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18 Best RPGs for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

18 Best RPGs for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Just like Little Mac in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, never underestimate Nintendo Switch. When the system was released, it seemed to be primarily intended for random players, although it did include some groundbreaking role-playing games like Breath of the Wild. Over the years, however, Nintendo has added a number of impressive role-playing games that even the most demanding collector will appreciate.

Whether you like JRPG, AAA western games or retro/indie role-playing games, there’s something for you on the counter. Here is our list of the 18 best role-play switches, showing the wide range of this small power plant.

17 Pokémon Sword and Shield

Date of first publication November 2019
Developer A gambling enthusiast
Publishing house Company Pokemon, Nintendo

Pokémon sword and shield, bronze statue: TechRadar

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are the newest role-playing games in the Pokémon universe. As in previous articles, The Sword and Shield tells the story of a Pokémon coach’s journey to become an absolute champion.

While some die-hard fans find this story mediocre compared to previous games, Pokemon Sword and Shield is rightly considered one of the best role-playing games to date, thanks to its intriguing gameplay loop. The games have a new solid Pokemon design, beautiful graphics, beautiful music and a new fighting mechanism called Dynamaxing.

We didn’t include this game in the list above because, unlike Pokemon Sun andMoon, which seemed to be a step in the right direction for the series, the sword and shield felt like they were hitting the board. Games aren’t bad in themselves, but they don’t do enough to be great. The games aren’t flawless, but they can provide a solid foundation for future generations of Pokémon. At the same time, we are sure that fans of the series and random players will appreciate it.

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16 Horn of the ocean: Sterile sea monsters

Date of first publication June 2017
Developer Cornfox & Bros.
Publishing house FDG Entertainment

If you spend as much time arguing with strangers on the Internet as I do, you’ll find that not everyone is a fan of The Legend of Zelda: The breath of nature. It’s inspired by other Zelda games, and it certainly has something of Assassin’s Creed Ubisoft.

I think a lot of people slept on the ocean cone and I’m glad I decided to give it a try. It’s not real, but it’s fun to watch the cover band Legend of Zelda.

It contains the best elements of Legend of Zelda:. Wind Waker and link to the past, and update the map. The Legend of Zelda format isn’t new, but if it’s not broken, why fix it?

The Oceanhorn will not be stingy of fun, despite its low price, and it will allow you to control your addiction to Zelda until the release of the remake of Awakening Link in September. Overall, Oceanhorn is currently one of the best roles for change.

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Date of first publication September 2017
Developer Side games
Publishing house Side games

There are two types of golf games: Golf simulators with famous golfers, photorealistic images that are meticulously faithful to the life of physics, and the second kind of golf games that are fun to play. The story of this Switch role-playing game is quite simple, but it does a useful job, and the characters are very good at dealing with really wonderful highlights like your coach.

It is fun to write without too much effort and I discovered that I was actually interested in hieroglyphs. There is a lot of material and secrets, and each lesson is a kind of task to keep it fresh.

The mechanics of golf is so deep that I forgot I’m acting, and you’ll certainly be on the edge of your seat in tournaments. You will want to play several times on each course, which gives the Golf Story excellent reproducibility. This is a fun role-playing game with a big kick for your dollar.

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Date of first publication 18. October 2018
Developer FromSoftware
Publishing house BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Despite the Mature Souls rating, Dark Souls is the first hardcore RPG played by many younger players. It is also one of the available satellite games on the switch.

The remastered version contains Artorias of Abyss DLC and graphics, which is useful because the huge budgets 2 and 3 have visually increased the expectations of the series and the original is not old enough to get a free pass out of nostalgia.

If you think games are too easy these days, and you’ve missed that formative period name on other systems, you have to give Dark Souls a remastered attempt.

Many have claimed to have defeated the original, but we all know that this world is full of liars. Pick him up at the counter and get a street credit right away. This is definitely one of the best alternative role-playing games for any serious player. Creating peace and telling stories in dark souls 1 is amazing.

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Date of first publication September 2018
Developer 8-4, LLC
Publishing house 8-4

In case you missed it, this is one of the biggest independent role-playing games of recent years. Like Stardeve Valley, it is hard to believe that it was built by a team of one-man virgins.

If you usually pass independent role-playing games, because their old-school battle with old-school graphics coincides, Undertale is for you. The only way to clearly describe a fight in Undertale is.

