early 2000s, the discotheque was no longer the same as in previous decades. But in 2004 the guys from rock star San Andreas went out with Bounce FM, without worrying about the world.

Bounce FM was every disco fan’s dream, and Roy Ayers’ Running Away was a perfect example of what a disco is.

29. MFSB – Love in message

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


This recording on Bounce FM was a track that had to be given a chance.

If you don’t let him go, it’s probably a road you can easily miss and steal another unsuspecting car.

28. Dr. Dre, it’s crazy, but it’s salty.

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


You’re in Los Santos, you’re driving through Dahlia. The sun has set and you just stole a BMX.

The radio pumps loudly (only Santos’ radio) and the wind whistles in your ears.

Radio Los Santos makes some pretty cool bats. This is (in our opinion) one of the best stops in San Andreas, and you will feel like an absolute G if you blow Nuthin But A G Thang into your speakers.

This song needs no introduction.

27. A man named Gerald – Voodoo Ray

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


I have to say that game developers seem to think about techno or house and create a mix of background music for games that doesn’t usually distract you from what you’re doing.

The Rockstar boys, on the other hand, broke Park‘s music.

SFUR brought some great melodies, which made it difficult to choose the best song from I’ll Be Your Friend, Promised Land and Move Your Body, which was presented with a certain Gerald.

26. L7 – Pretend we’re dead.

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


Here’s Pretentious We’re Dead from L7 in the Radio X playlist.

This one was perfect for playing speed dial on the Los Santos highway. Probably not the most memorable, but an excellent course.

25. Stone Temple Pilots – Plus

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


Instead 25, a trace of the stone temple called Plush. You’ll know when you hear it.

He’s playing on Radio X’s rock station.

Not a piece you would play with the tempo, but a melody that might be better suited to be played in certain backstage streets.

24. Guns and Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


They just bought a luxury car, and welcome to the jungle starts playing at the rock station of Radio X in San Andreas.

The police are after you, but now you don’t care!

Jamie at Slash Reefs and remember the glorious days.


23. Newton Sock – Queen of hearts

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

This song by Juice Newton was released on Bounce FM, but given the country feel of the song, I thought it would be better for K-Rose Radio – that’s just my opinion.

It was the ideal route when you stole the truck and had to leave quickly.


22. Joe Coker – Woman to woman

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

Then we have a recording of Joe Koker making his debut on rock station K-DST.

A catchy song, nice for a while, but maybe not something you’ll remember for a long time.


21. Voghat – slow moving

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


Slow Ride was broadcasted in San Andreas on the rock station of K-DST Radio in San Andreas.

It’s a song you need to know.

The drums and electric guitars are what make this song great and I almost feel like I mowed the NPC and got away with something I shouldn’t have done when I heard it.

20. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


The beautiful K-DST transmitter gives us this song, bragging about the electric guitar from the beginning and gradually putting the acoustics in place.

Lynyrd Skynyrd brought this song to life, although it looked like it would never end in eight minutes.


But in the streets of San Andreas a whole new life begins.

19. Heart – barracuda

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

The K-DST radio station is where Barracuda is.

Heart released the song in the rock world in 1977 and it will be appreciated by anyone who appreciates great rock music.

Some of the bass used in this track will certainly make you want to turn up the volume. They’ll definitely make you dance a little bit.

18. Desert rose – one step ahead

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

Our 18th. Flying from Space is a step forward from the Desert Rose Band, which was originally released in the country music world in 1987.

Since it’s an international game, you would have seen it on Radio K-Rose in the GTA San Andreas, and it’s one of the songs that will cheer you up.

It would be great if you just failed a mission that would last forever. We all need a pickup truck, you know?

17. Stutler Brothers – New York

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

In 1970 the Statler brothers released this epic country music track, which became a devastating hit in the American country music genre.

K-Rose Radio is where this song appears in San Andreas, usually when you drive through the countryside where the sloping field starts to settle.

Although I can’t imagine it being played in New York, as the name suggests!

16. Willie Nelson – Bishop

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

In 1962 we saw Crazy appear on the screens and Willie Nelson made a masterpiece in the genre of country music.

As we know, country songs only appear on K-Rose radio in San Andreas.

Nice fact: This song was also released on CD and was very popular in Indonesia. Willie Nelson had a beautiful voice, and the piano work just made the song It’s time to rob a bank?


15. Grand Radio Railway – Some of the Miracles

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


This was followed by a massive recording of Grand Funk Railway, often broadcast on the radio station K-DST.

The guitar strings played on this piece are great.

And no matter if I made good or bad decisions, it made me want to increase my crime game even more.

14. Toto – Queue

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

Toto was an American rock band that sang this classic since 1978.

