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Nothing is as funny as the jokes that are made at the right time.

We all need a mood enhancer sometimes. Those jokes on the front line are enough. These liners make every conversation with someone come alive. It doesn’t matter who you talk to. If you remove one or two lines from this list, the call will be better than it already is.

So don’t wait any longer and dive into the best list of funny ship jokes and try them out on anyone you think should hear those funny lines.


5 Best aeronautical jokes

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Nicholas Swatz

The best jokes are the ones that don’t last that long. Short and to the point. The best lining jokes are those that say a lot about a single line. You can make so many people laugh with those little sentences.

Here are the five best lining jokes:

1. Always borrowing money from a pessimist They never wait for him to come back.

If you really need it, there must be a pessimist where you can go.

2. Those who care for chickens are literally chicken farmers.

Now I’m hungry.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Escape / Ramiro Martinez

3. Adam & Eve were the first to ignore Apple’s terms and conditions.

We know where this habit of not reading the terms comes from.

4. Changes are unavoidable – except on the machine.

We can only hope that the line reaches the vending machines.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Royan Maguen

5. Why do tomatoes turn red? He saw the salad dressing!

The real question is how you know when the tomato is already red.

5 Daddy a cruise ship joke

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Alan Mas

Daddy’s jokes are great, aren’t they? But they’re very funny. Double the fun with a joke from Daddy on the ocean steamer. They’re so fragile that your eyes are rolled up, but deep inside you’ll laugh.

Here are five of Daddy’s oceanboat jokes:

6. The perfectionist walked into a bar… Apparently the bar is not set high enough.

Don’t leave perfectionists in your bar.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexel / ELEVAT

7. I know what they say with money, but mine all say goodbye.

Then you need to teach your money to say other things.

8. Women should not have enough children after the age of 35 – 35 years!

Don’t overpopulate the world!

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Anna Shvets

9. If you are not allowed to eat at night, why is there a light bulb in the fridge?

There’s no other purpose than to see which midnight snack we should have.

10. What are the benefits of living in Switzerland? Well, the flag is a big plus.

That’s a positive sign.

4 computer jokes about a cruise ship

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Inconspicuousness / Obi Onyedor

Are you ready to print out those computer jokes? One line on the computers is enough to start this conversation in a good mood.

Here are four computer jokes about the ocean liner:

11. Moses had the first tablet that could connect to the cloud

He was ahead of his time.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / PhotoMIX

12. A clean house is a sign of a broken computer.

That’s funny, because it’s true.

13. I needed an eight-digit password, so I chose Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

It is better than entering 8 random character names.

4 ordinary oceanic dry-cleaning jokes

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Andrea Piaquadio

Not all jokes have a gift for being funny. Some of them are just jokes, and that’s fine. Sometimes we have to switch places with the usual funny ones. We need jokes that are so banal that we can’t help but laugh (it makes us laugh deep inside).

Here are four common ocean liner jokes:

14. One day I saw two people wrapped in a barcode and I asked them: Are you a thing?

I hope they don’t get carried away by your question.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Abi Greer

15. Have you heard about the man who was hit in the head by a can of soda? He’s lucky it’s a non-alcoholic beverage.

Excessive alcohol consumption makes the situation even worse.

16. How do you make new friends? Ask a friend.

Hacking into this joke is an option.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Ketut Subianto

17. Bugs are really bothering me!

They can’t stop bothering you, can they?

3 bad jokes about ocean liners

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Andrea Piaquadio

Some jokes are so bad they’re good. That’s all those bad jokes. Best of all, you don’t expect them to laugh, but if they do, you know you have comic creations.

Here are three bad jokes about the lining:

18. The worst time for a heart attack is when you play a charade.

They won’t know what attacked them.

19. I just asked my husband if he remembers today… Scary men are simple.

Who knew men only have one phobia?

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Git Stephen Gitau

20. Who is the king of vegetables? Parsley Elvis.

And I thought it was an eggplant.

4 Jokes about boarding the ship

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Exams / Samson Kutt

Moss is for puns. Unlucky jokes are one of the best kinds of jokes because they are very spiritual. Those lining jokes make people roll on the floor and make them laugh. Or maybe not.

Here’s a joke for four about the lining:

21. Yesterday I ate a watch, it took me a lot of time.

I had to use both hands.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Oladimeji Ajeghbile

22. Have you heard about the villain who stole the calendar? It lasted 12 months.

I think he stole for 12 months.

23. Do not write the game in reverse order. It’s a trap.

And now you’re stuck.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Susie Hazelwood

24. Thanks for explaining this word, it means a lot to me

Now I’m wrong, aren’t I?

4 jokes about silent ships

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Jonathan Burton

The jokes have to be funny and witty, we all know that. But there are times when the stupid jokes take over. Make sure you have some stupid jokes about the same ship on your joke list for maximum fun.

Here are four stupid jokes about an ocean liner:

25. Recently I decided to sell my vacuum cleaner because it only collects dust.

I hope the next owner doesn’t dust it off.

26. I just burned 2,000 calories. This is the last time I leave brownies in the oven while I sleep

What a waste of calories!

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexel/cotton

27. What do you call an old snowman? Water

That joke is so bad, but it’s true!

28. I’m having an introvert party and you’re not all invited.

What did you expect?

How to choose the bestLiner joke?

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Any channel

We all know that every person on this list is a great one-line joke, but how can you be sure to choose the best from those who really fit the bill? It’s easy because you’ve got us. Just consider these three elements when choosing the best lining jokes and you’re ready to go.

Learn how to choose the best liner joke:

1. Welcome to everyone.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pixels / fake

Think about your audience before you choose jokes. Of course, everyone can hear your brilliant anecdotes about the same ship, so the jokes that work best with different kinds of people should be invested in jokes. Think about who told you the joke and get out of here.

2. Mixing.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Lisa Fotios

Even if you can only have one kind of audience, you have to confuse your joke list. If you only bring one kind of joke, it can be repeated and become boring. Mix them together for maximum smile. You can assure people who’ve heard your jokes that they won’t get bored.

3. Put it back. Good.

28 Best One Liner Jokes

by: Pexels / Mateus Bertelli

Most jokes are about how to deliver them. Sometimes a joke looks good on paper, but once you tell it, you miss the point. Make sure you catch jokes that you know you can deliver, because your delivery is a big part of the joke.

Downloadable and printable list of the best anecdotes forLiner

Here is a downloadable and printable list in jpg/pdf of the best anecdotes for the liner (right click on the image and save the image as …):

28 Best One Liner Jokes


Jokes to trade or to start a conversation With

If you liked those line jokes, it’s time to spread out. You don’t have to stick to short, sweet jokes. Now try some more jokes:

  1. Knock-knock. Who is it? This list. Who’s on that list? This list of bad knocking jokes is so bad, you just have to laugh.
  2. Wake up the joker in you with those coffee jokes.
  3. Love jokes are a way of knowing you’re comfortable with someone you need.


It’s all the funny jokes about liners you need. This is an extended list, so you can always refer to it if you need a new list that you did not include in the original list. These unique and complex jokes are short but funny. That’s all it takes for a joke. Good luck making the world a nicer place in no time.

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