It’s like a step-by-step joystick and like an arcade cannonball joystick. It never gets old, and it has been very well received by video game critics.

Even critics have to respect you. Also, the context in general is similar to the series Earthbound/Mother, which was very good for western fans because we only had to play Earthbound 3 in the US. As a fan of role-playing games, you should watch this game.

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  • Xenoblein Chronicle 18 Best RPGs for Nintendo Switch in 2020. Top 10 Best JRPGs you can’t miss – We’ve selected 10 JRPG games that we think are the best, from classics like Earthbound and Chrono Trigger to modern games like Persona 4 Ni No Kuni II.
Date of first publication July 2018
Developer Anix Square, LAPD.
Publishing house Nintendo

Number 11 on our list of the best role-playing games for job change is Octopath Traveller. Octopath Traveler’s artistic style is so amazing that even if you’re not a fan of JRPG with a 16-bit aesthetic, you should still try it.

It has a very long campaign with an episodic format that breaks it down into easily digestible pieces. Although Octopate has a fixed perspective, the unique way it exploits the foreground and background makes it a cutout compared to other fake 3D role-playing games.

It’s fun to mix 8 different characters, even though some of them have special skills that make them indispensable. Fights are fun, although there are still times when you want to be able to take evasive measures to reduce the frequency of encounters.

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11 Chronicles on Xenobblade 2

Date of first publication July 2018
Developer Anix Square, LAPD.
Publishing house Nintendo

While Nintendo Switch will be a great place to find Western AAA role-playing games, there are great JRPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that compete with the best Sony has to offer.

There is an open, strange and unique world, which is satisfying when another strange fight takes place, and a story that makes sense (unlike many JRPGs which, frankly, can be confusing for many Western actors).

It contains a ton of CSD, including an almost complete suite. If the JRPG is not your thing in normal times, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an excellent entry into the genre, avoiding many of the usual trophies that the western public complains about in the JRPG, and also getting a lot of high scores.

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10 Elders of parchment V: Skyrim

Date of first publication November 2017
Developer Bethesda Game Studio
Publishing house Bethesda Softworks

A productive modifier community has supported the latest version of The Elder Scrolls on the PC for most of the decade, but Vanilla Skyrim is a great addition to the Switch’s library of top class role-playing games.

You can pay the full price again, but at least the Switch version includes all official DLCs and some Legend of Zelda related devices.

Supporting traffic control also brings urgent improvements to the system, which cannot be identified before 2019. Since apparently we won’t see anything near Parchment VI, a return to Skyrim could make the waiting bearable. In anticipation of the inevitable sequel to the virtual shelves, this is one of the best trading RPG’s you’ll be able to find right now.

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Date of first publication March 2019
Developer Place Enix Co. LTD
Publishing house Anix-square

Question of age: Is it Aerys or Aerys? I don’t know, I’ll let the philosophers think about it while I put the money in the gold platter.

The Fantasy VII final had an absolutely insane marketing budget with one of the best TV commercials for video games, and that made the original Sony Playstation a must-have console for role-playing fans.

The graphics may seem outdated, but the stocky and cheerful style remains emblematic. Since there is no remake of Final Fantasy VII for Switch, fans will have to do with the original version.

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Date of first publication October 2017
Publishing house Nintendo

If you need a break from some of the heavy names on this list, try the Fire Emblem Warriors. It is a fast and entertaining action RPG in the Bitma-em-em style, where the world of firearms is filled in the format of Dynasty Warriors.

We also added a firearm: Three houses on the list because these two games are very different in gameplay. While Warriors is a hacker, the Three Houses offer a more tactical experience.

There is a lot of DLC, a good selection of stages, and trying different combinations of heroes keeps things fresh.

If you’re tired of managing crops and maintaining good relations with your neighbours, nobody does an ill-considered murder like KOEI TECMO.

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Date of first publication June 2019
Developer Repeatedly
Publishing house Anix-square

Next on our list of best role-playing games is Mana Collection. This nostalgic collection of three old-fashioned 16-bit role-playing games invites you on a journey into the past.

I was playing Secret of Mana on Super Nintendo when it came out, and when we got the multi-button control that allowed us to use three controllers, it was an incredible sense of sharing on the bank.

