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20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

In more than twenty years of existence, Final Fantasy has offered fans a wide range of gaming universes.

For all the main characters and plots that had to juggle and cheat the mind, each game tries to capture at least one unforgettable experience.

One of the best ways to show this style are the cities you discover, discover and often learn to love.

In some places, the limits of what one can expect from a video game have been pushed.

Others may have disabled their background music and posture in your memory. And of course, there were also places that simply aroused feelings – calming, melancholic, nostalgic… In these places there is something to love, something that seems so real, and in a way they are.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cities in the history of Final Fantasy.

20. Village of Eruitt

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

This forest village appears in the Final Fantasy XII.

Known as the House of Viera, (a breed of humanoids with rabbit-like features and our beautiful Fran.

City dwellers have a deep respect for the surrounding forests. Sentimentalism is expressed in the rather unique architecture of the city.

You move through the village on paths that wrap around giant tree trunks, and at every corner you’ll find fantastic wooden constructions. But don’t light a fire too close to them.

At the intersection of aesthetics, Eruyt Village offers bizarre but quiet music. Honestly, you can relax and meditate by just walking.

Eruyt Village really looks like a quiet city, which seems to be completely detached from the hustle and bustle of other big cities in the world.

19. Dali

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

This cosy village of Final Fantasy IX reminds me of a quiet landscape where I can walk in the fields all day long or just look at the clouds.

At first glance you feel like a man from the hinterland of Dali and the village doesn’t seem so big.

But this strange city has more to offer than you might think at first glance.

That’s because the Dali metro works as the black mage factory for Alexandria (spoiler, sorry!). If you can ignore this bend, although Dali seems to be a rather relaxing idyllic place.

18. Bhudjerba

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

Ah, Bhudjerba. Also known as Skycity, which appears in Final Fantasy XII.

I have to say, on principle, it’s fucking cool!

Bhujerba is still one of the most unique places in the franchise. You have a good view of the surrounding floating lands, including a crystalline and lush forest very similar to what you would see on earth.

Although you can’t explore everything you see, this fantastic city looks like a breath of fresh air.

17. Village of Besaid

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

Compared to some other locations of Final Fantasy X, Besaid Village is a modest coastal town on sparkling water.

But you can notice the ruins of the old town near the coast, which point to a bad story.

In the village of Besaid the atmosphere is still quite carefree, especially with the soundtrack of the BGM Beach-Chillout in the background. It’s just a great way to start your journey through Spira.

16. Alexandria

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

Return from Final Fantasy IX to another city – Alexandria. In fact, the players start their story in this capital of the Empire of Alexandria.

Alexandria is a city with a fantastic style that resembles what a Disney cartoon could be.

Yeah, there’s even a big white castle.

In addition, Alexandria has a picturesque layout including the town square and shops.

To a certain extent in this story I could imagine that I really lived there! So it’s nice to come back, even after the first few games.

15. Treno

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

FF9 allows players to explore this dark city during their adventures.

There was so much good stuff in that game!

The nickname of the dark city of Treno is based on the fact that the city bathes in eternal night and creates a dark atmosphere.

This dark background suits Treno because it is a city of polarity, clearly divided between rich and poor.

The quality and style of the architecture will tell you which part of the city you have come to know, from the big auction house to the slums. In the Trenaud, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

14. City of Division

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

Next on our list is the town of Deling.

Fantasy Final VIII knew how to take a contemporary and give him this Fantasy Final …a talent for fantasy.

The city of Deling follows this formula and in its building projects inspired by Paris, France, is opulent, colourful and with a refreshing ornamental touch.

And he even winked at the Arc de Triomphe. Not to mention the incredible background music.

To be honest, this place only needed an analogue of the Eiffel Tower to really complete its appearance.

13. Ishgard

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

The Holy See of Ishgard appears for the first time in the Heavenly Expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, the final title of the MMORPG franchise.

Ishgard is on this list because of its dark and disinterested aesthetics and excellent atmosphere.

Imagine a snowy mountain horizon, interrupted only by the urban profile of the imposing Gothic architecture.

In the streets of Ishgard there is an armoured guard, and you can even see people breathing the cold air.

In addition to the epic city soundtrack (which, not surprisingly, also contains organ music), you get a specially designed cooling spoon when you walk through Ishgard.

12. Estar city

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

Here is the absolute monster of the city Final Fantasy VIII, which is canonically large enough to be a small country.

In a sense, only a solid camouflage system allows it to remain invisible to the outside world.

In fact, Estar City is so big that you can explore parts of the in the game.

But even with this limitation, you can still see that this scheme is technologically advanced (and I even mean advanced with the Final Fantasy standards).

Because the franchise is rightly based on a whimsical style, Estar City opts for a more futuristic approach to the genre.

Frankly, it’s less about the aesthetics of science fiction than fantasy with truly brilliant science.

But everything in town is screaming for technology, and the bright blue buildings and streets are just charging the energy!

11. City of Balambic

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

Another city, Final Fantasy VIII, claims a place on this list and takes us to the beautiful azure blue coast.

The architecture is characterised by the refined aesthetics expected of a spa, while remaining faithful to the picturesque landscape and atmosphere of the sea.

Not to mention that Balum’s emblematic garden is only a short walk away.

If this city existed in the real world, it would be full of tourists and timeshare.

10. Zanark and

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

Zanarkand. The city where machine and magic meet.

Spoiler alert (if you haven’t won this game yet, do it!): The noisy Zanarkand you see at the beginning of Final Fantasy X is just a dream, made of the memories of the long lost inhabitants.

The real version exists only in ruins, proof of its destruction.

