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15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

The rings on Skyrim have a variety of effects, including incredibly useful skills that will help you in many adventures.

Over time you will come across silver or gold items that you do not want and that are only used to make money or luxury goods. But you’ll also find some very interesting enchanting rings that can help you turn into a werewolf several times a day (no kidding).

As you can imagine, some rings can be more useful than others. It all depends on what you want to achieve, but in most cases the rings are a good addition to the for every type of armor you wear.

There are many rings that can make you the best Born Dragon, so which one do you choose? Let me make it easy for you by evaluating my best selection of the best rings you’ve ever come across.

15. Enchanted Ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked


Although the Enchanted Ring does not have the most creative name, it can be very effective to cover this practice with silver, no matter what class you play in.

The ring has a twist that adds 20 points to your health bar, and getting this little accessory is surprisingly easier than you think.

The Enchanted Ring can be found during a quest at Winterhold College, and you can choose to keep it or return it to the magician who assigned you the quest.

When you choose the last option remove the ring from your inventory but you’ll get a small gold reward for it. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what’s the best option.

14. Blood type ring Silver

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

As the name of this ring indicates, the Silberblut family has belonged to the Silberblut family for several generations.

This means that you can’t get this ring without first completing the search for your family. And indeed, you get this ring as a reward if you accidentally kill Madenak to help the family.

This ring increases the production of forging by 15% and makes it one of the best forging products in the game.

You can also take them with you with other forgings, so don’t forget to stack them when you visit Skyrim Forges.

13. Marriage

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

You will receive this ring after signing a marriage contract with one of the spouses (wife or husband) of the game.

Please note that you will receive only one copy of this ring and that the spouse of your choice will receive a second copy.

The ring offers a 10% advantage for recovering spells, but is mainly used to show that you and your spouse are married.

In fact, each of the spouses in the game will wear a mating form from the moment you get married until your death. Till death do us part and all that jazz.

12. Hyrcina ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked


Hirkini’s ring is a Dedarian artifact, which belongs to Hirkini himself.

With this ring you can turn into a werewolf as often as you like, but you must first go through the companion quest if you want to control the transformation yourself.

The ring is a cursed artifact, which means you have a 10% chance of becoming a werewolf if you wear it (as long as you are cursed by lycanthropy).

You can get this ring by talking to a werewolf on Falkrat, who will give it to you in the hope that you will bring it back to Hiritsin. But we all know how easy it is to forget.

11. Pure mixing ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

Mortar and pestle, a small pharmacy in Dawnstar, is usually run by Frida.

Many years ago, however, her husband was still there to help her with her business. The man made a very special quest in his life: He wanted to find a special ring that would allow pharmacists to make powerful drinks that were stronger than those normally made in their shops.

As you may have guessed: Frida’s husband died long before he found the ring.

But Frida wants her husband’s dream to come true. That’s why she’s putting you in charge of finding that ring.

And it really is a dream come true, whether you believe it or not. You can get a Pure Mix ring and keep it to make drinks that are 12% stronger than average!

10. Namir Ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

Namira’s ring is a rather unique and vicious thing.

This way you can feed on the dead bodies of patients, which is good for your health.

Not to mention the actual statistics: The ring increases your stamina by 50 points.

Remember, feeding the bodies of Skyrim’s guards is considered a crime. So make sure you only do this when you’re not surrounded by moldy old guards.

Namira is the devil prince of darkness. Wear this ring with pride to represent those who wander in the planes of oblivion.

The decisive artifact also causes an accidental encounter when worn, but it can be wrong if you are in werewolf form, so be careful with it.

9. Blood ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

The blood lust ring is a terrible thing. This allows werewolves to do 50% more damage with each attack, but in return you get 50% more damage.

It is a kind of all-in-one that sells health and resistance from pure strength.

You can also fully use this ring with Berserker if you are an Orc, because it removes the 50% reduction in resistance and adds 100% more damage to the mix.

The Blood Lust Ring is the first basic element every Skyrim werewolf has to look for to get his claws!

8. Ring of ahzid necromancy

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked


Necromancers and mages, see the necromancer ring of Ahazidal.

This powerful gold coin will detonate any inanimate creature you call upon in an ice ball when it hits 50 freezing damage points, regardless of the enemies within range.

This object was found in the Kolbjorn cave during the search for the excavated objects. And it’s called the best necromancy ring in the game, so it’s worth finding it in my book.

7. Azidale Arcana Ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

This ring is in the same quest and at the same place where you get the ring of the above mentioned Azidal Necromancer, but you have to solve a small puzzle in a room full of printing plates before you can get it.

The Arcane Ring awaits you at the top of the pedestal after you have made your majestic entrance into the room.

This incredible ring gives you access to two other spells in your repertoire of destructive magic – freeze and fire.

These two powerful spells cannot be learned and can only be cast if they wear a ring. So if you’re a magician waiting for the chaos of destruction, you want to rush it.

6. Night weaver group

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

A group of night teachers can be won by completing Dark Brotherhood quests.

This small but effective ring increases both your destructive magic and Sneak’s ability to perform magic up to 10 points, making it ideal for silent magicians who need to sneak in above all else.

5. Scholar’s Ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

The only way to get this ring is to become a Vampire Lord at the end of the Bloodline quest.

This will give you faster Magicka regeneration skills and 100 extra Magicka points. It’s a good deal!

This is without doubt one of the best magic rings in the game. You don’t have to be a vampire lord to work, but you do have to be a vampire lord to work!

4. Animal ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked

Like the ring of a scholar, the ring of the beast can only be obtained from the Lord of vampires when the search for blood is over.

This ring specializes in unarmed combat, not magic, as it increases unarmed vampire attacks by 20 points of damage. It also gives you 100 extra health points, which is a good bonus.

Unlike its scientific analogy, it’s better suited for warriors than magicians, but it’s worth a try if you like such bonuses.

3. Lunar Ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked


The Moonring is one of the best werewolf items in the game, because it increases the length of the Lycan Ox by 25%.

The ring is unique and cannot be melted or devalued .

Moreover, with a base value of over 2,000 gold coins, it is one of the most expensive rings in Skyrim.

You can only get it if you’ve already turned into a werewolf and sold it to Majni in Frostmoon Crag.

Now, you have to share this very powerful ring, so wear it carefully… and hopefully with the other werewolf reinforcements.

2. Instinct ring

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked


The ring of instinct forces the werewolf to concentrate fully on its surroundings.

If you become a Lycan by wearing this ring, the world around you will slow down for 20 seconds while your concentration is at its peak. It’s a huge strategy if you’re stuck or just have to escape in a calculated way.

1. Ring hunting

15 of the best rings in Skyrim, ranked


The hunting ring is certainly the best game ring, and also the most expensive.

It costs .3500 and is also sold to Majni in Crag if you have already turned into a werewolf.

The hunting ring ensures that you recover while you are in werewolf form, so that if you reduce the damage, you are almost unstoppable.




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