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20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

Gloves are an important part of your outfit.

They are an excellent source of additional defensive points and, while they may not offer as much protection as other parts of your clothing, they are required to complete a powerful armor replacement.

Some of the gloves found in Skyrim have incredibly positive effects that can be crucial in the heat of the action. So the best Skyrim gloves are not necessarily the best protection against the party.

But to save you time, I’ve organized my best teams here, and of course I hope you’ll find the right clothes for your character.

20. Hand-sticks

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

These types of cuffs are included in this list, mainly because they are very unusual and because most people tend to exclude them because of their nature.

In fact, you can’t get a hand strap without using the console’s controls.

It is a very rare object that does not play for a certain purpose, but its rarity at least gives them an honorable place in that position. Besides, I think they look cool, don’t you?

19. Vaccination of wolves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

The extremely rare Wolf Gloves give you a level 12 basic armor with a weight of only 4 points, making it one of the best defensive gloves in the game.

Eorlund Gray Hand will sell them to you when you join the Companions. But you can also find them by looting Codlac Whiteman.

Although this item cannot be created, you can update it on your desktop.

18. Pancake leaves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

Sheets are clothes that wear sheets. As such, they’re part of the Skyrim armour set.

You can find it in the Sky Haven Temple or you can let yourself be plundered by every new member of the magazine that carries it.

They offer 13 basic armour with a basic weight of 8, making them an absolutely durable option in combination with heavy armour.

17. Gloves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

A dark brotherhood called the healing of madness is sought to give you access to the sanctuary of the dawn.

Inside you’ll find Tumblerban gloves. This piece of outerwear is a variation on the usual masked gloves you can find in the game, but they are enchanted by a special spell that allows you to crack with 20% moresuccess. It’s a good skill if you like flying and stuff.

The Tumblerbane Gloves are among the best gloves for Skyrim thieves, with the exception of a few other options that have made the list. Still, we must hurry to do this as soon as possible.

16. Wrong fingers

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

Fingers are the subject of the search, which can be obtained by searching on the same name.

With this special pair of gloves, anyone can improve their products with a 12% increase in efficiency, making it an ideal tool for craftsmen and blacksmiths.

Legend has it that the blacksmith’s fingers were once worn by orcs, who became one of the best blacksmiths in the history of Tamriel. Now it’s a story that needs to be moved.

With the fingers of the master blacksmith, those born from the dragon can refresh items after the maximum upgrade, making them the best companions of the blacksmith and giving them 11 strong armor points.

15. Cicero Gloves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


Cicero’s gloves are a garment worn by Cicero, aren’t they?

The Madman, who is the guardian of the tomb of the Mother of the Night, may have been killed during the Cure Madness quest.

If you decide to end the madman’s life, Cicero’s gloves can be stolen from his body, along with all the other clothes he wears. I don’t want to imagine what he’ll look like when you’re done with him.

Gloves cause double damage when attacked with one hand, making them the ideal companion for any killer who wants to kill his targets quickly and efficiently.

14. Coated gloves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

The gloves of veiled fabric are part of the basic equipment of the armor that the Skyrim killer had to wear.

They can double the damage to the enemy as they attack from behind.

These suckers can be found at various locations in the Dark Brotherhood plot, and you’ll have a lot to gain from using them with your Assassin bonuses.

You can also kill other killers if you want to loot their bodies and take off their gloves.

Most members of the Dark Brotherhood wear veiled gloves (note). But you have to be sneaky and unnoticed to activate their x2-damage effect.

13. Antique veiled gloves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

The antique fabric gloves have the same effect as a normal handmade version of this object.

However, these gloves offer 4 points of armor in addition to the 8 base points of the original pair.

This is what makes the old shiny gloves the best killer gloves in the game and the glove that each player must look for if he wants to kill sophisticated and efficient.

Gloves are found in Hag’s End while searching for the old killer of Olaf the Weak.

12. Akhzidal privileges

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

Ahzidal Warding’s privileges are incredibly effective to defend against magical attacks.

In fact, these are the best protective gloves against magic in the game, along with all the others you can make and enchant.

In most scenarios the effectiveness of the gloves is -25%, but they give the Born Dragon the chance to absorb up to 50% of the damage of a spell. So, pros and cons.

Given their fascination, they should be upgraded in the secret forge. You can catch them on Kolbjorn Hill if they sit on a pedestal while looking for Unearthred.

11. Death messages

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


That’s why Deathmark gloves are not only good for providing a lot of eyewear (the basic package of these gloves is 11.5). But they also have a weight of only 2 points, so yes, very light!

And if you wear them in your clothes, you get 10% extra damage for every death certificate you wear.

