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20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II

Buddy, herinner je je al die lange nachten die we in de kerkers van Torch 2 hebben doorgebracht? Good times, very good times!

But what makes Torchlight 2 such an underestimated and icy classic, almost ten years after its release?

There’s a reason for that: Diablo’s actually doing better than Blizzard Diablo today.

If you add to that the open support of the Runic Games developer so that modders can do whatever they want anywhere in the game, we have a name that, despite the many smiles and losses that have appeared since then, is still surprisingly fresh.

In honor of Torchlight 2, which will probably survive for decades if our brains revolve around porridge, here are some of the best mods for the game that can be downloaded, installed and used absolutely free for as long as you like.

20. 8 MPPlayer

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

Let’s talk about an old-fashioned cheekbone!

For players who were there when they played the multiplayer game on their PC, which meant they had to carry heavy installations and connect them to their buddy’s computer via LAN cables, Torchlight 2’s eight-player multiplayer mode is a nice allusion to mental inspiration.

After all, robberies are a lot more fun when you’re killing lunatics next to your friends!

A warning: As with authentic LAN games, you need to make sure your gaming equipment is strong enough to handle all those games with a lot of energy.

Good luck!

19. Teologist class

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


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A remarkable thing about the Torchlight 2 modding community that few people mention is that these modders simply don’t publish a fashion for it.

More than just cosmetics, many of the modes actually add a significant proportion of to the total cost of reproducibility.


Classes, for example, are a good example of what players can enjoy with mods.

The class of theologians is above all something that could leave the world of the torch.

Theolentist offers a refreshing view on modern RPG systems where specialization is just as important as flexibility. And if you like the class structure, it’s a great addition to your game.

18. Non-thermal class

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

Necromancer, you say?

Poe-lysis. How about something creepy?

Fortunately, the Dutch class was upgraded about a year after the release of Torchlight 2.

With skills that allow your avatar to teleport into space at breakneck speed, this sounds particularly exciting.

And we all know that the influence of Lovecraft is still a blessing for role-playing, right?

Because of Netherman’s capabilities, players have commented on how almost anyone can overload their avatar.

But come on. How is it possible not to play all video games?

Mission accomplished, if you ask me!

17. Better bleeding

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

I can imagine what you’re asking right now: Why is this mod on the list?

Well, because, like everything else, dear reader, sometimes a little dirty and… Well, the blood makes it all more real than it deserves!

16. Packaging for the Far East

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

East: Land of mysticism and magic… until the Internet destroyed it for us.

Who would have thought that people on the other side of the world would be as worried as we are?


Here is of course an excerpt of why we mention the fashion for Far East Packs: Basically, all archetypes of oriental martial artists are represented here, from the old reliable ninja abroad, a class that seems to juggle well with weapons and magic, despite its anachronism (the monster hunting class, however, is simply strange).

15. Martial arts

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

Sure, ninjas are cool and everything, but for some people they’re not just… Murderous enough, I suppose?

In short, this is the fashion for you: a course inspired by the aesthetics and fighting style of Shonen manga, anime and everything Otaku is.

Come on, this fashion is called Otaku’s fighting class for a reason!

14. Extra short

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

Playing Torchlight 2 is quite long and the chance of getting into the dungeons starts to increase immediately.

Extra Chunky tries to remedy this by making your caves and catacombs more varied. Well, if we can hone the relationship as easily as we can here…

13. Starter animals [extended]

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

Even in the vanilla Torchlight 2, the large selection of pets in the game is a disgrace to any role-playing game that could only bring your dog to life alongside your character.

The Extended Pet Starter Pack can use a balloon for up to 21 types of pets, including zombies, crabs or skulls.

Nobody said these animals had to be cute in the first place.

12. Minipure card

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

You know the first thing I thought about when I discovered this fashion?

Finally a fashion on the map that really shows where I can go! It should have been from the beginning, but now there’s no point in complaining.

There’s definitely something obligatory in my book.

11, WoW Paladin style

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

Do we agree that every role-playing game that presents itself should have a Paladin lesson?

Well, a modernist was so excited about it that he not only added the Paladin class, but also the World of Warcraft model itself?

Includes all balances and elbows that match the character.


It is these projects that make the Torchlight 2 community so exciting.

10. Excellent grades

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II

Highlight this mode.

Okay, so ninjas and paladins are classrooms and stuff.

But every hardcore role-playing game nerd knows that some players simply won’t play the game if they don’t use this class as their main line.


Don’t worry about it.

