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20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

No wizard is complete without his trusted staff.

These mystical weapons, often enchanted by powerful spells, can destroy or confuse a group of enemies if used correctly. Some sticks are incredibly powerful and require an experienced wizard to equip them, which means that the quality of the sticks depends on the owner.

But some chopsticks you’ll find on Skyrim are very charming, and you could do yourself a favour by getting your hands on one.

20. Staff of Girik Galdurson

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


This mighty staff once belonged to Girik Galdurson, the ruler of dragons, who appears in Winterholder College quests.

He was best known for his axe qualities, so the staff was never used in battle.

However, the stick itself is , a very powerfulmagic weapon that causes 25 regular damage and twice as much magical damage.

Staff can be looted from the room where Galdursson is if the player kills him during the search. The damage caused by these weapons is considered minor.

19. Chalk Eye

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


Melki’s eye is a beautiful, angry-looking staff that you can find in Skyrim.

It damages the fireball, and although the wand simply mimics the usual fireball spell, it remains one of the most valuable sticks a wizard can keep in the game. Especially for those who love fire magic.


The prize is awarded after the release of Chalky and the murder of Petra.

The wand itself can be sold for over 1,000 septies in most places around Skyrim, so you can get it even if the Born Dragon isn’t ready to study the serious arts of magic.

18. Firewall board

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


That is why this rod must be directed towards the ground before pouring, because an enormous flame wall is created which absorbs everything next to it.

As you can imagine, this belongs to the school of destruction, that is, the higher the level of the player, the less charge he will use.

It is a powerful stick that is modelled after the Wall of Fire spell, but it requires loads instead of magic.

At launch, the Wall of Flame inflicts 50 damage per second on each unit in its path. As you can imagine, that would leave a severe burn.

17. Corrected skull

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


Corrupt Skull is a pretty unique team. It damages enemies with a roll of 20 units, but can inflict up to 50 damage points if the owner dreams them.

Yeah, you read it right: You have to ask the staff to collect dreams of those who sleep to make them stronger.

The staff can be purchased from Dawnstar during the Awakening Nightmare search.

One of the best places to collect dreams and recharge the staff is Winterhold College, in the magical rooms where most people sleep at night. Wink.

The staff is also quite expensive, so those who are not wizards might want to earn a few sepptimums.

16. Wabbajack

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

Wabbajak is Daedric’s Shigorat Lord’s staff, making it one of Daedric’s best artifacts in the game.

The mad God has endowed this stick with a mad charm, so its effect on the target cannot be predicted.

It can be a useful spell or inflict eternal damage on the enemy. In fact, in battle it’s only a matter of dice, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk.

If you want to try it out, the staff will be provided by Szegorta Mind Madness after the search.

15. Wrath of staff witches

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


The Wall of the Torn is almost a copy of the firewall staff.

It creates a wall of flames instead of the target, and absorbs everything around it and handles 50 damages per second. Staff will be available in the Black Tower as soon as the search for repentance has been completed.

Illya, the owner, can be connected or replaced if you want to be more honest.

You can kill Illya if you want, because she’ll give up her staff after she’s dead. So if you’re looking for the opposite of fair play…

14. Dragon Rod (Light Wall)

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

The Charge Staff does the same job as the Wrath Staff, but it throws up a wall of storm that damages everything in its path by 50 impact points.

The staff often belongs to Dragon Priests, so you’ll have to kill one or two of these creatures before you can find one yourself.

It’s worth a try, because you never want to give up the power of lightning.

13. Dragon personnel (Firewall)

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

It looks a lot like the Stick of Wrath of the Kaga and the Stick of the Wall of Fire, but the design is unique because it belongs to the Dragon Priests of all Skyrim.

Like his kind, the Wall of Light, he can only be reached by killing the dragon priest and looting his body. So you’re gonna have to make quite a journey to catch this bad boy.

As you can imagine, the best way to use this stick is to spray it on the ground to prevent enemies from getting through or to damage a group of enemies.

12. Ice skewer stick

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

The ice lance casts an incredibly powerful shadow of ice over everything you aim for.

It adds 60 freezing points to the target and damages the health and stamina of the enemy. So this thing is pretty monstrous!

The staff itself is incredibly expensive and can be sold for almost 3,000 allocated resources if needed.

The shape resembles the two poles of the dragon priest and can only be found in the interior of the sanctuary.

11. Technical personnel

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


The Burning Staff is not a unique stick, but it remains a very powerful magical utensil that can only be found once the Born Dragon level 20 is passed.

It mimics the Spell of Burn Destruction, which means that the higher the player’s level in the Art of Destruction, the less cargo he loses.

Many sell this magic wand once the player is high enough, but the price of 2750 turns makes it unsuitable for poor wizards.

