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15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Perhaps the strangest fandom fusion you can imagine, here on a silver platter.

I’ve made a list of some great (and free) mods that will turn your Skyrim into some kind of ancient sacred Jedi text.

Most of these mods don’t match Skyrim or the TES cannon, but the guys make so much fun that you can play if you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise.

Why carry a huge axe when you can light a handy light sword?

Why use a personalized shout when you can easily lead the forces?

Find everything you need with mods that combine the classic world of Skyrim with the futuristic world of Star Wars.

15. Wookie Bear Lutes

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

Okay, you can probably say it’s a stupid fashion, but I’m gonna add it to the list just because it’s fun.

You should try to hear the cry of the bear, because a Wooki is a real learning experience.

And although this mode is as far away as possible from the Skyrim canon, it is also one of my favorites.

But I’m not putting it there because it’s not very big or valuable… but, boy, it’ll be a shock when you first hear a bear attacking you full of Chewie!

14. Fragile flow cave (friendly forum)

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

The Climatic Cave comes with the Skyrim base game, and in fact it contains the Easter Star Wars egg itself – the skeleton that hangs from the ceiling is actually a link to The Empire Strikes Back.

But this way the cave is rebuilt to look more like the one you see when Luke is trapped in Episode V.

It also adds a great knife that you can get if you kill a troll named Starblade.

It adapts to Skyrim’s cannon and simply adds another connection to the Star Wars universe to enjoy.

13. Star Wars (Semi-Friendly) Day Labourers

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

This mod rewrites history to retroactively add new content to Skyrim.

In particular, you’ll learn that the ancient dwarf civilization of Skyrim created the fools, who are essentially Star Wars droids, built with dwarf technology.

The textures are actually quite cute, and they really seem to fit the legend. But, hey, it would be unrealistic to tell you that such projects were chosen by ancient gnomes to create such creatures.

Anyway, it really adds a lot of Star Wars Droids to the game – and they look pretty cool, anyway.

12. Galactic Credit Release

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

You won’t feel like you’re in a Star Wars universe until you start paying with imperial bonds instead of septa or gold coins.

Of course, this mod can’t add all kinds of currencies you see in Mandalorian or other Star Wars sources.

But you can still pay with traditional imperial loans, and that goes for everything: Shopping, looting, whatever you call it.

This is not exactly a general overhaul, because it is in fact a simple upgrade. However, I still have the feeling that it adds another layer of depth to Star Wars, a feeling that you probably want to have in your game when you read this article.

11. Planetary Star Wars over Skyrim – Moon Replicators

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

Now it’s one of those little extras you need on top of the imperial credit craze.

This game replaces the moon and night texture game on the planets and moons of Star Wars and makes you feel like in the universe of Star Wars and only looking at the sky.

As with the other modes on this list, I don’t think it’s much until you actually install them.

It’s a pretty cool addition that you’ll appreciate when you combine it with other models, but it’s just a neat little link in itself.

10. Ashoka Tano Pendant

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

Ashoka Tano, Anakina’s apprentice, can now be used as a companion on Skyrim to help you on the many quests that await you in your adventures.

This adept is not fully developed to speak and behave like Tano himself. And you can actually replace the character of a different texture earlier in the game.

However, she has the ability to use light magic (not too appropriate for a Jedi, I admit) and prefers the use of one-handed weapons.

The design seems to fit the general style of Skyrim, allowing this fashionista to integrate harmoniously into the Skyrim universe.

9. Twilek Stroke Mod.

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

The Twiliki are far away from their home in Rylota, now that they have reached Tamriel.

But they do it to introduce the world of Skyrim to one of the most popular races in Star Wars. These creatures are known as humanoid extraterrestrials, which appeared in the original trilogy and the second series of films released in the 2000s.

If you add this mod, you can play Twilek yourself, and you can even turn them into Jedi if you install other mods from this list!

