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25 Best Classic Fallout (Fallout 1; Fallout 2; Fallout Tactics) Related Modes for Fallout New Vegas-Fallout Franchise Modes No. 3

Fallout was first reported on the 30th. September 1997 published, so the franchise is 22 years old, like this Reddit Post. Here is a list of some of my favorite mods that I think look classic like Fallout 1 or Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. In this list you can find armor from previous games or restructured items from current items, but they all bring back the reduction of previous Fallout New Vegas fallout.

Don’t worry, I’ll release my Lonely Roads mods soon. I plan to make lists for the 4 major Fallout New Vegas DLC’s, mods from previous Fallout games, and mods from Factions of Fallout New Vegas. I can also make a list of mods that offer links to other franchises and the media in general. Thank you all very much and wish you a good time. Post any mods you think I missed in the comments below.

(Not all mods can work for everyone and don’t forget to read the comments on the mods page if you have problems. Standard terms and conditions and standard rates do not apply).

-Fallout 2 Advanced Power Armor MK II from Spooderdude:

Remember, Fallout 2’s enclave used advanced, dark, painted armor. We have Vanilla Power Armour Remanants, but this is for those who prefer Dark Paint Job.

-Colt Rangemaster (classic) from Jkruse05:

This adds an old semi-automatic shotgun from Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. It can be found in the level lists and even in the CSD level lists.

-Linerunner’s Conventional Weapons:

One of the most popular weapons. This adds a weapon from the Fallout universe that disappeared in Fallout, New Vegas. These are the weapons for Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. They will be added to the level-lists, but there is a wardrobe mode that allows you to cheat if you need and get all the weapons at the same time.

-TraVinh’s wattz laser gun:

The Wattz laser sniper rifle is part of the above mentioned modification of conventional fall-out weapons. However, this fashion has a great quality in terms of texture and grid. A perfect fashion for the miniatures of energy weapons.

-FO1 Alien Blaster by ZuSkunks:

For those who don’t like Fallout 3’s brilliant alien blaster, it can either be a replicator mod or a weapon in itself. I’m sorry, but without a picture of Elvis, you have kings for that.

-CFA – Classic sledgehammer with mods from Listenerr:

The sledgehammer in the vanilla game is pathetic. The fashion not only gives the masses the appearance of a classic version, but also adds adaptations to this low-level weapon.

-Midwest Power Armor Professional Edition _ With PN visor:

This armor is some kind of icon. Even if you think Fallout Tactics isn’t a hottie and hasn’t had much success, many fanatics love the look and feel of the Midwestern Tank Brotherhood.

-T51b Goukieny tribal helmet:

This headset was used in ads and posters for the classic games of Fallout, but it was not in the game. It’s so embarrassing that it embodies the post-apocalyptic feeling of Fallout games. The T51b tribal helmet with its decorative motif seems to have been used by the Arroyo tribe or the Vipers as a trophy for the long war against the Brotherhood of Steel.

-Tribal Power Armour from SGTbayk47:

We received an armored suit from Warehouse 13 in a standard DLC package, but we never received a standard suit from the first hero, a Warehouse resident. This mod is not a break with the corresponding DLC. Excellent mod for those who want to play a role-playing game as a descendant of Vault 13. If you download one of these mods, you must also download the others. It is especially meant for those who make a Viper Raider or a tribal figure. This is an armor, which consists of pieces of old T51b-Power armor mixed with tribal signs.

-Jump 13 continuation of esplin9499:

We received an armored suit from Warehouse 13 in a standard DLC package, but we never received a standard suit from the first hero, a Warehouse resident. This mod is not a break with the corresponding DLC. A perfect fashion for those who want to play the role of the blanket of safe 13.

-Side images Children of the Cathedral Experience of Nefael:


We’ve had a lot of factions coming back from previous Fallout games. We had followers of the Apocalypse, the Brotherhood of Steel and the NKR, but there were no children from the cathedral. This fashion adds his clothes for those who want to play the role of the child of the cathedral.

-Tesla classic Tesla metal liner by DaiShiHUN:

Tesla’s name is something that makes heads spin. Everyone’s obsessed with Tesla. Now you can return your metal Tesla armor for all your needs.

-MarsPistol’s combined leather jacket:

This mod adds a Fallauta 2 combat leather jacket to the flat tables.

-MKI and MKII leather armor from MarsPistol:

This adds the MKI and MKII leather armor of Fallout 2 to the treadmill. So now you have more skin to enjoy.

-MKI metal armor of MarsPistol:

This will add Fallout 1’s classic metal armor to the level lists.

-MKII classic YanL fight tanks:

It adds the old fighting armor from the classic games. Backpack complete!

-Armour of Brotherhood by MikaelGizzly:

Are you tired of boring scout shields? Do you want the brotherhood to return to its former glory? This mode is for you because it replaces the armor of the Brotherhood in the fight against the armor with the signs of the Brotherhood.

-Classical NCR flag of Mohamed2001:

This is for Fallout 2 fanatics who prefer the NCR flag of Fallout 2 and like it better than the Fallout New Vegas flag.

-Ron Pearlman talks about your death, Giovanni-Marini. -Ron Pearlman talks about your death. –

Are you tired of boring music when you succumb to the dangers of the desert? Now, you may remember the time actor Ron Pearlman talked about your death. I thought it should be in Fallout New Vegas, now this mod does what I’ve always wanted to do in every modern Fallout game.

-My chrysalis road worker at the site of the highway wreck near Staawhile:

It was a bit of a missed opportunity to use the My Chrysalis Highwayman soundtrack with the Wrecked Highwayman position. The soundtrack was used when a favorite used his Chrysalis Highwayman, which means that Wrecked Highwayman is the favorite used during his adventures. So this mode takes over.

– Resistance of Somerandomguy on the internet:

The goal is to make the hardcore aspects of Fallout New Vegas even more complex by reducing Radaway’s addiction. Now you have to be careful how much Redway you use.

-Classical geckos – CVD retextures by user_55992402:

This modification reconstructs Vanilla and Honest Hearts DLC geckos to look more like classic geckos. I recommend this fashion to anyone who wants to redesign geckos.

-Classical residential buildings in the Mojave near Brayduck:

The post-apocalypse is a recovery. This can be seen in benefits 1 and 2, where the NCR has built mud buildings to live in. To reduce this classic, dirty and regenerative logging, this model replaces many buildings in the NCR with mud structures such as Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

-Class Spooderdude Cursor:

For those who prefer the classic slider in Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

-Sequence 1 ScottPilgrim2 main menu topic:

Who remembers the title screen of the main menu on the T51b headset in Fallout 1? For those who are starting to miss the Fallout New Vegas main menu, it is now the turn of Fallout New Vegas.

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