10. Deadrick’s Team

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

Here we settle in the conjugation school with Deadrick’s headquarters.

It allows players to summon the mighty creatures of Deadra from the depths of oblivion and force them to fight side by side on the battlefield.

This stick can be found in the sanctuary of Daedric Lord Mehrunes if you’re willing to take a risk there, and is available while the player completes the quest pieces from the past.

There are also personnel who are looted by high-ranking enemies, although this is rare.

It can also be made with Dragonborn DLC heart stones.

9. Shower fishermen

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

Although not very powerful, this staff is incredibly helpful.

This allows the owner of the spell to enchant any creature, and if the enchanted creature dies within 60 seconds of the spell, his soul will be used to fill the soul jewel.

You can combine the Soul Collector’s stick with another stick or use it with a sword if you want to play as a magician in battles.

Either way, you can buy a stick at Winterhold College, or you can use Skyrim to find it in the vaults for random robberies, or to take it down from enemies. It’s not a rare disease, so you may want to do research rather than spend time creating it.

8. Frosty Atronach Personnel

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

With the Frost Atronah wand, you can summon the powerful Frost Atronah, who can move quickly through battle and attack enemies.

This impressive creature inflicts frost damage on enemies and helps the player for 60 seconds before disappearing. The staff belongs to the school of conjugation, and it’s not as rare as one might think.

You can steal one of these poles at Winterhold College, and in some crates at the end of the dungeon they are also in a state of looting.

Anyway, the most powerful magicians in the game have the ability to drop the stick of Frost Atronach if they are killed, so it will probably happen to one of them.

7. Rod killed Zombie

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

The Dread Zombie staff is another powerful state that isn’t hard to get, as it was abandoned as a random robbery and sold a pair of Winterhold College masters.

The staff itself allows players to summon a powerful corpse from the grave and fight next to you for a whole minute before returning to the corpse state.

If you don’t mind fighting dead bodies, this is certainly a stick for you, my young wizard.

6. Atronach Response Personnel

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

Just like the magic wand of Frost Atronach, you can use this baby to summon the powerful Storm Atron for 60 seconds.

It’s a great ability to fight like a magician.

To do this, you must have access to the Forge of Atrons. However, after the installation of DLC, the staff will also be sold by magicians from the College of Winterhold and other areas of Skyrim.

5. Outgoing personnel

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)

The exile pole is one of the most expensive keys in the game.

These weapons can be bought from traders (who often sell them for a high price), or you can find them in certain containers as extremely rare prey. A stick is thrown at the summoned grandfather, and fate sends them back to the depths of oblivion – where they should be!

The only way to make this wand with the Dragonborn extension is by using the 4 heart stones in Nellota’s magic wand, located in Tel Mitrine.

4. Inspiring personnel

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


Inspiring staff is the best Skyrim has to offer.

This powerful weapon should only be thrown at friends because it increases their stamina and health and unites them to fight with even more enthusiasm.


It also makes any target incapable of escaping within 60 seconds, making it much more likely that the target will fight to the death.

But don’t cast this spell on your enemies!

This will make them stronger and increase their stamina by preventing them from leaving you until they die.

3. Bloody Pink

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


The Bloody Rose is one of the many artifacts of Deedric that can be found in Skyrim.

It’s from Dadrick Lord Sanguin, leader of the Dark Brotherhood.


You can obtain staff once you reach level 14 by completing the search A Night to Remember.

This powerful Deadrick artifact is one of the best sticks in the game, because it is likely to cause a level Dremora. As you can imagine, she follows the same formula as the others: she fights at your side for a whole minute before she falls back into oblivion.

However, remember that Dremora can not be used to fill the gemstones of the soul, but is only useful in battle.

2. Magnus stick

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


The magic wand of Magnus deserves its name because it would be the only magic wand that could hold Magnus, the god of magic.

At the beginning of the game it belongs to the dragon priest, who is called Morokei.

Essentially, you have to destroy Morokaiah to get your hands on this ancient and powerful relic. But once you do, you can never go back.

The wand absorbs 20, magic per second , unless the target leaves the magic, in which case the wand takes the health of the target. Yeah, it’s pretty intense.

1. Miraaca Headquarters

20 Best Staves of Skyrim (Ranked)


So if you think Magnus’s cane was cool, look at Miraak’s cane. This is a unique weapon that can only be obtained if you have downloaded Dragonborn DLC.

He’s from Miraqi, and you have to kill him and loot him to get the staff.

In battle, these weapons cause poisonous tentacles on the ground, wherever a spell attacks nearby enemies, preventing them from moving to where they were made.

Miraak’s staff is ideal if you’re surrounded by large groups of enemies, as it can be used to separate the groups and prevent them from attacking you all at once.



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