The song was recorded exclusively for K-DST radio, and you remember the piano playing at the beginning of the song before the electric guitar came in to give the real punch.

The lead singer of that song was awesome, and it often makes me step on that gas pedal when he leaves.


13. Eddie Bunny – I love rainy nights

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

Here’s an old classic for you old people.

This song is only on Radio K-Rose, but it fits everywhere.

This song doesn’t fit the way Rabbit pulls the magic out of the hat (sorry for the pun).

Anyone who loves country music will love this song. And as we know, the San Andreas country music station has quite a legendary mix of songs, so it’s great to have them in the mix.

12. Staff Stewart – Young Turks

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

If you’re a fan of ’80s rock, you’ll love this song after its release in 1981.

This song was broadcast on the radio station K-DST and tells the story of free life in America in the 80s.

The song conveyed a real energy that was perfect when you were on the highway or picking up a friend to start a mission.

11. Cool & Gang – Hollywood swing

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

For all her crimes, C.J. had some amazing dance moves.

If you remember the job where you had to dance for a girl called Life’s a beach while you were on the beach, this song will surprise you right away.

The Hollywood Swing played the whole time you danced in Kool and Band.

Bounce FM contains this track because it offers real credit for beautiful memories. One of the most nostalgic moments on our list (at least for me).

10. America – unnamed horse

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

It was a normal day in San Andreas where a couple of police cars and helicopters followed your tire tracks.

And that song made the heat even more intense.

The speed of the Las Venturas with adrenaline pumped up the pulse and increased the tension with the police at the tail – just when it seemed as if the horse was rumbling namelessly at the tail. Exactly at the right time.

9. Hank Williams – Healthy.

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

It doesn’t matter which car you jumped in when you were in town. The country music of the K-Rose radio station will always be a hit (and it will always be played if you’ve stolen a car in a bumblebee).

San Andreas country music makes you feel like you’re in the know and Hank Williams’ Hey Good Lookin is one of the most sensual songs of the station.

8. Dr. Ft. Snoop Dogg – deep cover

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


It was one of the most difficult melodies, because Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg still have some songs on Radio Los Santos.

But I definitely added it because it’s such a great song.

Running around Los Santos is exactly what Deep Cover does.

With the Hip-Hop station also offers the rhythms of Cypress Hill, N.W.A. and 2Pac for your listening pleasure is probably the last stop in this game.

7. Ronnie Hudson – West Coast Poplock

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


Ronnie Hudson’s West Coast Poplock plays on Bounce FM radio and R&B.

It’s one of those melodies you’re probably going to sing, especially if you haven’t heard it in a long time.

6. Tom Petty – the running dream

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

If you are looking for the best classical rock music, you can only find it at K-DST.

The DJ was a memorable Tommy Nightmare Smith, and Axel Rose of Guns n’ Roses was a front man for some reason.

Ironically, Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n’ Roses wasn’t on this station, but appeared on Radio X… which means he couldn’t announce his song on K-DST. What happens to their radioopersons?

Anyway, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers played at the station with the iconic Runnin Down a Dream. It’s a great song. Oh, memories!

5. Johnny Harris – Curiosa

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

If you can remember a lowrider, you will surely remember the dance of a lowrider.

The ultra-complicated mission was complicated because the machines shouldn’t have danced!

Johnny Harris exploded every time you and your car were hit, whether you were upset or something good was exposed.

Anyway, this game is worth listening to if you download it again.

4. Bright colours – personality cult

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas

Then comes the court that was played every time you went to the stadium for the game.

And whatever the stadium, this idyllic melody gives the race a personality cult.

It’s probably one of the best songs of all time. I can listen to it day and night, it’s such a great piece, whatever your mood.

3. Depeche Mode – The Personal Jesus

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


Every GTA player had his favorite radio station.

This is because these games have something for every .

Limiting the channels to one channel would be a difficult task… Then there would be the alternative rock and heavy metal of Radio X, K-Jah West exploding reggae melodies, K-Rose covering all country music.

The personal Jesus, who came third on that list, came live from Radio X. …and that’s a good thing.

2. Ice cube – it was a good day

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


As you walk through the streets of Los Santos, nothing beats the hip-hop melodies of Radio Santos.

The time Big Smoker and Ryder had to hit the car you just stole was a good day… …since the speakers brought out the magic of Ice Cube.

1. GTA San Andreas theme song

30 Best Songs of the GTA San Andreas


A home run is a record that only had to reach our first place.

Grand larceny car: Ben Morfitt’s official San Andreas theme song deserves to be the first.

You couldn’t have started the game without some familiar graffiti, followed by this theme song. Sounds like an old GTA game OG song.

If you can’t remember, just click on Play and listen for about 10 seconds. They’ll know.



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