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20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

The food: The fuel that keeps you alive. The energy that restores those empty rods that were lost in the Creeper explosions and the skeleton arrows.

And the most desirable type of items in the game. Food is the most important element in Minecraft, because it keeps you alive and (in some cases) helps to catch those useful amateurs.

Finding the best food will help you keep your character for a few days, as a pile of the best food doesn’t need to be recharged quickly.

I’ve reviewed and organized my selection of the best food you can find at Mincraft, and I’ll tell you a little more about them and how to get them.

I’m going to focus on the food you fill, which means that some of the saturation levels on these food scanners are quite low. Biscuits, cakes and pumpkin pie are the main foods on this list, which you know are not very satirical. But they do an incredible amount of work by filling these empty bars with food, giving them a well-deserved place on the list.

20. Roots

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Roots may not be the biggest source of famine in the game, but they are very easy to take care of once you have one in your inventory.

They can usually be found in most villages, on wrecks or even in dungeon cases (including mine shafts!).

Roots deserve a place on this list because you can plant one root to get 5 extra roots. So it’s a kind of rabbit that reproduces very quickly. But if you’re serious about rabbits, they’re known to love carrots.

You can also use carrots to make the legendary golden carrots, which are much more useful than their main analogue. Indeed, the gold class has a high saturation of in addition to the hungry bars it fills.

Carrots are one of the foods you like to eat on a red stone farm and can also be used to attract and raise pigs and rabbits.

19. Apple

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Apples are not in themselves the most popular food, simply because they are not as readily available as carrots, potatoes or even most types of meat. But one apple a day, something that eats apples well.

They fall when the oaks (or more precisely their leaves) are broken. And you grow four food points, which are added to the bars of your total value.

Did you also know that apples can accelerate the growth of horses?

You can benefit from this if you want to speed up the breeding of the perfect racehorse, because it takes a long time before small horses reach adulthood.

18. Rabbit cooked

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Since rabbit was introduced half a decade ago, rabbit meat has become a popular dish that people like to take with them.

Especially if you want your farm to climb a mountain.

Because rabbits can be raised on roots, it’s not difficult to get the items you need to help your little friends multiply.

17. Cooked cod

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Do you remember that the cod model was one of the few fish you could get into the game?

Those days are long gone and today the cod itself has become a very popular food and is easy to grow on farms.

Cooked cod restores 5 common health points and gives a saturation of 6, making it one of the smartest things to get stuck in the esophagus.

To find a cod, you just throw away the rod.

Or you can also find these little fish in various hidden boxes all over the world in Minecraft.

You can also stack them, so don’t forget to cook the fish and keep it ready for your adventure!

16. Bread

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

The bread. The food that precedes many of the modern and stranger options on this list.

Bread can be made simply by combining wheat, making it one of each player’s favorite options.

But given the ease with which farming is practised, it is also good for people who simply cannot look after their own livestock.

Although cod is slightly tastier than bread, it’s so easy to get hold of that thing that it’s actually a much better way to store and eat it.

Think about it: You can replenish your stock by going to your seed company.

15. Leaf potatoes

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Potatoes can be quite difficult to obtain because you have to find the village or the dungeon where they are.

However, once you receive one of these delicacies, they will remain available in packs if you set up a farm to produce them.

Potatoes can be cooked quickly and many starving points can be restored, as well as providing good saturation points.

You can get a bouquet if you let them grow next to the water, so go ahead and plant as much as you like – your nutritional problems are solved in 30 minutes.

14. Suspect Stew

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

It’s probably the smallest item on that list, but it has to be said.

Suspect stew is a very simple dish that can be cooked in a pile if you have a lot of mushrooms.

As you would expect from braised meat, it should be cooked with a few mushrooms and any flowers in nature.

It restores 6 hunger points, which is very good, but it is interesting to note that there is also a random effect. What effect can you ask? Nobody knows that!

I think that’s why it’s suspicious stew.

13. Mushroom stew

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Mushroom stew is superior to the suspicious stew on this list because it doesn’t have the potential to give you negative effects if you eat it.

It restores the same number of hunger points as the magic analog, so choose this option if you’re a little risk-averse.

12. Cooked salmon

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

If you run into a salmon mafia, this is the best way to cook salmon. They can spawn anywhere in most types of water.

Cooked salmon satisfies hunger even more than cod and is one of the best seafood available in the Minecraft.

Make sure you know how to cook it before you go fishing.

