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20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes

Seth McFarlane’s typical American animation sitcom has become synonymous with American humour.

After its foundation in 1999 it won several Emmy and Annie prizes and was renewed in almost 20 seasons.

His special sense of humour turned out to be an unpopular audience, which made him a cult classic. And if you know anything about Seth’s interest in musical numbers, then… There are a lot of songs in this show.

I’ve put the best songs from each episode in this post, and I hope you know them all. Sing together and remember our 20 favorite Family Guy songs.

20. Oil on Pop-Tart.

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


In the episode The In Harmony’s Way many pieces of music are played by Peter and Quagmire, who realized that they could achieve a note in harmony and decided to become a musical duo.

You can guess how it works.

Butter in Pop-Tart, however, has become one of the most memorable songs of this episode.

The lyrics are not particularly funny, but they have opened our eyes to the wonders of Pop-Tarts. And it’s pretty catchy.

19. I need a Jew

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


I have a general rule when it comes to comedy: If it got people in trouble, it must have been a lot of fun.

This is the song Peter sang when he tried to do his taxes and realized that he would probably need a Jew to help him.

Despite the fact that the programme was clearly humorous in nature, that is not the reason for the complaint (yes, the complaint!) of the programme.

Instead they used the melody Desire on a Star to tell this joke. Fortunately, it was not enough to classify the staff of the show as a racist to win the trial, and they were able to go free.

18. My drunken Irish father

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


Another song that uses stereotypes is My Drunken Irish Dad.

After Peter discovers that his real father is a village drinker in Ireland, he goes to meet him and finally challenges himself by having a drink in Wifey McBeaty’s pub.

He wins both the game and his father’s respect and actually links it to the blatant alcoholism. It turns out they have a lot in common!

Then they burst out singing and laughing at Irish names, traditions and stereotypes to the point where a fight begins. Because, well, it’s the most Irish thing there is.

17. Mr Booz

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


Based on a musical song with more or less the same concept as that of the movie Robin and 7 Hoods, this song is about telling the police that you probably aren’t involved with Mr. Robin and 7 Hoods.

I think they did a great job.


This version is sung by a group of people in Alcoholics Anonymous after Peter destroyed their 12-step program and got them drunk.

It’s just a great way to distract attention from your whiskey. And laughing at something like alcoholism is a common Family Guy thing.

16. Song of girls with Down’s syndrome

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


Speaking of laughing at something serious… Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The Down’s Syndrome song is one of the most outrageous on the list, and I’m sure a lot of people went crazy when they first heard it.

The song itself, however, is just Stewie frying Chris over his laziness and lack of drive, while it helps him prepare and seduce his Down syndrome lover.

15. Can’t hurt me.

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


Many shows have done parodies on MC Hammer Can’t Touch This. But few are as much fun as giving up Peter Griffin.

After Peter’s declaration of independence, a country consisting exclusively of the country where he was born, he was officially recognized by the United States and granted diplomatic immunity.

He makes everyone dance, makes crazy moves and destroys the city without a care in the world, because I don’t think the police can touch him! It’s a very funny part of the episode, and the whole musical arrangement is just a pleasure to watch.

14. Bird is the word.

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


This is perhaps the most boring song in the whole show since I became a tumor, and the recurring boredom is in many ways the subject of this joke.

After hearing his favorite song (The Trashmen’s Surfin’ Bird) in his youth, Peter decided that everyone in town should know that a bird is a word.


13. Cowboy ass sex (sodomy)

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


Now let’s go to something funny: We’ve got the best song you and your family can sing by the fire.

Why is that funny, you ask me? Oh, come on, it’s Griffins.

He’s gay! With the cowboys! What other explanation would you need?

12. You have to give it to the path.

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


In a rare example, when Peter Griffin does something intrinsically good for society, he infiltrates Meg and Chris’s high school and pretends to be a bad guy just to convince them to stop getting high from licking toads.

When he finally gets the chance, he convinces everyone with a musical song in which he lists all the unpleasant side effects of the pad licking, such as the loss of control over the sphincter and eventually death.


Some are true, some are not, but everything he says is damn funny.

11. Beautiful day for cake.

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


As they travel through different worlds, Brian and Stewie find themselves in a dimension where everything is a Disney animation.

After the fun in the style of the classic media giant, in the song that says that today is a beautiful day for the cake, the joke reaches its peak when Mort comes into the frame and, well … Let’s not forget Walt Disney’s story.


10. Topside of ship

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


Shipupi is not the original Family Guy number. It has nothing to do with what happened in the whole episode.

But when Peter keeps telling his soccer team to stop showing off after the landing, you have to laugh at how spectacularly he completely ignores the request and forces everyone to participate in the biggest musical number of the show so far.



9. Vasectomy

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


After Peter reveals his lack of understanding of what a vasectomy entails, the barber quartet sings a song full of jokes about masculinity, sexual harassment and many other concepts that can come to mind during such a procedure.

Oh, barber quartets. You can make everything better or at least more fun.

8. Iraqi lobster

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


This unique song is perhaps one of the most memorable in the series.

It is based on a Rock Lobster song that was performed in another episode, but this performance takes it to new heights with its simple but clever lyrics.

7. Thanks white

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


What’s the best way to convince your African-American neighbor that your white son is going out with his daughter without worrying?

Well, you sure remind him of everything the white man gave the world!


Eminem, Justin Bieber, soccer moms in yoga pants… They usually took care of everything in this music room.

6. You have AIDS

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


Like I said, barber quartets can do anything funnier… …even AIDS.

And I’m not talking about HIV, I’m talking about complete AIDS! These guys are definitely the best way to pass on bad news, and it’s a method I can use myself, but not with this. extreme mother.

5. Christmas kills us

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


The fifth issue on our card was even nominated for a Grammy.

The overcrowded world has given Santa and his helpers too much work. As a result, they change from happy creatures into depressed ones that eventually get hanged while Santa Claus dies for various reasons. Talk about alienation.


4. Night Bin Kid

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


Sometimes it’s just rude to do something hilarious.

Take this musical song, performed by some newborns who were thrown in the garbage at graduation, and who sing in a rather elegant and deep tone.

They are so fresh that even their umbilical cord is still attached to the swing like a stick while singing.

I sincerely hope no one thought this song was appropriate, but I know that deep down inside some people felt that way.


3. Damn FCC

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


One of the most relevant songs on the list is an ode to freedom of expression without censorship, even if it means rude, rude and generally offensive.

Family Guy met the FCC several times and they took the opportunity to expose everything and also tried to include as much as possible of the offensive videos of the show in the musical arrangement.

A way to connect it to the national human network.


2. Herbal bags

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes


Another politically explosive melody was written for the 420. episode of the series.

What better way to legalize a DOJ than to set up a marching band, play the xylophone in bang and serve everyone a bag of weed?

As Brian and Stewie put it so beautifully, it’s better than meth and speed.

One of the funniest things in the song is that the dog and the child are trying to legalize it because they are the only people who can get hurt by eating grass.


1. All I really want for Christmas is.

20 Funniest Family Guy Songs Of All Episodes

But the best and funniest of all songs is a cheerful tune about what the people of Quahog want for Christmas.

It is not offensive and hardly controversial, but it emphasizes the intense consumerism and greed of American society, while spraying the most hilarious pieces of comedy on it.

Whether you want Jessica Beale and Megan Fox to be dressed in socks alone, or want to spend a holiday in Mexico with carnal pleasures, there’s no doubt you’ll appreciate the special Christmas spirit that only Griffin can give you.




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