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15 Tips To Be Better at Cliff Empire – Updated

15 Tips To Be Better at Cliff Empire – Updated

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Let’s move on to construction.

Video game developer Lion’s Shade has released a fairly unique urban game called Cliff Empire. The game allows players to manage multiple cities at the same time, which makes it possible to take into account some rather complex circumstances. So it’s not easy to succeed in the Cliff Empire. Here are ten tips to help you achieve your goals in this business game.

15 Tips To Be Better at Cliff Empire – Updated

  • Use medium-sized residential buildings instead of small buildings. This game has a large number of medium-sized areas. So you are better able to provide your citizens with medium-sized apartments than smaller ones.
  • You can only receive one credit at a time. There’ll be times when you’re tied to money. But don’t worry. You can apply for a loan in one of the nearby cities. In this case, you can only receive one credit at a time.
  • Know your limits. If you want to succeed at Cliff Empire, you need to provide some basic resources. For example, at the beginning of the game you need at least 40% water and 40% wind, fish or sun. If you have less, it will be hard for you to survive. Also try to keep the population under 300. It can be annoying to have more inhabitants than you can handle after an early match.
  • Use the town hall. Once you have an established city, you’ll want to make a town hall. You can borrow from other cities. By letting the interest increase over time, you can take out a loan and make some serious money. For more direct funding, build a few squares in the city.
  • Each city is eligible for a prize. If you accomplish the task, you have the opportunity to receive a favorable reward. However, you cannot collect the reward immediately. Quick, choose your poorest city first. Then let this town collect the reward.
  • Pay your loans daily. If you have recently received a loan, you will want to return it in small portions daily. Otherwise, the combined percentage of 2.5% will increase rapidly.
  • Use of storage devices. A big part of the game in Empire of Cliff is optimizing the layout of the building. There are various structures for this purpose, which you should always place near your depots. Mines, 3D printers and water stations regularly use storage devices, so keep them handy.
  • Use only small solar power plants when necessary. Large solar power plants require less labour to operate, making them much more efficient than their smaller counterparts.
  • You can consult your bank’s financial report. Once you have wagered the pot, stop the game at 0000 markers. Then select your bank and empty the cache. Wait all day and stop the game at the next 0000 mark. You can now click on the bank again to view your financial report, which contains important information on expenses and income.
  • You will be fined if you do not comply with your request for access to the trade portal. The trading platform will open at 8am and close at 2pm. During this period, you must carry out all loading and unloading operations, under penalty of a fine. Provide storage space and a drone to remove these requests on a daily basis.
  • Sell the item before any other means. If you want to open up trade with other cities, the question often arises as to what is the most effective source for you. It is very cost effective and generally in high demand.
  • Sometimes your citizens leave the country. Sometimes you find out that some of your citizens are missing. Don’t worry about it. If a nearby city offers both jobs and affordable housing, some of your citizens may decide to emigrate permanently.
  • Remember to remove goods from buildings before destroying structures. Sometimes you have to tear down the building. To do this, you must first delete all saved objects from this building. Otherwise you’ll lose everything.
  • Do you want to make some money? Trade in raw materials with other communities. There are many ways to generate income through real estate. The cheapest option for you is to exchange resources in other cities. However, you will want to wait until the source you have chosen is in high demand by your potential customers.
  • Place your storage devices at the center of your community. Your drones need to transport resources to and from your storage facilities. To reduce the time needed for logistics, simply place the storage facilities as close as possible to the centre of your facility.

15 Tips To Be Better at Cliff Empire – Updated

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