11. Cooked lamb

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Lamb cannot restore hunger like cooked beef or chicken, but the addition of sheep as food was one of the best innovations we’ve had.

You won’t feel guilty about killing sheep instead of shearing them.

Okay, maybe not the best excuse, but come on, the player has to eat.

10. Pre-cooked chickens

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

It is amusing to practically name, produce and entertain chicken farms, given the small size of the chickens. Not to mention the fact that they can’t fly away if you block them.

So cooked chicken is one of the best items you can keep in your inventory if you want many hungry people to eat at the same time.

You don’t even have to follow the path to the farm if you can find some chickens in the wild. But maybe you can spare him and try to be a vegetarian.

9. Bet soup

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

The time when mushroom stew was the only non-hard food that could be eaten with game is long gone.

Since the introduction of the turnip, which is itself a rather meagre famine restorer, the turnip march has started with a 6-point restoration and an astonishing saturation that comes with it.

This delicious drink can, as planned, be cooked with a bowl and 6 beets. Dwight Schrute would be so proud.

8. Pie

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

You’d think a piece of cake would cause a huge famine. For some reason, this dessert has exactly the opposite effect.

However, since you can put the cake on the ground and eat it quickly by sending spam with the right mouse button, the cake is one of the most effective elements of the game if you want to instantly restore your whole hungry bar.

It’s quite difficult because he needs eggs, milk, sugar and wheat. But one of these treats will save your heart for a few extra miles.

7. Pumpkin pie

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Here’s another treat made with sugar, eggs and pumpkin.

Pumpkin pie wasn’t originally in the game when Minecraft came out. But it is a welcome addition to many other novel foods.

It restores the 8 permanent hunger points and offers a satiation worthy of the name. And even if it’s not the most common food you carry with you, the hunger won’t be a problem if you keep a little.

6. Gold core

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Golden carrots can be made from regular carrots and 9 golden nuggets. This means you can get one gold core per gold bar, so it will take some time.

It’s one of three golden foods in the game, and although it only collects 6 hunger points, it gives you a satiety boost of over 14!

These gold bars may not be as easy to obtain as other products. But they offer a hell of a chance for your dollar!

5. Steak

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Contrary to popular belief, steak is not the most effective meat to satisfy hunger.

Steak and cooked pork chops get the same number of points and offer the same degree of saturation, although in some cases it may be more difficult to get a steak.

Steak is an excellent feed to take with you if you have a cow farm.

Cows are also very easy to lift, especially at an early stage when you may not have what it takes to start a pig operation.

A pile of steaks will last a long time, no matter how big or small your adventure.

4. Cooked pork

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Like steak, cooked pork chops get back more than 12 saturation points and 8 hunger points.

Cooked pork chops and steaks are the best game meat products when it comes to how easy they are to obtain. While other foods are much more effective, you can take a stack of these two meat products with you shortly after entering a new world.

You can also breed pigs with carrots, so make sure you have a carrot farm before collecting these pigs for meat.

3. Rabbit stew

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

Look, rabbit stew.

It may not be an ordinary dish or the most popular Minecraft fandom dish, but rabbit stew is the best type of food in the wild when it comes to restoring hunger.

If you eat one of these stews, you get 5 full bars of hungry, which gives you 10 points.

The only drawback of rabbit stew is that it is not as rich as steak or boiled pork chops, but it is a step forward in terms of the overall quality of the dishes.

2. Golden Apple

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

The Golden Apple is the first legendary food in the game. It has been used for many years in the fight against the Ender Dragon, and players often prefer the golden apple to many other things.

Golden apples heal within 2 minutes after consumption. It also prevents as much damage as you could suffer without eating it, so it adds a protective buffer and regenerative healing effect.

All you need is an apple and 8 gold bars. So your main goal, if you want to get your hands on one of them, is to grow as much gold as possible.

Don’t forget that you can find golden apples even in hidden crates, but they’re not as common as you’d like.

1. Enchanted Golden Apple

20 Best Food Products in Minecraft, Ranked

The Enchanted Golden Apple is the rarest and most effective food in the game.

This is an improved version of the traditional Golden Apple, but you should use Golden Blocks instead of Golden Rods. This makes it a much rarer and much more expensive item for a pig.

Unlike an ordinary apple, where you get Absorption 1 for a few minutes, the enchanted Absorption 4 option gives you Absorption 4 and much better health regeneration.

If you really want to catch this rarity, you can check the hermitages, because they are known to spawn.



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