If you have the full set, you will get massive damage , which will cut your weapon through the meat with ease.

You will receive these gloves during the Deahtbrand search, where you will receive a treasure map that you have to follow to get these gloves. They also benefit from an increase of 100 booking points if they accidentally close the entire reservation.

10. Heavy Falmer Vaccinations

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim

To get to the last half of that list: We’ve got the Falmer Heavy gloves. You’ll find them worn by Falmer in Dawnguard DLC.

The masters of heat and shade usually wear heavy Falmer armor. So if you kill her, you have the best chance of getting those gloves.

They have a very effective base armor of 16 and weigh only 6 points.

Given the nature of Falmer clothing, you can use chitin to improve them in any forge.

9. Scandinavian cutting vaccines

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


The mittens cut with northern threads are quite smooth and very useful. They come with the basic shield 15 and weigh only 6 points.

They start to appear on level 25 and up if you have a Dragonborn DLC. And they appear from level 26+ with spells on them.

Scavengers usually wear them, but they can also be made with a forge of 50, a combination of steel, mercury, ebony and leather straps.

These gloves are heavy duty pieces of armour – be careful when wearing them as they do not provide light protection.

8. Boxing gloves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


The boxer’s gloves offer a weak base armor of only 5 points. Low weight, only 2 points.

What put him so far on that list, you ask?

They are ideal for players who likeclose combat. They increase the unarmed damage by a total of 10%, making them one of the few in-game items that offer this effect if you want to go unarmed.

These gloves are from Gian Kulak, and you can find him in Ratway, just below the fault lines. If you kill him, you can steal gloves off his body like a good little thief.

7. Linwe Gloves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


The gloves of the mighty Liwe weigh only 2 points, but offer 11 points of protection and a 15% increase for one-handed attacks.

Linwe, the owner of these majestic figures, was found dead during the Summerset Shadows quest that was given to you during the Thief Guild Quest.


Although the gloves cannot be made, you can improve them in the Arcane Workbench if you have a spare leather with you.

6. PFC of Stalchim

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


Stalhrim’s giant gautlets offer 17 protection points for a weight of only 7.

The elements reproduce in different parts of Solstheim as soon as you reach level 35, so it may take a while to get there.

But you can also find this pair of fine handicrafts in some shops in the area once you have met the standards. Usually it’s just a piece of heavy armor that looks very good and comes with very good statistics.

5. Iron gloves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


The iron glove is exactly what every two-armed soldier needs in his inventory.

The gloves offer a 15% increase in damage from two-handed weapons and 12 additional armor points for a weight of only 4.

You can obtain these items by killing the iron hand of the Highwarra in a cave of the White River Watch.

4. Dragon shell

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


Dragon Gloves begin to multiply in Skyrim once you reach level 40, and enchanted versions of these gloves can also be found when you reach level 41.

You can also find them in the form of random thefts from coffins, as well as thefts that have fallen victim to the most powerful dragons in the game.


You can make these gloves and all other dragon slab pieces after reaching level 100 in the forge. So, yeah, you better practice some more!

The recipe requires two strips of leather, a dragon bone and an extra pair of dragon scales.

3. Privileges of the ancient gods

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


Let’s go with the three of me. The election in the beginning: the mighty privileges of the ancient gods.

It’s the best equipment an archer can get in Skyrim.

They treat an additional 20% damage of each time they attack with aarc. They cannot be disappointed or created, and they can only be obtained by completing the quest No One Escapes from the Mine of Sidon.

They weigh only 0.5 points and protect you with 7 tusks, making them a reliable addition to any archer’s equipment.

Their design is not the most aesthetic, but quite unique in itself. Points for creativity, right?

2. Warbler gloves

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


The forest singer’s gloves are the killer’s best friend. Actually, the same goes for thieves.

These villains offer many advantages when it comes to breaking locks and fighting weapons damage with one hand.

An increase from 15% to 25%, depending on your level, with a maximum increase of 25% at level 32.

They offer a solid base armour 10, which is strong for light gloves that weigh only 2 points.

These gloves are given by Carlia in her search for the restored Trinity. But be careful: You have to activate the armor stone if you want to get the full set of Warbler’s armor.


1. Antique Flying Bazookas

20 of the Best Gloves & Gauntlets in Skyrim


In my opinion, the old lying gloves are the most powerful gloves in the game. You don’t come first for nothing.

They have 20 safety points and weigh only 2 measurement points.

These gloves are worn by the almighty Vyrtur Arch Priest and can only be obtained by looting his body after the Touch Heaven quest.

If you look at these things, you can see that their design is quite unique. And you can’t.

However, it is possible to improve this beautiful thing with refined moonstone to make it even more precious.



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