This enterprising Moderator has mainly collected what makes the coolest classes in the Torchlight Moderator community!

They’ve got cots here. It’s the Dragon Prince.

There’s even a Dread Pirate class if you still want to play the role of Jack Sparrow.

Can we call it fashion now, something for everyone?

9. Passport guidelines

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

This fashion largely corresponds to the way Oprah distributed dresses to her studio audience at the time.

For example, do you want more bits? Here are some more articles for you! And you! And you!

This mud essentially contained 29 new blocks for all search fields.

It will also not surprise anyone that the moderator identified himself as a collaborator of Runic Games and actually downloaded the mode as a final hurrah for the first torch before the release of the sequel.

Now it’s really about playing games as a favor.

8. Arkham and the Ripper Arsenal

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II

Highlight this mode.

The Arkham and Ripper Arsenal kits have been popular in the Torchlight modelling community for many years.

And what would happen if two of the best-known fashion trends were combined in one easy-to-use package?

It’s just awful!

Using elements inspired by other classic video games such as Warhammer, Elder Scrolls and Warcraft III, this should breathe new life into players who play Torchlight from day one.

7. Synergistic activity

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II

Highlight this mode.

Oh, the loot.

We know this virtual thing isn’t real.

But if we don’t treat them like real people, what’s the point of crushing them?

When shooting from Synergy mode, HIGHLOOT mode doesn’t play a part: each killed monster just throws no more loot than normal, players also get rare loot in pedestal and scroll bonuses.

Hasn’t the hunt for elite samples become less routine?

6. Endless dungeon

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

So you think you can beat anything with a vanilla burner?

If you manage to beat in an ultra stiff game mode, you can earn first-class rights to brag about your efforts.

The Endless Dungeon mod includes the Eternal Kingdom, a giant challenge of 26 stories that starts at the player level and only gets into trouble when you go down.

So, are you happy to play partially through the modem, or are you going to behave like a complete fraud and see how long you can survive this virtual hell, just like the old school computer players used to do?

Play as you like.

5. JPCC HUD package

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II

Highlight this mode.

A real conversation: For some players, nothing is better than seeing a dirty HUD.

Do you think you can improve your own game interface?

Well, you can try to hack it yourself… or better yet, just download this fashion collection and get rid of the headache!

The JPCC HUD package brings together all kinds of improvements to the user interface for vanilla flashlights, from the display of devices to the ability to turn off the HUD. If you really want to feel like a cool adventurer.

4. Boss’s safes

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II

Highlight this mode.

If you need a little more persuasion, yeah, you can never have enough MOAR LOOT!

Of course, it can also work in another way: if it allows players like you to win a reward for all your efforts and extermination!

As the name suggests, it essentially gives you the freedom to enjoy the shame of the wealth you could otherwise only obtain through a high-level boss fight.

Even a normal boss who fights manticors or alchemists can be caught on 30 gold coins. Get the cream, man!


20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II

Highlight this mode.

More money, more problems apply to both video games and real life.

You don’t believe me?

Now that you can get all the loot, why don’t you bring them all to your town?

This mod offers a simple solution: simply increase the number of pages with an inventory.

First of all, your avatar and your pet get ten pages of material right away, and that doesn’t even include the pages of consumables and magic rolls.

If you think stock management is the most boring task you can do in a role-playing game, who isn’t?

Then you must understand why we put BAGMOD at the top of the list.

2. Synergy MOD

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

If we’re talking about flare mode, we can’t do without it.

The SynergiesMOD package is a complete revolution of the basic game.

It has new cities, new ways of complexity, new classes, new systems of creation… For God’s sake, call him, this mode must have it!

It is not for nothing that it has been recognized by publications such as PC Gamer: It contains enough material to make you feel like you’re playing a brand new version of Torchlight, but familiar enough not to completely alienate you from it all.

1. Burner units II

20 Best Free Modes for Torchlight II


Highlight this mode.

Although SynergiesMOD is already quite complete, the Essentials package… Well, frankly, more complete.

And not just because the fashion designer decided to call them essential.

Basically, it contains all the mods the community voted for and you can’t live without.

So he’s got the fashion for prices, level planning, objects, pets, balance merchants… Work.


Oh, and before I forget, the mod pack also has options to customize the texture and user interface.

You know, because graphics and framerates are doomed, but a bad user interface is just unforgivable.

Have you found the mod that suits your playing style in this list?

Whatever fashion you choose, use it as long as it makes you happy when you’re sharpening and looting.



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