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15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

Big words are the preferred weapons of Tamriel’s worst warriors.

These powerful metal killers can cut through the thickest skin and destroy the hardest movements of the Dwemer.

They require the owner to use his full body weight to get the best out of them, and the strict nature of the big words also means that you will use both hands to rest them.

Why do a lot of people appreciate them more than just a one-handed gun? Well, the main reason is that your is excessively damaged.

A blow with one of these swords can cause enormous damage to any enemy, killing enemies instantly depending on their level.

In any case, big words are true partners of ferocious warriors, and if you play Skyrim again, you might want the Born Dragon to possess one of these beasts. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best big words about Skyrim to help you decide which weapon is best for your character.

15. The big word steel

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)


Steel Grand Swords is the first level of a kind of Grand Sword locked in the game.

You’ll see those swords on level two.

They can be interpreted as the accidental looting or looting of dead enemy bodies. It has a basic damage of 17 and equal weight, making it the most elementary of the best big words in the game.

14. The Great Word of the Orcs

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

The big word Orcs, although slightly less expensive than its steel analogue, gives you an extra point of damage compared to the steel version. It also has an extra weight point.

They begin to reproduce at level 6, but you can find enchanted versions of these powerful weapons once you reach level 7.

I prefer their design, so you can follow them as soon as they appear.

13. Great word from the dwarves

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

The Great Word of the Gnome is a popular double weapon in the ruins of Dwemer in Skyrim.

They’re on level 12 and give you a swing that gives you 19 basic damage points.

They require regular dwarf metal rods to be upgraded, and they can be enchanted like any other conventional weapon in the game. If you cast the spell early, it can become a real beast.

12. Scandinavian words

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)


The Scandinavian Great Word has the same weight as the dwarf Great Word, but it reaches an extra point of basic damage.

This weapon can be made in a forge if you have a Dragonborn DLC.

With the Scandinavian Big Word you need a few things before you can make it yourself: 1 silver bar, 5 steel bars and 3 leather strips. It’s a good thing the hunt was worth it, if you ask me.

11. Great Country Word of the Old North

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

The brave old sword of the North is a powerful sword, often held by the terrifying Draugr.

These weapons can thus be obtained by killing enemies who roam the Scandinavian tombs in Skyrim. It is a very powerful sword, but it weighs 21 points, which makes it a bit uncomfortable for most warriors.

The sword is the perfect companion for any new two-handed wizard, and it would be foolish to buy it if you are looking for a sword with a high damage capacity.

10. Northern Heroes Big word

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

The Great Word of Nero’s Hero is an improved and refined version of the Great Word of Nero’s old Hero. It’s probably the only thing you can tell from the skin of that gun.

The design is much smoother, because it wants to imitate a weapon that is not as worn out as its original counterpart.

This sword has 20 basic damage points with a weight of only 16, which makes it one of the best big words in the game, given what you can understand.

It must be made in Skyforge and requires the old Northern Sword and 3 steel rods and 3 leather straps.

9. Skyforge’s big wordSteel

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)


I was just talking about Skyfore, and it goes hand in hand with this new weapon. The Skyforge Steel Grand Sword is a beautiful two-handed weapon, which has the same design as the Steel Grand Sword, but with a higher base damage.

Although the sword is not uncommon, there is only one merchant in the game who will sell you this weapon: Eorlund Grey Main, who lives in Witherun.

Sometimes it can be found during the search for the proof of honour or after the search for the proof of honour.

8. Great Word of the Elves

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

The Great Word of the Elves comes with powerful spells from level 20, but the sword itself only has a simple castle from level 19, which can be reproduced in its usual form.

It’s sold very often in most Skyrim stores. All the blacksmiths in the big cities in the game will have one of these reliable weapons at their disposal once you reach level 19.

One of these mythical elf weapons can also be found in Folguntura, a few steps from the Dragon Gate, in the same neighborhood.

7. The big word of glass

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

Big glassy words are very difficult. They weigh 22 points, but have a base damage of 21, making them one of the most powerful weapons in the game if spelled correctly.

As with most glass technologies, large glass words fit into almost any type of armor and can be used in almost any two-handed playing style.

The enchanted version of this sword can be found after level 28 in many areas of Skyrim, but the untamed version can also be found on level 27.

6. Large ebony word

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

Great Ebony reaches 22 base damage points. It also weighs 22 points, which is about the same as the big glass word of yesteryear.

However, this ebony makes a beautiful sword that would make even the most experienced blacksmith jealous.

These weapons can be found at level 36 and above, but you can also encounter enchanted big ebony words at level 37 and above.

It’s also the weapon of choice for high-ranking dragons, meaning you’ll often encounter black swords in most dungeons around Skyrim.

5. Blood end

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)


Bloodskal Blade is a powerful two-handed weapon that is added to the game via the Dragonborn DLC.

It offers the same damage performance as a normal glass password, but it has a special power: When you make a powerful attack, this weapon shares additional damage of 30 points of pure , which permanently cuts off someone else’s armor.

With a base damage of 21 and a normal weight of only 16, the bloodstream is one of Skyrim’s five biggest words. It’s at Bloody Mound looking for the last robbery.

4. Storm defense

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

The Storm Staircase is a unique weapon with 17 basic wounds and a weight of 17 points.

It also possesses powerful magic that gives the target an extra 30 points of shock damage on and 15 points of magicka damage on. It’s pretty monstrous, if you ask me!

Looks like a big word of steel, but it’s much more powerful.

You can get it by killing Lord Reavers at Brodyr Grove.

Stormfang is one of the best big words in the game, but it is mainly because of its charm.

The sword itself offers a low initial damage level compared to some of the other weapons mentioned in this article, but Magicka and the shock damage make it an insanely good weapon to carry at all levels.

3. Stalhrim Gatesworth

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

So this big word is part of the Stalhrim set of weapons and armor introduced in the game with Dragonborn DLC.

It can be made of Stalhrim, but can also be bought at Glover Mallory or Baldor Iron-Shaper. However, it costs almost 2,000 septides, which may take some time to save.

The weapon has a base damage of 23 and a weight of 21, making it better than most weapons on this list in terms of weight/damage balance.

To do it yourself, you need 5 pieces of Stalhrim and 3 strips. You also need a forge level of 80, so you better work on your forge skills!

2. Grandfather the Great Word

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

Daedric Greatsword has a confused design that gives the sword an incredibly devilish look with its dark colour palette.

This sword can be found by killing the Lords of Dremora and sending them back to the depths of oblivion. The statistics are also interesting, because they give 24 points basic damage with an extra 23 points weight.

Despite the fact that the swords in the game belong to enemies, the game can also be found at level 46 and above as a deadrick grace puzzle at level 27.

However, if you want to see these swords at the beginning of the game, you will need to be very ambivalent.

1. The Great Word of the Dragonfly

15 Best Swords in Skyrim (Ranked)

Dragonbone Grand Swords is Skyrim’s most powerful two-handed weapon.

They allow players to do an amazing 25 basic damage, but weigh 27 points against the high exit damage.

You can obtain these swords by killing guards at Cairn Soul, or you can make one from dragon bones, ebony sticks and leather straps at the forge. How you buy Dragonbone Greatsword really depends on how you spend your time at Skyrim.

But the clear design of this sword is a big compliment for its powerful character, so you look very cool when you walk on your back with it.



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