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15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

Music has always been of the utmost importance for the perception of the kingdom of the heart.

Given the nature of the game, which combines the classic features of Square-Enix’s JRPG Final Fantasy Style with the world of Disney Properties, there is always a ton of material for composers to work with.

Through this mix of Japanese influences and Western franchises, composer Yoko Shimomura has been able to create some of the most memorable works in the history of games.

The Japanese-American singer and composer Utada Hikaru is also an important part of the music of the game and has made titles like in the first Simple and Clean game. On the soundtrack of KH3 she showed the famous DJ and composer Skrillex with her works on Face My Fears. And it’s just unbelievable.

As the eleventh part of the franchise series and the last part of the main story, the game became a kind of tribute to the fans who had waited so long for the continuation of Sora’s journey. It contains many redesigned versions of your favourite stories from previous games to make the train nostalgic, as well as many brand new versions.

Although the original soundtrack is not yet available (we’ll probably have to wait until the DLC is finished), there are a lot of songs you can listen to online. And that’s reason enough to recognize my 15 favorite background titles from the game, which I hope you’ll agree are fantastic.

15. Monstropolis Plant field

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

Monstropolis is one of the best designed areas in the game.

He really succeeded in capturing the essence of the world, which is shown to viewers in Monster Inc. films.

This topic plays a role in the plant segments that pass through lasers and conveyor belts.

Although it sometimes looks like it belongs to a StarFox game – which isn’t bad at all – the industrial look is ideal for the environment.

14. Toy boxes Combat Theme

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

Inspired by the toy box, Shimomura has strived for an inspiring handmade style in which players love to play.

The result is a song that could be confused with a Sonic The Hedgehog song because of its fast pace and generally positive feeling.

This very catchy melody plays during a collision in the region and fits perfectly into the colourful surroundings.

I bet he makes you run aimlessly during the fighting, so you can listen to him a little longer.

13. Global final theme

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

It’s gonna be hard for me to forget the last world…

This sacred space is open, white and magical, and its theme makes you feel perfectly at home. Although I believe that in most cases orchestral arrangements dissolve strong melodies and transform them into… Well, just BGM, in this case it miraculously creates an incredible sense of peace.

But sometimes it seems a little scary.

It’s like something’s wrong… …and there’s something else going on.

12. Theme Crown of the Battle of the Kingdom

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

One of the most beautiful places in the game should be the Crown Empire.

Both the landscape and the background music have those characteristics of the Disney atmosphere that make you feel warm.

Even the theme of the battle seems positive and doesn’t look like a confrontation at all. But the battle in KH3 is so important that it works!

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear a small cover of Disney’s Aladdin’s classic A Whole New World, which also sounds at various points in the song.

11. Subject of the Gammi Battle Guide

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

While many video game composers strive to get their best ideas and working neurons for the most important parts of the game, really big people understand that it’s up to them to know which parts of the game will surprise with their music.

Shimomura-san has done everything possible for this great boss battle theme.

Your preparations for rubber missions give them a sense of urgency and motivate you to carry them out.

10. Black consumption

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

There’s nothing more important than good background music to invest in the battle.

This theme, heard during several Heartless Boss fights, is a perfect example of a song where you feel the tension as if you are holding the fingerboard yourself.

When I heard that, I thought of a fight with Skell, the heartless Hans van Arendelle.

It may not be the toughest boss battle in the game, but this Wolf is one of the coolest heartless guys I’ve seen in the entire franchise.

9. Battle of the Caribbean Theme

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

Sometimes I find it difficult to decide whether I like a song or just the memories attached to it.

The Caribbean is one of the most unique worlds in KH3. While the cartoons of most Disney characters fit well with the anime style of KH, a live-action film like Pirates of the Caribbean offers a new challenge for its creators.

And yet the developers of the game KH3 have managed to create a memorable zone that ranks among the best of.

Spending time with Jack Sparrow on Black Pearl and fighting with Davey Jones to the rhythm of this beautiful song are of course the highlights of the story.

8. Rocks and Kaelum Subject

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

This beautiful dramatic theme serves as background music for Scala ad Caelum, a former powerhouse for keyblade owners.

It’s funny that Shimomura-san decided to pick out everything for a song that only sounds for about 30 seconds. However, this also applies to other areas and shows how important the level of detail is that we all want.

It’s completely modeled, incredibly detailed and, on the whole, simply amazing.

It feels as if something has been reduced in development, and we wonder if we will see the rest in the future version of the game or in the DLC.

7. Ladies and gentlemen

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

This version of the main theme, Heart of the Kingdom, is probably the best one so far.

He breathes with excitement and plays with the expectations of the audience, knowing that the fans are sitting and waiting to be hit hard by the track.

It is a triumphant greeting to the old fans who have been with Sora since the beginning, and she has a sense of completeness that seems to speak for herself: The wait is finally over.

6. Other promise / vector to heaven

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

Two somewhat sad themes came together to form a heroic holiday song.

After Roxas arrived at the last minute to help Sora and the others, he found his friends Axel and Xion, and the team continued to kick Saisha behind them.

When everything seems lost, it’s good to know that the sponsored character, the epic music and the power of friendship are always there to help.

5. Battle of the Anti-Aqua Patterns Theme

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

After more than ten years alone in the Dark Kingdom, the corrupt Aqua, along with Mickey and the rest of the gang, has no choice.

Aqua is the best and most popular girl since she was introduced as a character in the movie Birth in Dream, and this scene and this song offer a very touching emotional moment.

I would say that this path tells the story of his journey, his rise to heroism and his fall into darkness.

4. Oscourite di SECHANORT

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack

You know it all comes out when your enemy’s subject is so peculiar that his name isn’t even in English.

This intense battle theme accompanies the fight against Ansem, Xemnassus and the young Xechanort, who fans have called the Court of the North.

True to its name, it contains sharing and fragments of the darkness of the unknown and several other themes related to the different incarnations of Xechanote.

It’s the perfect background music for the fight, taking the phrase me, me and I to a new level.

3. Break through chains

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack


The Battle of Vanitas for KH3 is an entirely new adaptation of his classic theme Entering the Darkness.

The most important change it puts above the original in my heart is the addition of a heavy rock element that gives it an extra boost and makes me want to listen to it over and over again.

The echo of the past continues to feed the battle in KX3.


2. Person on my side

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack


Scrillex has always been a fan of the Royal Hearts franchise. And according to him, making music for the show was something he had always wanted to do.

So when Utada Hikaru approached him to do the lesson together, he was inside.

It took a while before they met, but as soon as they met, they wrote the itinerary in about an hour. Crazy story.

But it’s great to see a fan become part of what they love. It’s an inspiring story that has produced a great song that finally completes an incredible trilogy.


Don’t forget to look at the English version, which I prefer myself, but I know it’s an argument between the two.

1. Do not exaggerate.

15 Best Songs Of The Hearts of the Kingdom III Soundtrack


Utada Hikar’s love letter to the soap opera, in which she has been involved from the start, is the perfect final theme for Kingdom Hearts 3.

It is a warm room that welcomes us on our journey through the many worlds in the heart of the Kingdom.


It is a song in a complex sense, which sounds both with the final choice of Sora and with the long wait for the game that the fans have been so patient.

It may not be your favorite song, but you have to admit it’s a damn good song that finally gave birth to KH3.



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