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15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

One thing no player can deny is that Skyrim is , which is a fairly largesquare.

Everywhere you look, there are towns, villages and settlements that come together and bring a cold (but also beautiful) region to life.

Some of these cities are fanatical, while others overlap less.

In any case, the best areas of North Tamriel have a special place in our hearts. I’ve written this article to list the best of this group, so you can get a good idea of the places you would like to visit on your next adventure.

15. Helena

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

Helen’s making a stop on my list because she’s important to the Skyrim story.

It is in this city that Alduin appears for the first time in the eyes of the born dragon and unfolds a chain of events that will eventually lead to the death of the almighty dragon.

Originally Helgen was just a small village near the border between Skyrim and Kirodyila, which was burned to the ground at the beginning of the game.

This is the first village that Dragon Born also visits in Skyrim. Because of the proximity of the border, the Empire has always used the village to execute those who crossed (or tried to cross) the border.

14. Dark water transition

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)


La Croix des Eaux Sombres is a small mining town where the imperial order (or the Storm coats, depending on the course of history) has settled.

I chose this small town because it serves as a cooling centre for the players, because it has several sleeping bags to rest in and several storage containers that cannot be reset.

In the area you can also find minerals, which you can expect from a mining village. But a small town is a good place to visit if you like secluded places.

13. Ivarsted

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)


Beautiful Ivarsted is just a small community where most people rest before going to Upper Hrothgar, but the boy does a good job of helping lost travelers feel at home.

Because of its importance for travellers and pilgrims wishing to climb the seven thousand steps, Ivarsted is the only city in Skyrim that was not built between the two capitals of the region, but in a different location.

It’s one of the liveliest villages in the game.

The area is full of hunting animals, the rivers are full of fish and the residents are as friendly as possible.

12. Raved stone

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)


Next to Dragonborn DLC, Raven Rock is located south of Solstheim and serves as the capital of the whole island.

This beautiful city resembles Dunmer because it was inhabited long before Skyrim.

And it is definitely one of the best slots added to the game with all his DLCs.

11. Breast breathing

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)


Falkreath is a city with a river underpass and is home to Jarl of Falkreath Hold.

This may not be the most beautiful city you will see in Skyrim, but it is certainly one of the richest in terms of historical value.

In the city there is a huge cemetery where many Skyrim residents have been buried in the past.

Falkarich also has a great historical influence in this area because it was part of the nearby Kirodil region until the city became a colony of Skyrim.

The people of the city are proud to be a part of it. And if you want to live there, you’re part of the history of this great city.

10. Riparian forest

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

Riverwood is a cool city where people who love nature like to make a living.

It is only a small village situated between the two major cities of Witherun and Helgen, but the surrounding countryside and central location of the town make it an attractive destination for travellers from all over the Skyrim region.

9. Dragon bridge

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

As you can imagine, the Drachenbrücke colony got its name because of the Drachenbrücke itself. It is a massive structure built between the two ends of the river go-kart, providing a safe passage for travellers.

You can really see the loneliness from the top of the bridge when you look away!

In the middle of the bridge is the head of the dragon, hence the name.

Note that the village is quite small, but its location makes it one of the best cities you can visit in Skyrim if you haven’t already done so.

8. Loneliness

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

Isolation is one of the largest cities in Skyrim. And it is not only the capital of Haafingar itself, but also the capital of the entire Skyrimregion.

Fortified by walls and surrounded by a river, solitude is also one of the most difficult cities for enemies to penetrate.

It is at a very strategic point and allows the Imperial Army to command its movements throughout the region.

Most people who live in Haafingar Hold do so within the walls of this beautiful city, because it offers protection and security to everyone.

7. Winterhalter

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

Winterhold was such an important city in Skyrim. It’s a real shame to see what time has done to this once great and prosperous place.

But it remains a historic milestone and the seat of Winterhold College itself.

The college may not be at its peak, but it is still a favorite place for local wizards and wizards.

Nice fact: Winterhold was not as close to the Sea of Spirits as it is today – it was actually destroyed after a geological movement known as the Great Collapse completely destroyed the city.

6. Killing

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

Mortal is a small community in the most remote part of Skyrim, where there seems to be no conflict with the outside world.

For example, most of the people who have inhabited the region in the course of history were very cautious foreigners and outsiders.

Morthal also has a fairly unique design, as the town is crossed by a river and a bridge that allows travellers to pass safely.

Join the community and jump on one of the residents’ boats. Morthal’s thriving fishing culture makes this welcoming city a cool place to visit and perhaps even call home if you’re inclined.

5. Morning star

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

Dawnstar is undoubtedly one of the richest cities in the entire Skyrim region.

As in most cities in the region, the city has two mines and a central jetty, allowing it to thrive on the rare metal trade and fishing.

This location also makes it one of the most vulnerable dragons in the game for an invasion.

If you want to collect dragon souls, you must visit the city of Dawnstar with Winterhold itself.

4. Witerun

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

Uiterun is one of the few cities in Skyrim that does not have direct access to the port because it is located in the central region of the province.

It is completely surrounded by walls, but regardless of the size of the city, much of the architecture is far removed from the modern standards of Skyrim.

Anyway, Witherun is a beautiful city and one of the first in the game where you can buy a house.

3. Extended

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

Riften has a rather strange location, making it one of the most unique cities in the world.

At the beginning of its history it was surrounded by walls, so that the city continued to grow towards the water.

Many of the houses built in the defects are built on wooden poles above the water, and the city itself is strongly influenced by the river in the western part.

It’s one of the most powerful trading cities in Skyrim. And it’s a pillar of growth in the northern region of Tamriel.

2. Handwheel

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

Wind helmet is at the top of my list for two reasons:

The first reason is its unmistakable beauty, and the second is that is perhaps the oldest city ever built by in the whole Tamriel region.

Windhelm is also the capital of the Storm Veil uprising in Skyrim and a mainstay for those seeking independence from the Empire.

History, charm and an incredible place to visit or even call home.

There’s something to love.

1. Squire

15 Best Towns & Towns in Skyrim (Ranked)

The large river that divides this city is a symbolic representation of how the city itself is divided.

In the large silver mines near Markrat the silver blood family grew, which also led to conflicts and bloodshed in the streets.

The beauty and intrigues around Markrat make it one of the best cities in the Old Scrolls franchise. I don’t know if I want to live here, but I know it is definitely one of the best cities to visit, and it will certainly be one of the most memorable trips.



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