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15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)

The special edition of Skyrim is a major improvement of the basic game Skyrim in terms of graphics.

But thanks to the talent of many fashion designers, we have even more opportunities to improve the graphics.

Many free mods created for TES V require a computer powerful enough to run them, but if you have one, you’ll want to try it.

The difference that graphic mods can make to Skyrim can make people believe that it is the current name of the AAA and not a game released more than half a century ago.

Graphic fashion is also a great way to make your latest Skyrim game even more unique, giving it credibility for regions and people.

Anyway, this is my choice for the best graphics mods you can find online: everything is free, everything is easy to install and everything is perfect for any kind of Skyrim player.

15. Rural Weather and Lighting

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

Although I’ve already mentioned an article listing all the exceptional weather conditions offered by the Skyrim community, I think some of them are so good that they deserve to be on that list as well.

The weather and lighting in the countryside are fashionable.

In fact, it serves as a graphic transformation for the whole game, because it completely changes the perception of visual effects in many areas of Skyrim. Including the weather.

This changes the way the sun affects lens glare, as well as some of the effects of thunderstorms (including noise) and many other particles that occur when the weather changes in North Tamriel.


14. ENB Light

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)

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Before downloading this mod, make sure that your computer is able to process a large number of particles at the same time.

To start the game, you may need a high quality processor and at least 8 GB of RAM, maybe a 64-bit operating system and a decent graphics card. ENB Light completely changes the way light reacts to its environment and Skyrim has many light effects.


But this mod gives the game the feeling that is much more realistic than in the basic game, so the lights can illuminate the environment in a natural way.

So there is no limited number of sources with which this fashionable light can interact.

It can now work with many objects at the same time and make everything as clear as possible – even at night! It is a lot easier to move and I know that it alleviates some of the difficulties, but in my opinion graphics are the key to enjoy a fantasy game. That’s why beauty fashions and fashions are also very popular.

13. Pure water

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


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Have you ever felt like Skyrim’s water is a little off?

Well, it’s also one of many people’s biggest complaints.

The water in the Skyrim has always looked like an animated texture that moves, and it’s not as beautiful as it should be. This change completely changes the appearance of the water in the game and makes it much more realistic. The difference in quality is almost ten times greater.

With Pure Waters you can look at the lakes and really feel like you’re looking at the real water in the game. Talk about a deep and serious dive.

You will also notice that the water always looks different when it does not flow like a calm lake. Compare this to a fast-flowing river and you’ll soon understand how much work this fashion has cost.

12. Imitator

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


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Imaginator does not necessarily change the game, but it does add a management system that allows you to customize the appearance of Skyrim without having to worry about the settings of your computer.

Your screen can stay as it is, and you will be able to configure Skyrim better without and fight with the settings that brings the basic game (which, frankly, is not too diverse).

With Imaginator you can change both the saturation and the amount of light emitted by the sun – to name but a few examples. But in the new Imaginator panel, you’ll find amazing visual features that aren’t really offered in Skyrim’s settings.


11. Smoke lamps and candles

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

Although it seems a small detail, the addition of smoke to the fire you wear in the game makes the surprisingly good.

Fire offers a real smoke with this fashion, and torches will have that symbolic trace that they often create in real life.


It really gives the game a whole new level of depth. It’s one of those mods you never needed before you installed it.

10. Dark nights

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

Let’s be honest: Nights in Skyrim always give the impression that the moon is the second sun (although less bright).


It shouldn’t be, at least not always. And for me, it’s out of the reach of running with a torch, unless you’re in a cave.

Modern dark nights make nights really comparable to nights and reduce the amount of ambient light in the area at sunset.

9. HaleyyEffects of substance

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


Highlight this mode.

The ordinary dust that flies around in a Skyrim vanilla case has such a low resolution that it is impossible to tell whether it is the dust or the display problem.

This mode changes the usual texture, which in the game has an incredibly clear set of images that make caves and other sources of dust seem much better. At least it’s more realistic.

You’ll be surprised to wander around in a cave or an old house after setting up this fashion!

8. SkyrimParents

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


Highlight this mode.

Have you ever noticed that the light only seems to stay in certain places, but that it magically illuminates the whole room?

This mode completely changes the way you work. This makes the rooms and other areas of the game look much more natural than the by reducing the range as much as candles and other small light sources can. You know, like in real life.

The rooms are darker, but from an aesthetic point of view it makes you feel much better.

Look what you’re thinking. If you don’t like it, you can delete it at any time.

7. Essential space

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


Highlight this mode.

The ethereal space is a redesign of what Skyrim’s sky looks like.

This adds a ton of new constellations and stars and changes the galaxy in which Skyrim is located.

It makes the night sky as clear as any other planet you see in most Hollywood movies.

So don’t forget to look at the night sky after setting up this great mode! It will feel like a whole new world.

6. Skyrim – Wind

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


Highlight this mode.

The Skyrim will be blown away. But why not?

It’s as if all the plants are always stuck in the same place.

This fashion changes it and makes it look like it’s really been hit by the wind.

Plants will feel more alive than ever, just like bigger trees. And it will sufficiently complement the sounds of the eternal wind that you hear when you walk on the earth.

5. Improvement of blood quality

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


Highlight this mode.

Blood is part of the game. I even had to say it.

And whoever takes responsibility for manslaughter can appreciate the added beauty of this fashion item.

The improved blood textures make blood stains (and any other blood source in the game) much more realistic and increase the quality of the textures that the basic game has to offer.


Again, maybe not for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try.

4. Definition of Clear Weather Issue

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

Although Vivid Weathers is more of a weather supplement, the way the game looks like is so radically that it really deserves a place on that list.


VW makes the game environment more realistic, which is a side effect of fashion design.

And every time you combine it with a different landscape or lighting method, your game will be so beautiful that you won’t believe you’re still playing Skyrim.

3. Skyland

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


Highlight this mode.

I’m the first to admit it here: Skyrim’s landscape structures can be much better than they really are.

Many areas on the map resemble each other too much, and even the areas that change have too many similarities or graphical errors that can seem rather boring after playing for a while.

Skyland makes the Earth’s textures incredibly polished thanks to the many new HD textures that have been added to the map. This could be one of my favorite mods, because it creates a more lush environment that really catches the eye at first glance.

2. Advanced structures Detailed information

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


Highlight this mode.

Now, this completely improves the appearance of the textures when you get close to them. Even if you get too close.

This does not change the appearance of the textures when you are far away, but it does change a lot the realism when you stand next to the objects.

Have you ever seen those strange stains that appear on objects when you’re standing next to them? This mode consists of repairing it.

This is a great visual enhancement you can add with Skyland and Enhanced Lights (next on this list) to create the most realistic Skyrim gameplay you can imagine.

1. Advanced illumination and FX

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Modes (All Free)


Highlight this mode.

Improved lights and effects change the way light reacts to the surface and objects in Skyrim.

This mod removes any light in the game that has no source. It sounds crazy, but it’s actually going well.

This means of course that you will have to use the flashlight more often, because visibility will be difficult. But it gives a lot of depth to the feeling and brings you into a much more realistic world.


This change also changes the reflection of the water, ensures better light transmission on surfaces and changes the lighting depending on the time of day and weather. It’s a versatile light extravaganza and certainly one of the best ways to customize the graphics in any version of Skyrim.



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