8. Dreams of Magic Light + Sounds of Star Wars

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Cheque Magicka sword

Check the sound of the light cable

Here we have two modes you’ll love, both based on each other, but made by different people.

Modern magic swords add Lightsabers to Skyrim’s world in the sense of half a day, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about cutting up your enemies with something resembling a Lightsaber pen.

You can easily use swords of all colours and styles. But all that’s left are the detailed sound effects.

Here the sound mode of clear mosques complements itself quite well and enhances the sound effects of clear mosques in the game.

Both options are (of course) absolutely free and fairly easy to install without any risk of accidents or errors between the two.

7. Winterhold College of the Sith Star Wars Academy

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

That’s how the whole Winterholder College becomes what you expect from the Sith Academy.

It’s more than anything else in world visual fashion, and of course it doesn’t fit the Skyrim theme at all.

But, well, the university itself is pretty grim – why don’t you make something nicer out of it?

6. Winterhold Jedi Temple College – Star Wars

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

If the fashion up here, we’re only now looking at the positive side.

So Winterhold College becomes an academy for the Jedi, not the Sith.

It works exactly like the Sith mode and is one of the best Star Wars visual mods created for Skyrim.

I don’t recommend installing both. So if you want to activate and change one of the files, I advise you to first delete the files and then install the new mod. It’s always better to play it safe.

5. Skyrim Falcon (Laura kind)

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

Finally, the legendary Star Wars mode for this list!

This fashion is by far the most legendary of the fashions that I share with you today, because it adds nothing that does not fit the themes of TES Skyrim.

You could say Skyrim Falcon is too big for a basic game, and maybe it’s true. But at least it’s a ship, not a fucking shuttle.

The Falcon is a home player, but this mod adds a lot more than to your game.

This mode also gives you new characters, quests and other cool treats. This is definitely one of the best Star Wars modes, and I can only recommend it wholeheartedly.

4. Star Wars mode skills.

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

In this way, you simply add spells that work as if they were power relations.

This allows the Born Dragon to leave them of its own free will, and in combination with other modes they give you the feeling that you really control the power itself.

I really like the simplicity here, and it’s really worth a try if you’re joking. The effects are clearly visible.

Of course, it is a nice little feature that keeps that Star Wars feeling while playing Skyrim, but it is not the best power mod. This name refers to our number 1 selection, so keep reading if you want more features.

3. Star Wars Jedi clothing and outfits

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

You’ll never feel like a true Jedi Master if you don’t dress like one.

The trouble with this method is completely insane. It even shows the details of the clothes at a glance, making them the best clothes for Skyrim (well, Star Wars related) today.

In this setting you can dress up your character as a Jedi with different types of robes to show enemies the path of the Force and the power of your medieval armourless Lightsaber.

It really is an exciting experience, A++, highly recommended.

2. Star Wars Pattern Collection

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

This fashion collection changes the look of many Skyrim characters and makes them look like Star Wars characters.

But it also adds to the Magicka swords and many other mods I mentioned in this article, all of which are ready to be included in the game.

It’s a beautiful collection that will certainly save you a lot of effort if you load it individually. However, this may be limited if you only want to try one or two things, as these packages together represent an enormous amount of functionality.

You may need to perform a new backup operation if you want this package to work properly, which means it will not work in all situations. However, this is Skyrim’s largest Star Wars mode compilation available in a single download.

1. Power Path

15 Best Mods of the Skyrim Star Wars (All Free)

Highlight this mode.

The Way to Power is probably the best Star Wars mode in Skyrim.

It introduces a new search line that uses the power of the cannon in the game (how cool!).

And with the Magicka Lightsaber mod, this is the best way for the to introduce Star Wars features without losing the feel of the natural cannon that many players really want to preserve.

Enjoy one of the coolest fans created Star Wars quests and make the most of it in Skyrim. If you’re a real Blue Star Wars fan, it’s worth 100% of your time.



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