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15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

Some of Skyrim’s searches are more difficult than others on runway , runway .

So it’s a good idea to know what it’s like to make sure you’re up to the task.

I’ve compiled a list of Skyrim’s 15 toughest missions to give you an idea of when there are problems in the game and to make sure you’re mentally ready for the challenge!

15. Knowledge for seniors

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

This search is the only one in this list that is included in the basic game’s search line.


There’s a good reason for that: The quest is extremely long and takes you through two different ruins in Dwemer, where you risk your life against many enemies to find the oldest role in Alftand.

14. Lost shipment

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

Lost Expedition is a series of Daemer ruins.

You know what this means: You are confronted with an ancient technique whose main purpose is to kill you.


You must retrieve the files of the investigators you sent to the investigation (even if you find them dead on arrival).

13. Blood on ice

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

Blood on ice is the search for a serial killer raging in Windhelm.

The search allows you to investigate the killer himself; although it’s not easy to find certain clues and the search itself seems a bit long.


12. Kurgan View falls

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

This quest is part of the series of the most important quests in the basic game Skyrim, and at the beginning of the story is Yarl Witherun.

The dungeons you have to clean are very difficult because the Dragonlord isn’t even that. You will encounter countless undead, flirting and even bandits on your way to the end.

When you finally clear the dungeon, you will receive the word Fus from the Cry of Relentless Power, which is a very fitting reward for your efforts so far.


11. Brilliant professions of the Thieves’ Guild

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

These mini-questions from the Thieves’ Guild can be boring.


They are relatively simple, but the number of searches that have to be completed to complete a Radiant mission is annoying.

10. Black star

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

In this quest you will embark on a mission to restore the ancient power of the Azure Blue Star, desecrated by the Necromancers.

This means that the star itself is full of corruption and that it is quite difficult to get rid of it. In fact, you must enter the star and ask Azura to lead you to the core.


There you will have to defeat various enemies to purify the star of all evil.

The rewards of research are not as good as you think, but the problem you have to overcome to do the research says otherwise!

9. Morning

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

Dawn Break, it’s Meridias you’re looking for when you visit his lighthouse.

You have to kill the necromancer known as Melkoran, who is holding the Twilightbreaker at the end of the dungeon.


To set it off, you need to direct Meridia’s light on Dawnbreaker using various mirrors and reflective objects scattered throughout the dungeon.

8. The queen of wolves wakes up

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim

Waking up the wolf queen may not be a high-level task, but at lower levels it is certainly difficult to accept.


All you need is level 10 to get it, and first you have to fill in the name of the man who mentioned wolf.

For this quest you have to cross the catacombs of Potema. In general, you will have to struggle with the tone of the tugboats to reach the goal, which can be difficult at a low level.

The smartest thing? Level up to 20 before the start of the mission.

7. Conclusion of Karstaag

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim


Karstaag returns triumphantly. But now that Karstaag is dead, you have to rely on his from another world, , to fight.

The only problem is that he is hard to beat and is considered one of the hardest opponents in the game – even if you are at the bottom of the complexity scale.

But there are also rewards if you succeed in destroying the spirit of the mighty Karst; you can summon him if you need him in battle.

However, it will take some time to kill him, so make sure you save your game first!

6. A Return to source

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim


This search will probably cut you off as soon as you realize how boring it is.

This is an extension of the book Oblivion In Search of Its Roots, in which you are asked to collect 30 purple nirns and bring them to Avrus Sareti.

As you can imagine, Crimson Nirnroots are extremely hard to find, and you’ll have to explore the depths of Skyrim to get them all.

5. Non-inverted stone.

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim


Perhaps Skyrim’s most terrifying quest is the one that consists of not turning over a stone. You must collect 24 different stones.

The problem is that none of these tiles appear on the map, so you have to search for them manually; this can take a long time if you don’t use the online guide.

Try to write down where you found the stones so that you don’t visit the same places twice.

4. Ebony warrior

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim


An ebony warrior is a quest that cannot be done by hand.

Once you reach level 80, a man in an enchanted armour decorated with ebony will meet you, giving you the choice to meet him in a one-on-one fight at his side.

The Ebony Warrior is a difficult mission, but it can be purified with a good Ole’Fus Ro-Dakh at the edge of the cliff where the battle takes place.

3. Founded

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim


In search of what has been unearthed, you meet the dragon priest Ahzidal Said, the first man in history to master the mysterious art of destruction.

He has a power worthy of legend, and unless he wears magic equipment, this enemy will become a more terrible opponent than any other NPC in the game.

Low ranked players need to master this task perfectly.

However, don’t try to complete this mission if you don’t have at least level 40. That’s very good.

2. Apocryphal summits

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim


That’s it. That’s it. The final quest of Dragonborn DLC, where you will meet Miraak, the first dragon born.

This quest is considered by many to be a real end game (and one of the most difficult). Mirak is a very strong opponent, and he will try to hit you in everything.

Actually, Mirak has the ability to regenerate himself, which means you have to bring him to the brink of death at least three times before you can kill him for good.

This quest is the youngest of the Dragonborn DLC quest, and it’s much harder than fighting Alduin.

1. Lost forever

15 Hardest Quests to be completed in Skyrim


Lost forever is a multi-part task where you have to get to know the ether before you can start.

You have to find four pieces of the tough Aetherium and defeat countless Dwemer creations; meanwhile you also have to face the almighty Smith, one of the most powerful enemies of the game.

Searching for missing etherium fragments is long and difficult.

But its completion makes it possible to use the etherium forge, which is a great reward for this difficult mission!




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