At its peak, Zanarkand was a large metropolis, bigger and busier than New York.

For those who have played the game, the mere mention of Zanarkand can evoke bitter memories and a kind of song with a sharp soundtrack.

9. Village of black magicians

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)


In Final Fantasy IX we were very good at building big cities.

In Black Mage Village you’ll find a community of black magicians who simply want to live in peace for the rest of their lives.

The interaction with the residents can lead to a surprisingly lively dialogue that makes the place particularly memorable.

It was probably one of the smallest gambling settings. But that adds to the overall comfort and charm.

Come on, even houses have hats!

8. Lucas

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)


Then we have Luca, the port city in Final Fantasy X and really one of the first major cities you visit in the game.

If you sail to Luka, you’ll get a brilliant cut of the stage, culminating in the huge lightning ball stadium.

The stadium is located in the middle of the water and is only connected to the city by a large pier and several harbours.

You can even see the beautiful surroundings with its clear water and mountains covered with lush forests.

Luke is even better once you’re ashore, as you can finally explore the rest of this vibrant and prosperous city.

Although it is a big place, Luca feels almost overwhelmed by all the buildings.

What I really like about this design are the roofs, the sidewalks and the super-coloured interiors of the city.

I’m not sure what it is, but something about seaside resorts makes them so unforgettable in these games.

7. Niebelheim

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

You can visit this pleasant mountain village if you play Final Fantasy VII. And I’m warning you, in all honesty, the remake is great.

Originally, the city of Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart has an invisible atmosphere of role-playing villages with narrow paths, village buildings and enough NPCs to show that people live there.

However, it appears that the Shinra Electric Power Company uses this facade to cover up an incident many years ago.

Comparing this truth with the appearance of Nibelheim helps the city to stand out in this list.

6. Currency

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

You can explore this spectacular port city by playing Final Fantasy XIV: Storm blood, second extension for Final Fantasy XIV.

In the legend of the game, Coogane serves only port open to foreign ships, which accompanies the city to receive visitors from all over the world Hidaelina.

This seems tellingly appropriate, because the city seems huge and feels big with all the NCPs that populate the area.


And speaking of appearances, they’re in the shovels of this town.

Here you will find symmetrical empty buildings, tiled roofs and lanterns that make up most of the city’s lighting.

Design Kugane is a clear tribute to the Japanese style and architecture of the Edo period, albeit on a more ambitious scale.

This aesthetic is complemented by an urban soundtrack that helps to create an authentic atmosphere that changes even at sunrise and sunset.

5. Rabanaster

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)


This city, which opens the last fantasy of the 12th century, looks like an oasis in the middle of the literal desert.

The polished buildings of the Rabanastra leave an astonishing first impression. And the greenery that surrounds the city and gives it meaning really makes the buildings shine.

Moreover, the architectural style is a nod to the aesthetics of cities like Istanbul.

A walk through the streets of NPC gives this city a pleasant touch that makes it even livelier and an incredibly charming place to explore.

4. Academy

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)


Amazing city of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 that can easily compete with the city of Esthar as one of the most technologically advanced franchise settings.

I’m going to increase the 400 AF (the timing of the draw was an important point in this game).

Vibration Academia estimates that is very similar to -Megapolis, but with much more advanced technology than our real cities.

The achievements also seem to be well known, which helps to make them a little more credible.

There are smooth skyscrapers, busy streets, fashionable cars and automated paths.

It’s also very bright with lots of streetlights, billboards and coloured building lights.

I could imagine a place like New York or Tokyo, where one could reach the level of the academy in the next hundred years. And, frankly, that knowledge makes them even more memorable.


20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)


You can visit this Accordo capital while immersing yourself in an incredible world in Final Fantasy XV.

Altisia adopts the aesthetics of Venice and rotates the dial a thousand times.

The vast panorama of the Altisia offers breathtaking views of the waterfalls, canals and docks on several levels.

Fortunately, the builders have adopted Renaissance architecture with sufficient modernity to give it a unique character.

By the way, gondolas are everywhere!

If you’re travelling to Altisia, you might have to take a couple of mandatory gondola rides, and some fans really don’t like that.


But if you like this kind of aesthetics, you can get along with all the sights, sounds and people you can meet!

2. Lindblum

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)

Here is the last (I know, finally) of the Final Fantasy IX cities that will appear in this list

Lindblum is one of the brightest and most memorable places in the entire franchise.


Fans first aimed the city at the top of the mountain with Lindblum’s apricot-coloured potting soil.

The zeppelins can be seen from afar in the sky of the city, and through your entrance you can see the technological wonders of this colony.

Lindblum is definitely buying the Stypunk aesthetic.

It is a beautiful place with colorful streets and well-designed buildings. The general atmosphere is also very lively, with the NPC in the streets and much to discover.

1. Medium Cooking

20 Best Towns & Cities in Final Fantasy (All Games)


Midgar, perhaps the most emblematic city of the franchise, is the starting point of the last Fantasy VII.

It’s just that the metal industry is so brutal everywhere and only for the places that matter, bright light.

The urban structure really stands out: A metropolis for the powerful stands on the top plate, while everything underneath sinks into the slums.

And since Midgar’s energy needs have turned the neighborhood into a desert, there’s nothing to see outside the city.

The Midgar concept has everything that makes the game unique.

The dual architecture embodies the division of society between rich and poor, new and old, and even between good and evil.

The fact that it serves as a home for both Shinra Electric (the embodiment of business evil) and AVALANCHE (little boys trying to do the right thing) makes us think.

Fans around the world should be excited about the incredible remake of FF7 that brings Midgar back and makes it even more incredible than ever.



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