I would only buy this collection for SOM, but the fact that it contains an English sequel that has never been seen before makes it a must for any fan of the classic era of console role-playing games.

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6 Logo of the fire: Three houses

Date of first publication July 2019
Developer Intelligent systems, Cow Tecmo
Publishing house Nintendo

Emblem of the flame: Three houses are undoubtedly one of the best RPG switches. The console and the game form a heavenly couple. In this tactical role-playing game the players can play the role of the teacher who has to lead one of the three classes. Each class has a slightly different story and unique sensations that add value to the game.

What’s more, the game is absolutely fantastic for setting things in motion. Each battlefield is a pleasure to explore thanks to its grid system and its unique character and landscaping. Although it may take some time to fully experience this game (about 40 hours), we think the fire emblem is worth it.

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5 South Park’s Truth base

Date of first publication September 2018
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Publishing house Ubisoft

Wow. Of course, if you think Nintendo’s switch is for kids, you’ve never played South Park before: The truth stick.

This turn-based tactical role-playing game (and the equally funny sequel to South Park: The Fractured But Whole), based on the hit Smash series, could easily have been taken away from their loyal fans, but it’s much more than that.

Even if you’ve never seen the show, take the stick out of the truth – it’s just fun. I’ve never played a game that was so badly played by the main character (and the player), and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

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Date of first publication February 2018
Developer Section Enix 5 Square Affairs
Publishing house Anix-square

If you’re a fan of all those Minecraft mods that add more story and RPG elements to the base game, then the builders of Dragon Quest are for you. She combines one of her favorite role-playing games with the greatest popular force of all time, and surprisingly, in the end she does justice to both.

The building mechanics is impressively deep, the boss fights in the final phase is amazing, and the dialogue is hilarious. It is one of my favorite trade RPGs, and I played the main quest to relieve the pain of having to wait a few weeks for the release of Dragon Quest Builders 2.

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3 The legend of Zelda: Wild Breath

Date of first publication February 2018
Developer Section Enix 5 Square Affairs
Publishing house Anix-square

The legend of Zelda: The breath of the wilderness, the source of the images: Nintendo

It’s solid. The graphics are amazing, especially considering that the switch is relatively weak compared to other consoles. While The Legend of Zelda has always been a role-playing game open to the world, Breath of the Wild is different in that the whole map is open to you from the start.

After the training you can go anywhere where there are no artificial barriers (looking for hammers, bracelets, etc.) from previous entries in the series.

If you haven’t played since the release, you are dealing with an absolutely huge amount of DLC. In fact, the development team has planned so many CSDs that they have hidden much of them to form the basis of a recently announced suite.

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Date of first publication October 2017
Developer ConcernApe
Publishing house Giggle

This beautiful love letter from the series Moon Harvest, Stardeve Valley is so polished and refined that it is hard to believe it was originally written by one man. It easily earned its place as one of the best role players on the switch.

Every day is a constant race, as long as the balance between agriculture, the development of relationships, the quest and of course fishing is maintained. It’s super exciting, and every time I play, I talk at 3:00 in the morning: One more day.

This is undoubtedly one of the best RPG switches to keep you in bed.

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Date of first publication October 2017
Developer ConcernApe
Publishing house Smile

Much has been written about The Witcher 3 and its benefits – it is considered one of the best role-playing games (no, games) ever made. The fact that the game that came out, which required a very powerful setup, can now be played on a handheld console during your trip surprises me, but here we are. He has some performance problems, but it’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to kill Leshans while the inspector checks your train tickets.

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Editorial selection Crossover: New Horizons

Date of first publication 20. March 2020
Developer Nintendo EPD
Publishing house Nintendo


Animals are crossing new horizons, what a..: Amazon

Crucifixes : When New Horizons came out, social media erupted, especially as it came at the perfect time: when we were all spending a lot of time at home. For a small fee, you can create your own little island and do almost anything you want in this delightful role-playing game at a leisurely pace.

Originally, an island is no more than a set of tents, but the more you play, the easier it is to set it up. There are also many islanders, each with their own personality traits, and maintaining your relationship with them is vital to the development of the island.

Nothing beats Animal Crossing, and New Horizons manages to perfect the game cycle for which the series is famous. Without a doubt one of the best role-playing games on Nintendo Switch.

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