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15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Screams are, or at least should be, a fundamental part of Skyrim.

In fact, the screaming seems to lack depth in a more complex game. Fortunately, modders around the world have made amazing Skyrim adjustments that make the much more useful and give them new reasons to learn in battle.

But it’s not just a question of kindness.

Some of the mods in this list also add new calls to the game for fun or as an extra reward. I kept you some fresh clothes so you can enjoy Skyrim.

I’ve also tried to avoid shouts that don’t fit the story of the game, but you can find shouts that are more unconventional but still fun – even if they’re not so friendly.

15. concentration cries

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods


Highlight this mode.

The ice cry and the breath of fire seem to cough as if the dragonfly is coughing.

They are not as intrusive as they should be, which is understandable given the number of mods created to solve this particular problem.

You’ll come across a lot of flashy mods designed to correct these visual effects, and this is one of the best mods you’ll find in this category.

This radically changes the way the screaming works and makes much more like than the way a dragon shoots at the ice and comes out of its mouth. It’s a really cool upgrade.

14. You wear what I want you to wear.

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Highlight this mode.

With this scream you can change the clothing of any player in the game.

Did you know that some followers have hidden clothing that cannot be removed from their inventory?

So you can shout at them and order them to unambiguously submit to their will. As soon as you are not equipped, you can dress your followers with any object you like. It’s a small but elegant change.

Note that even if it’s not a legendary scream, it’s still a cool and fun way to give the game more individuality and freedom.

13. For Varudo

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Highlight this mode.

Are you a fan of Joe’s Fancy Adventure?

This scream stands for Za Warudo (also known as The World), so is exactly the same as Dio’s stand in Stardust Crusaders – it freezes over time, but lets you roam freely.

This is one of the best frozen time mods you can add to the game, and even if the original power is not too friendly, it is still a great mod to have at your disposal.

A quick word: This mode adds some really original sound effects to the series, so don’t install it if you don’t feel comfortable hearing random kinds of anime screams while playing Skyrim!

12. Meteorite call

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Highlight this mode.

Did you know that Aldoin uses a powerful spell that makes meteorites rain everywhere?

It is a cry of the Meteor Challenge mode, which allows the Born Dragon to use the all-powerful power that Alduin has at its disposal.

Haven’t you always wanted to imitate him yourself? Thanks to Skyrim’s incredible community, you can do it now.

11. Appearance of the real dragon

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods


Highlight this mode.

The cry of the Dragon Aspect becomes with this change, a very powerful buffer that makes you feel like a dragon when you throw it.

The amateurs proposing original shouts are too weak for what they are supposed to represent.

And let’s face it, no one really feels like a dragon when you use the scream in the basic game Aspect the Dragon. This mode repairs him and makes him gain ground!

10. Non-refundable power supply refurbishment

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Highlight this mode.

This simple change thus shortens the time needed to give up the tireless power.

This means you can play these fools more often in Fus-Ro-Da than in the basic game!

The original spell is simply too long and makes you forget how useful screaming can be. This mod allows to use the most symbolic scream of with a higher frequency.

If that’s not a great selling point, I don’t know what is.

9. Fus Ro Carrier!

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Highlight this mode.

What good is a scream that can knock the enemy off a cliff, but can’t open an easy door!

A mud came up with the idea of giving Fus Ro Da the ability to open doors – not only will it be able to work with locked doors that need a key, but doors that are usually locked with locks that can be picked up can be opened with a classic scream of relentless force as you point at them.

Look what you’re thinking. It probably doesn’t adapt to all playing styles, but you can always turn it off later if you don’t like it.

8. Immersion jitters

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Highlight this mode.

Make sure the makes better use of every call, either by reducing your refusals or by making them much more effective than they are.

This mod helps players who feel that shouting should play a more important role in the game. I know you’re out there, and I hope you’re still reading!

With this mod you can use them much more often. It proposes a whole new strategy for your next Skyrim breakthrough.

7. Dragon Call Isolator

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods


Highlight this mode.

I add this mod to this list only because I know that some people find the whole unlocking process rather boring.

This mod completely removes the process and unlocks all the screams in the game, so you can throw them away as soon as you leave the symbolic car and have the ability to scream.

In most cases, the mode also increases the radius and strength of the shouting. This makes them a much better option for use in battle, so they are also much stronger in motion.

6. Legendary calls

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Highlight this mode.

In this way, the power of each cry is considerably increased.

As you may think, shouting must be the source of attack and protection. In fact, the screams of the Skyrim baseball game are almost as weak as the game’s first cannon attack.

And they only prove useful in a few cases.

This adaptation filters the force of each individual shout and makes the entire arsenal an excellent option for truly regular use. They also offer good opportunities for traditional attacks, which can alternate. Let’s go, legendary screams!

5. Screams in dragon language

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Highlight this mode.

In this way you can now read the correct translation of each cry in the language of the dragon by adding it to the name of the cry itself.

This really adds depth to the game, but ultimately makes you familiar with the words the Dragonfly says every time you shout. It doesn’t matter what you know or don’t understand.

A stupid, but at the same time very valuable addition for anyone who dives into the world of Skyrim.

4. Concentrated fire and jelly

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods


Highlight this mode.

This should be the best mod aimed at paraphrasing the screams of fire and frost that the Skyrim game base offers.

This transforms the common cough-like screams into powerful bursts of energy that look like frost and fire dragons pulling their magical essence through your mouth.


I mentioned one of them earlier on that list, and it’s pretty cool. But I think this fashion offers even more (if you’re looking for more).

Here you can even change the power of the screaming yourself, but that depends entirely on how hard you play.

The easier it is to play, the more likely it is that once you have set the mod, you will really feel the devastation of those screams. But keep in mind that the screaming will be much louder no matter how loud you play with it, so it’s a great addition to the visual updates.

3. Total immersion and dynamic assessment of all calls

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods


Highlight this mode.

Quite a name for this fashionista, isn’t it?

Despite the fact that most striking fashions pay little attention to the general balance of power they disturb, this complete overhaul makes them much more useful.

But that doesn’t detract from the balanced feeling that they should always have something that is really important to me.

This is one of the best shouting models you can add to the game if you really want to have a real balance during the game.

2. Stronger power without compromise

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods


Highlight this mode.

This mode may just be a tune-up of the ruthless power, but since Fus Ro Da is Skyrim’s most symbolic power (it can represent the whole TES franchise better than anything else), it is Skyrim’s most symbolic power.

She really deserves one of the top spots on that list.

Stronger unbridled power makes Fus Ro Yes a powerful weapon of destruction.

So you can change the power of the scream in the game. You can make it 200% louder, 400% louder or 700% louder (oops!).

At this point, you can shoot your enemies so far into the air that you’ll never see them again. Nice, practical and not too inflated. Everything I like about a great fashionista.

1. Thunderclap – Screams and Epic Dives

15 Best Skyrim Shout Mods

Highlight this mode.

In number 1 there is an incredible mod where 29 adds new calls to Skyrim.

They are all more useful and powerful than those already in the game, but none of them are comfortable with how Skyrim’s cry should make them feel. It fits so well with Skyrim’s story.

And the best thing about this mode is that you can’t install it on your own and win all the screams; you have to complete the quest that includes that change if you want to unlock it. FTW bonus content!

It also allows you to fix some annoying bugs that have a few shouts in the base game, making it the biggest overall overhaul of the shouting system. If you want the best basic screams, plus a ton of new screams and new content… look no further than Thunderchild.



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